Magically Floor Wash your Witchy Home – 3 Magical Recipes

Magically Floor Wash your Witchy Home - 3 Magical Recipes

Witches work their magic every day in many ways. They do not just wait for special hours, days or nights of powers. Of course they use them too. But they also implement their Craft in every day practice. Hence, witches use their kitchens to alchemize their food into magical potions, enchant their beds and sleep but also magically floor wash their Witchy homes to change the energy.

Magically Floor Wash your Witchy Home

To Magically floor wash your Witchy Home is to consciously conjure the Element of Water. Why? Because it’s the element which is easily charged by our desires and emotions. So. What’s on your mind? Let’s put this intention into water and magically floor wash your witchy home!

How to Magical Floor Wash – Basics

In general, floor washing is an easy and magically creative way to cleanse and purify the space energetically. Here’s how you can do it:

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1. Prepare a floor wash: Start by gathering your favorite essential oils or herbs from spells or books of shadows you trust, such as lavender, rosemary, sage, or lemon. Of course you will find some “MAGICAL RECIPES ONLINE” below 😉

2. Clean the space: Before starting the floor wash, make sure to sweep or vacuum the floor thoroughly to remove any physical dirt or debris. This already brings into your consciousness that you are about to do something magical! Also it starts changing the Feng Shui energy of the place!

3. Charge your intention: While preparing the floor wash, focus on your intention for cleansing and purifying your space. Visualize the negative energy being replaced by positive and vibrant energy. You can also say a prayer or affirmation to enhance the intention.

4. Mix the floor wash: Fill a bucket with water and add a few drops of your chosen essential oil(s) or a handful of your selected herbs. Stir the mixture clockwise and gently to blend the ingredients.

5. Start floor washing: Begin at the farthest corner of the house and pour a small amount of the floor wash onto the floor. Use a mop, cloth, or scrub brush to spread the liquid across the floor. While you work, keep your intention focused, and visualize the space being cleansed and purified.

6. Repeat the process: Continue washing the entire floor, moving from one room to another until the entire house is cleansed. Pay special attention to corners, doorways, and areas where energy might accumulate.

7. Dispose of the wash water: Once you have finished floor washing, you can either dispose of the used wash water outside your home or down the drain. This symbolizes the release and removal of negative energy.

8. Clean your tools: Remember to clean and cleanse your mop, cloth, or scrub brush after use to prevent carrying any negative energy to other spaces.

Magical Recipes to ‘Magically Floor Wash your Witchy Home’

1. Chamomile: Prosperity and General Luck

Sunday is the Day of Sun. On a Sunday morning, preferably a sunny one, boil 3 table spoons of dried chamomile in 3lt water. Yes, the chamomile should be in the water from the beginning. When the water starts boiling, lower the fire and let it keep boiling until the water is reduced by half. Let it cool down, and strain the chamomile. Bottle the water. Add it to your bucket with chamomile essential oil. You can also add basil essential oil. Read more creative ways and magical recipes for prosperity here. 

2. Water of Resurrection: Most powerful home magic

Add it on Floor Wash or Sprinkle on your premises to rejuvenate your space, conjure divine powers, bless your finances and make more money. To Create this Magical Water Resurrection you will need the Rose of Jericho (read here more). Once you’ve obtained it, you only have to put the Rose of Jericho in a bowl or dish or Spring Water on a Friday when the Moon is Waxing. Regular tap water will do the trick but its even better to fetch some Spring Water as the remaining procedure is really simple.

3. Four Thieves Vinegar: Protection and Removing curses

This formula arrived in New Orleans and Four Thieves Vinegar was well respected not only for his healing and disease-repelling properties, but for its ability to guard the wearer from danger and sure disaster. Put in your floor wash to break jinxes and remove curses.

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