Litha Talisman to store the Sun

Litha Talisman to store the Sun
Litha Talisman to store the Sun

In magic there are several talismans that are used to store the energy of an element, a planet or other powers, so that they can be summoned up when those powers are weak or absent. In all these cases the pattern is similar. We use an object that is capable to store the energy and reminds us the nature of the Force itself, but other than that the exact kind of the object and its shape may vary. This brings us to Litha Talisman(s).

Litha Talisman to store the Sun

Secondly we summon the Force in its most powerful aspect possible, and we store the Force into an object, which then  becomes our talisman. So in this spell the Force is the Sun of the Summer Solstice, when his power is at its peak.

The object we are going to use should be one you can wear as a necklace, anklet, bracelet or any kind of ornament. It can be a crystal / gem related with the Sun, as it is the Ruby and the Sunstone or a metallic Sun (best option is of course the gold, second would be the copper), or a symbol of the Sun engraved on metal or even terracotta. The choice is yours; just find something that you would like to wear.

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I should mention that the correct symbolism of the Wheel of Fortune, the tenth triumph of the Tarot card (the wheel should have eight rays) is a quite powerful symbol you can use, if you want to make a second talisman for your house. If so, after you complete the spell, you just hang it in common view. For this purpose, another obvious magical symbol would be the Sun card of the Tarot.

Litha Talisman to store the Sun
Litha Talisman to store the Sun

Now, what are you going to need for the Litha Talisman?

  • One red candle
  • One white candle
  • Sun magical oil, or Cinnamon essential oil, or Heliotrope essential oil, or Sunflower essential oil or just plain sunflower cooking oil.
  • The symbol or symbols (don’t overdo, unless you belong to a coven or you are really experienced, so that the talismans would be powerful enough and not weak)
  • Myrrh gum, or myrrh incense or myrrh, cinnamon and frankincense.
  • A censer and charcoal disks for incense burning

* Optional, if you are going to perform the ritual  outdoors you will also need a small preferably red candle for burning outside. If you are going to use a regular one, it will not stay lit.

Now, choose a place in your house from which you are able to watch the first Sunlight, and set your altar there, facing East, but do the spell at night, so that the candles will burn out at the break of the dawn. If you are not sure, a little later would be better than a little earlier.

Anoint the candles from middle to the wick towards you, and then from middle to bottom towards you concentrating in the power of the Sun. If you want, before anointing them, inscribe LIGHT in the white candle and FIRE in the red one, as Sun is Fire and Light.

Now set your altar as usually, and make a triangle having in the upper vertex the censer, in the left base vertex the white candle, and in the right base vertex the red one. In the middle of the triangle put the symbol.

Light the altar and summon the Solar Gods/Spirits of your choice.

Light the incense and the candles.

Perform the balancing breathing exercise, or at least take some deep breathes.

Now take the symbol and hold it inside your palms. If you are energizing a house talisman, put both your hands over it.

Keep your eyes focused on both the candles and naturally let them close, when you feel it is time. Remember the image of the candles and let a rising Sun appear in between them.

Feel the light, the warmth, the power of the candles and the Sun, giving birth to a Sun inside yourself in the area of the Solar Plexus. Make it strong and clear. Then let your personal Sun go through your hands to the talisman and be stored there.

When the energy flow stops, let the talisman rest in the middle of the triangle.

Put some more incense to the censer and cense the altar with clockwise circles saying:

“The Sun now shines in me and in you (that is the symbol)”

Put the censer in its place again.

Let the candles burn out by themselves and your talisman is ready. Wear it and it should provide you with enough Sun through autumn and winter until the Winder Solstice comes to give birth to the new Sun.

If you want to perform the spell outdoors, then you should take the talisman about an hour earlier from the triangle, but let the candles lit. IT IS UNWISE to let candles burning unattended, so if you choose to do so, take all the fire safety precautions you should!

Go to a place that you can be undisturbed and from where you can see the rising Sun. Offer the candle to the Sun and put the symbol next to it. Close your eyes, and visualise the talisman shining in front of you. Talk to it by repeating “The Sun now shines in me and in you”.

When the Sun rises above the horizon you are ready. Open your eyes. Stay there and admire the rising Sun as the candle burns out. Then you can leave.

Remember to thank the Fire, the Sun and the Gods/Spirits you have summoned.

May the Sun shines in all of you!

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