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Ultimate Magical Charm: 9 Herbs of August

Lammas Day Spells & Magic, the Ultimate Magical Charm: the 9 Herbs of August. There is one Recipe for Magic during the Lammas Day / Lughnasa – Lughnasagh so highly reputed over the ages that survived in Europe even during the dark Medieval times.   the Nine (9) Herbs Charm 10th century Manuscript Magical Recipes Online… Keep Reading

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Midsummer / Litha Spells : Glorify your Life

Midsummer Spells  Glorify your Life (Or Midwinter Spells : Start Anew) On 21st of June (June 21 2015, 16:38 Universal Time) the Sun will enter the sign of Cancer signifying the Summer Solstice (a.k.a. Midsummer, Litha etc). The Sun will be in his full glory, we will celebrate the longest day of the year. If you… Keep Reading

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