10 Symptoms of this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

10 Symptoms of this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

When the great lady of the night passes through the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio is already a time of reflection, secrets and magic. At the same time, a lunar eclipse is 100 times the power of every Full Moon. Combined a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is a time of unbelievable energy, which can really be tricky, messy, dangerous but also seductive and powerful! So, for the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio these are the three most important things to remember:

Things to remember during the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

1. The energy of a lunar eclipse is best utilized for transformation and letting go of old patterns, so focus on releasing anything that no longer serves you and setting intentions for growth and positive change.

2. A lunar eclipse can be a powerful time for spiritual connection and introspection, so take time for meditation, prayer, or other spiritual practices that resonate with you.

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3. Protect your energy and be mindful of any negative emotions or energies that may arise during this intense period. Shield yourself with meditation, visualization techniques, or any other protective practices to maintain your emotional well-being.

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10 Symptoms of a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

1. Heightened emotional intensity and depth, as Scorpio is associated with deep emotional transformation.

2. A potential for increased spiritual and psychic awareness, as Scorpio is also associated with the mysterious and occult.

3. A time for introspection and self-reflection, as lunar eclipses are often seen as opportunities for letting go of old patterns and transforming oneself.

4. Transformation and growth in relationships and emotional connections, as Scorpio is associated with intimacy and depth of connection.

5. The opportunity to confront and release fears and negative emotions, allowing for emotional and spiritual purification. Try a ritual bath to cleanse your energy!

6. A time to set intentions for personal growth and healing, as Scorpio energy can provide a powerful catalyst for transformation.

7. The potential for increased synchronicities and spiritual experiences, as the lunar eclipse in Scorpio can open the door to deeper spiritual understanding.

8. The potential for intense dreams or psychic visions, as Scorpio energy is associated with the subconscious and hidden realms. Try noting down your dreams and practice Dream Magic!

9. The opportunity to connect with the energy of the goddesses associated with the moon and Scorpio, such as Artemis.

10. A powerful energy shift that can be harnessed for magical and spiritual work, such as spellcasting or divination. Try our Power Awakening Spell! 

10 Ideas for the Lunar Eclipse

As said before, the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio and generally each Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse is a powerful time for magic. Let us explain more in our all time classic article on Eclipse Magic – click here! But also, let’s give some handy advice for the magical time to come!

1. Create a sacred space for yourself, either indoors or out, to honor the lunar eclipse.
2. Use a mirror to reflect the light of the moon during the eclipse, symbolizing introspection and self-reflection.
3. Meditate on the themes of darkness, release, and transformation that often accompany lunar eclipses.
4. Light candles or a fire to represent the transformative power of the eclipse’s energy.
5. Make offerings to the goddesses associated with the moon, such as Artemis or Selene.
6. Bless any crystals or other tools you regularly use in your Wiccan practice with the energy of the eclipse.
7. Work with divination tools like tarot or runes to gain spiritual insight during the eclipse.
8. Release any negative or stagnant energy through a banishing ritual of your choosing.
9. Charge new tools, spells, or intentions with the energy of the eclipse for added potency.
10. End the ritual by grounding yourself and expressing gratitude for the powerful lunar energy you have experienced.

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