a Magic Mirror Beauty Spell


In our Magazine you will find many spells to enhance your beauty, or change your appearance. Some focus on changing a certain characteristic, others give an illusionary effect, etc.

This spell is for the cases we don’t want to choose the changes. In all cases applies the same Universal Rule: The Universe magnifies the changes we focus on.

In the case of other Beauty spells which focus on changing a certain characteristic for example, the former statement means that as you give energy to the changes which have started to happen (by thanking the Universe, yourself and the God/Angel/Spirit whose help you have asked) the changes in your looks will manifest in an even greater and better way.

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While, in the case of this spell, as you haven’t stated in which way should you be beautified, you should keep your eyes open to notice even the smallest change that appears and give energy to this (by thanking the Universe, yourself and the God/Angel/Spirit whose help you have asked).

By doing this, even more changes are going to start taking place.

What you will need for this spell:

  • A mirror (you can choose any mirror, but it is better to choose a mirror to be used only for the purposes of the spell) 
  • Some rose incense (or maybe an incense stick)

How to cast the spell:

Lit the incense and take a few deep breaths to relax your body and empty your mind.

Then take a look at yourself into the mirror. Find as many nice and satisfying characteristics in your looks as possible. At least one, and believe me, everybody has beautiful characteristics. As soon as you have found your good ones focus on them and just ignore any other.

Now, focusing on each characteristic start saying in a low voice and without rush this pattern:

  • I give thanks for my good looks.
  • I thank myself for my beautiful … (i.e. for my beautiful eyes).
  • I thank the Universe for my beautiful … (the same characteristic).
  • I thank the (God/Angel/Spirit of your choice) for my beautiful … (same characteristic).
  • I give thanks for my increasing beauty. 

Then go to your next characteristic and so on, and repeat from the beginning. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t keep an order to the characteristics. Just memorise the pattern of the phrases and repeat it for about ten minutes. 

Then close your eyes and ask the God/Angel/Spirit of your choice to beautify you according to his (or her) wisdom. Keep your eyes closed as you are feeling the God/Angel/Spirit acting. When he or she finishes, give thanks for his or her help and open your eyes. 

Stand up and go eat, workout or do anything that evolves physical action and forget the whole thing until the next day when you will repeat the same ritual. Repeat the ritual every day until you are satisfied with the results and then, if you want repeat it every Friday to maintain and empower the changes.

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That’s it. Have fun and beautify yourself and the world in every aspect!

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