How to bribe Venus

How to bribe Venus

In Western Astrology, Jupiter is considered the most beneficial planet, with Venus and the Sun “fighting” for the second place. In Vedic Astrology, on the other hand, Sukra (Venus) is considered to be the most beneficial planet. Therefore, bribing Venus might not feel really necessary. Nonetheless, at times, we might want to invoke more of its blessing. Especially so during a period when it is Retrograde, or forms a lot of stressful aspects, or is in a stressful alignment compared to our natal chart, or, of course, it’s very stressed in our natal chart.

Understanding Venus:

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus governs the sense of touch, the symmetry of the body, the reproductive organs, the kidneys and maybe the fluids (not the blood) of the body. It also rules love, beauty, harmony, sexual delight, marriage, dance, music and the arts, luxuries and all kinds of transportation.

It also offers wealth, sensual pleasures and luxuries as well as psychic abilities and physical endurance.

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Similarly, according to the Wester Astrology, Venus governs the symmetry and balance of the body, the throat, the neck, the skin, the glands, the lungs, health in general, beauty, love, wealth and all the arts. And, of course, it offers love, beauty, wealth and blesses and supports artistic talents of any kind.

Amongst those are laid the secrets of bribing this beneficial planet.

Bribing Venus:

Vedic Astrology gives a magical square (yantra) for Venus, as well as its mantas. Using those, one can please Venus, or Lord Sukra, and, therefore, can invoke and strengthen the blessings of the planet, avoiding any negative influences a very stressed Venus can give. Find out those and how to utilise them in our article for Venus in Vedic Astrology.

As these practices are meant to please Lord Sukra and not directly the planet, they can also provide help unrelated to the planet, but from the God that rules it. For instance, Lord Sukra is a great and wise teacher, on a par with Lord Guru (the God of Jupiter). After all, Lord Sukra is the guru of the Asura. Therefore, he can help with acquiring wisdom and knowledge, and for progress and successes in studies and the like.

In this article, though, we’ll focus on more practical, everyday kind of practices that can invoke, strengthen and multiply the blessings of the planet.

Venus loves love, of any kind. Not just romantic one. Spread the love, to yourself and to others. Make loving thoughts for everyone. Even without taking Venus into account, this will create a positive energy flow that will return to you in many ways.

Venus loves beauty. Therefore beautify yourself and your environment. Dress the way you feel beautiful, handsome, or whatever you like to see and call yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and admire your beautiful characteristics. Make your environment more pleasing to the eye, the way you can – don’t think of what you’d like to do but you can’t right now due to, let’s say, financial reasons.

Also, Venus loves all arts. Remember that dancing, singing, writing prose or poetry, are also arts. Work on those. You don’t even need to be a good artist. You just need to love and enjoy what you are doing. Support artists you love their work, even if this is writing a review, re-posting their social media posts, or whatever you can do. No matter how small it might be. This way, not only you engage yourself in art but you also spread love. A double way to please the planet!

Also, take good care of your body. Body building falls under the influences of Mars, mostly, but keeping a healthy diet, a flexible, fit, and clean body, and the like fall under Venus.

Make a habit of those for a period of time. For ever, too, if possible, as all those are good habits, anyway. But do those for at least a 3 weeks period of time. Do what you can easily do. Don’t stress yourself over doing things you can’t easily do, as this will bring a negative energy (stress) in your practices. It’s important to enjoy what you are doing.

Furthermore, it might be helpful to say to yourself, “I’m doing this to please Venus”. Being conscious with what you are doing can make it more fruitful. It will undo any underlying guilt you might be feeling, that you are trying to trick the planet, too. After all, you are not tricking the planet. You are pleasing it.

What to expect:

Obviously, you can expect any negative effects of a stressed Venus to be calmer, or even disappear from your life. And, also, to strengthen all the general blessings the planet can provide you with. Although there is no reason this won’t happen in an instant, it is more likely it will happen in its own pace and time.

Also, be reasonable. For example, if you want to improve your financial condition, and you are dressing well, using your favourite perfume, cleansing your home and keeping it in order, while you are staying at home, without searching for a job, or a better job, it’s unlikely for your financial condition to get any better. So do what we’ve mentioned above, along with whatever you’d normally do to achieve what you want to achieve.

It goes without saying that if you want to improve your health, following your doctor’s advice comes first. The methods in this article will improve the outcome of whatever therapy you are having, and won’t substitute it.

