Mercury In Retrograde: Hints, Tricks and Facts

Mercury Retrograde Hints facts tricks

We all know and love that time of year. The time where technology goes splat and communication goes up the wazoo, but Mercury entering Retrograde isn’t all doom, gloom and communication breakdowns. I will endeavour do try and demystify Retrograde and shed some light on what happens and how you can help this time pass a little smoother.

What does Retrograde Mean?

When a planet goes into retrograde there is an apparent change in its movement, they appear to move “backwards”. Technically it’s not moving backwards, it has just slowed down. It’s our minds that make it appear to move backwards, like an optical illusion really, it’s just hanging around the sun. We can’t fully perceive the …changes in the planet’s so our eyes and brains do the best they can to make sense of it.

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When does this happen? Each planet had its own retrograde phase, for example Mercury has 3-4 retrograde phases each year and are relatively short in duration, where as a planet such as Saturn will have less retrograde phases and last for longer periods of time.

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What does it do to us? All the planets go through a retrograde phase, but we seem to be sensitive to Mercury and his retrograde phase for example. All kinds of things can happen during these times, but it’s like people have gone a little mad. people getting into nonsensical arguments over nothing at all. You may find yourself dragged into them too. Other planets will have other effects. Mercury’s retrograde of the most famous of the retrogrades.

What does Mercury in Retrograde do to us?

What does it do to us? All the planets and some of Moons and Asteroids go through a retrograde phase, but we seem to be sensitive to Mercury and his retrograde phase. All kinds of things can happen during these times, but it’s like people have gone a little mad. people getting into nonsensical arguments over nothing at all. You may find yourself dragged into them too. Mercury also governs communication, so you might find yourself getting tongue tied, or things just come out wrong. Being incoherent is quite common during Mercury retrograde. Recheck everything, save everything you are working on, especially if you are on computer. Electronic equipment is not immune from it, it actually suffers more than most things.

For some it’s a time to reflect on themselves and revert to a hermit-like mode and not interact with people. I really can’t blame them too much really, even the best intentions can get all cocked up by mercury. Others find themselves in an extra irritable mood. Guys, have you ever wondered how it feels for a woman to have PMS? Well, this is the time you can be as irritable as we can be,.

So what is the bad news? The bad news is, no matter how organised you are, no matter how much planning you do, no matter how well thought out something is, it can go to shit at light-speed. Is there any good news? Actually there is, mercury in retrograde can give a new perspective on things, it can literally make us stop and think. By doing this, it is making us look at things with new and fresh perspective. During these times of the year, we find that we have major personal breakthroughs, all because it has made us think and see things differently.

What s the best way to survive Mercury in Retrograde? As with anything in life, the more rigid you are, the more likely you are to break. Take a Piscean view, just go with it. Don’t force something, because you’ll break it, or worse, yourself. When you fight it, that is when you find your life going to crap. Don’t expect too much of yourself and others during this time either, because we are all in the same cosmic boat.

How can you make this phase go smoother?

? Take things people say with a pinch of salt. People become irritable and grouchy, and their communication skills are probably up the wazoo and not thinking straight.

? Save everything, and then save it again. Technology isn’t exempt from the horrors. Make sure whatever you are working on is backed up and saved.

? Don’t make any big decisions. When you aren’t thinking straight, you can make rash decisions that you may regret later. Life won’t stop because of funky planetary movements.

? Don’t pay out for anything uber expensive. If you have to, make sure that you have the receipt to hand. Things tend to go ka-splat, no matter how much you have shelled out.

? Don’t sign anything important. Okay, you can, but make sure know exactly what you are signing. Ask questions, re ask them until you are blue in the face, and then read and check the fine print. Don’t get caught out.

? Travel….. If you are travelling during mercury in retrograde, make sure you check everything thrice, and just to be sure, check it again. Check you have your tickets, times and everything is correct. It is possible for things to go wrong. Heck, be paranoid regarding travel arrangements. lol

? Be loose and free. Let this time take you on a journey, you might find what you have been lacking and what you have been looking for. Being open to new things is never easy, but Mercury will pull you whether or not you are willing, so it is much easier to let it happen naturally.

Advice from a Rainbow Witch

Can I tell you a little secret? Mercury in Retrograde is not as frightening, negative or horrific as some have made it out to be. Sure, things can go wonky, and you can get spun around so fast you get dizzy, but that can happen at any time of the year, Mercury in Retrograde or not. If it’s going to happen, it will, come what may. If you think negatively about it, then that is what you will attract,… and the 3 weeks that Mercury is in Retrograde, will end up being negative because YOU chose to attract it from the Universe.

So, the point of this small rambled advice is; just because you’ve had bad experiences during this time before, doesn’t mean it will be positive this time, however the old saying “your thoughts shape your reality” is very true. Use whatever means you have to keep these negative thought away.

Carry a transmuting crystals like Smoky Quartz, to change negative energies into positive ones.

Write all the negative thoughts you are having on a piece of paper and on another piece of paper (or on Bay leaves) write positive things, and what you’d like to bring into your life burn them with Sage and Rosemary. Once they are burned release the ash to the sky/Universe or bury it away from your house, or throw it in a river or brook and make sure the current move away from your home.

Don’t fear this phase, because once you fear it, it will always conquer you from the inside.

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