Why Witches Love 13?

Why Witches Love 13?

Why Witches Love 13? While the significance of numbers can vary across different cultures and belief systems, it is true that number symbolism has been present in various spiritual and religious practices throughout history. For example, while in civilizations where Patriarchy reigned 13 is considered bad luck, originally, in ancient times the number 13 is associated with femininity and represents the Goddess or Divine Feminine energy. It’s always fascinating to explore different perspectives and interpretations of numbers and their meanings.

Why Witches Love 13?

The association between witches and the number 13 is rooted in various historical and cultural factors.

In pagan and Wiccan traditions, the number 13 holds significance because it aligns with the lunar calendar, which consists of 13 cycles per year. Additionally, there is a long-standing belief that witches would gather in covens of 13 members, with the 13th member often being seen as the leader or high priest/ess.

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Let’s see why 13 is the sacred number of Divine Feminine

1. Lunar Cycles of a solar year are 13:

Since ancient times the Magic of the Moon is associated with Women and Goddesses of the Moon like Artemis, Selene and Isis. Many witches follow lunar-based practices, and since there are approximately 13 lunar cycles in a year, they may view the number 13 as representative of the moon’s power, intuition, and feminine energy.

2. Woman’s Cycles in a Solar year are 13

The average menstrual cycle for women is typically around 28 days, which corresponds to the lunar cycle. However, menstrual cycles can vary in length and may not always be consistent. It is important to clarify that not all women experience a monthly cycle that aligns perfectly with a 13-month lunar calendar. In case this happens to you, it certainly doesn’t make you less magical. Just so you know <3

3. Fertility and the Great Goddess

A woman ovulates in 13th day. This is the day when a woman aligns with the Great Goddess. Also, a woman’s cycle is seldom fertile when ovulation occurs before day 13th. You see home many times the number 13 repeats in a Woman’s physiology? This our natural magic.

4. Coven Membership:

Some witchcraft traditions hold the belief that a coven should consist of 13 members. Each member represents a specific aspect or energy, and the 13th member often plays a significant role as the leader or high priest/ess. Ever wondered the powers of Witches in those Covens?

5. Tarot:

In the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the 13th card is Death. While it may seem ominous to some, witches often interpret this card as a symbol of transformation and rebirth, highlighting the cyclical nature of life. Witches know that Death is just a portal to another realm. 


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