If you want a specific blessing, falling under the dominion of the planet, you can ask for that one, too. When you are stating to yourself, “I’m doing this to please Venus”, add what you want in return, too. For example, “I’m doing this to please Venus, so to find a satisfactory loving relationship”. Notice that the phrase is in present tense and not in future tense. This will employ your mind’s help, too.

Extra benefits of bribing Venus, according to your zodiac sign:

In addition to the general blessings Venus can give to anyone, there are some special blessings it gives to each zodiac sign, according to the Houses it rules for those.

Taurus and Libra:

Those born under the sign of Taurus, or Libra, as well as those having those as their Ascendant, or Venus in their natal chart rests in one of those zodiacs, can expect any and every blessing from a pleased Venus. After all, Venus rules those zodiacs.

Furthermore, for Taurus, Venus can help health, work, and raising the pleasure and enjoyment of the daily life.

For Libra, Venus can help removing obstacles (usually in a calm way) and also, improve magical abilities and carnal pleasure.


For Aries Venus directly rules wealth, love, good friendships, and also business partnerships. Legal issues, too, can fall under its influences. Please Venus to benefit any of those aspects. Although most of those don’t look like extra blessings, the help Venus can give to those matters is stronger than for the rest of the zodiacs.


Intuition, spirituality and spiritual abilities can be improved by the Venus’ help. Imagination and inspiration, too. It can also bring all forms of hear-felt joy, improve the relationship with your children, or children figures in your life, as well as it can help you have children, if you have difficulties with this matter. Once again, in addition to anything else your doctors have advised you to do, and not instead of those.

As Venus rules joy, for you, being joyful and smiling a lot can encourage Venus’ blessings in your life. So, be happy, to get even happier.


Venus can help all kinds of family situations, as well as help you improve your relationship with family members. It can also help you find a new, better home, if you are looking for one. Furthermore, it can help you improve and expand your social circle, and it can help everyone whose success depends on popularity.


For Leo, Venus can help with business and career matters. Even more so if you are an artist of any kind, or a healer, including being a traditional doctor. Trade, too, can be especially benefited.

It can also help you improve your relationship with siblings, cousins, and your close friends.


Studies of all kinds and, especially for arts, medicine and those subjects directly falling under Venus’ dominion, can be benefited by pleasing Venus. It can also help teachers to improve their work experience, or advance in their career. Religious figures, too. It also rules wealth, so it can help you improve your finances. Models, and people whose success depends on appearance should, in my opinion, always keep Venus happy. Even more so if they are born under Virgo.

Are you moving abroad for studies, or even work? Or are you planning a trip, for professional reasons, or for vacation? Keeping Venus pleased can help you enjoy the trip more, and make it more successful.


Love always falls under Venus’ dominion, and even more so for you. Also, dear friends, business partners and your relationship with those can be benefited by a happy Venus. It can also help you with any legal issues you might have.

Furthermore, it can help you improve your imagination, your spiritual abilities and your spirituality.


Sagittarius, more often than not, likes to be popular, and Venus, when happy, can help you with that. If your work depends on your popularity, it’s worth keeping it happy. But even for personal reasons, too. Venus can help you improve and expand your social circle, online and offline one. It can also help you improve your practical skills.

In fact, it can help you with any and all work related matters, as well as improve your work conditions. Health, as well as your daily routine fall under Venus power, so keeping Venus happy can make those aspects of your life much better.


Venus rules all kinds of joy in your life, so keeping Venus happy can make your life happier. It can also improve your relationship with your children and children figures in your life. It can help you with having kids, too. Of course, along with whatever your doctor has advised you to do.

Artistic creativity and artistic talents also can be strongly benefited by a happy Venus. Careers and businesses of any kind, and all their matters, too, can be improved by keeping Venus happy. Even more so if they are health, beauty, or art related ones.


Home and family fall under the direct influences of Venus, for Aquarius. Improving family relationships, making a family, as well as finding a new, better home, all can be helped by a happy Venus. Furthermore, Venus can support studies of all kinds, teaching kind of jobs and careers, as well as religious ones.

Keeping a happy Venus can also help you when you are moving abroad, for work, or studies, as well as when travelling, for personal or professional reasons, so to have a more pleasant and successful trip.


A happy Venus can improve your sexual life and the enjoyment of it. It can also help you re-invent yourself, if that’s what you want, and cut off whatever holds you back. Contrary to Phoenix who raises from his asses, you raise from within the deaths of the sea of your desires. Yes, you can become the person you want to be, and a happy Venus can make this easier and more successful for you.

Furthermore, a happy Venus can help you with your relationship with siblings, cousins, and sibling-like friends.

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So, that’s all. Be happy, have fun and enjoy your life and yourself.

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