Easy ways to use Magical Sun Energy

Easy ways to use Magical Sun Energy

In the occult planetary magic and mystical traditions, the energy of the Sun is used to promote happiness, revitalise, cleanse, bring wealth and good health, fame, glory and all good things in life. As modern witches, how we can use and align with this energy to bring happiness in our lives? Let’s see easy ways that we can use and attune with the Sun energy!

Open and align your Solar Plexus.

Our Solar Plexus is where the Sun Energy is residing in our body. It sits above our belly button and radiates with yellow light (more information on chakras can be found here  ) By opening our Solar Plexus and aligning it with the energy of the Sun can remove blockages and revitalise our bodies as well as make us feel good about who we are. 

Cast your happiness spells on a Sunday.

The day has this name for a reason. It is dedicated to the Sun and in planetary magic it is believed to amplify the effects that the Sun energy brings. Light a candle make a wish for a happy life on a Sunday. Leave some fruits and flowers to honour the Sun. Use the day to its maximum potential and you won’t be disappointed.

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Honour the Sabbats.

As the Esbats honour and help the Witch attune to the rhythms of the Moon, the Sabbats help the Witch align him/herself with the Solar energies. Both the Sabbats and Esbats will help you connect with Nature which is always the key if you want to find inner and outer balance.

More informations on the Esbats can be found here!

Also, more information on Sabbats is available here!

Use the power of crystals to store the energy of the Sun and use it throughout your day and rituals.

As we have already seen, some crystals are great to store energy such as the quartz while others are attuned already with the Sun energy such as garnet or ruby (check crystals qualities here). Cleanse your crystals and then let them soak into sunlight. Invite the Solar Energy to empower your stones and visualise the goal you wish to achieve empowered by the power of the Sun. 

Use plants and incenses associated with the Sun!

Typical examples are chamomile, frankincense, st john’s wort, saffron or sunflower to bring forward the positive planetary dispositions. Burn them on a Sunday and recite a spell to bring forward what you want. Do it near a Sabbat and you have amplified already your magical activities. 

Use an Item and charge it with the power of the Sun!

Or even better use an item which reminds you of the Sun’s power and charge it with your will. Items can be anything from the Sun tarot card, to a ceramic shape of the sun or a child’s drawing of the sun. Use whatever pleases you and makes you feel closer to the Sun.

Create a magical potion and charge it with the power of the Sun.

Simple as a magical lemonade. Or maybe a bottle of white wine can be charged with the power of the Sun and then consumed to honour and absorb the energy into your existence. 

Bathe your house and yourself in Sunlight.

Open your blinds and curtains, let the Sun conquer all the dark places in your house. For even more fun, go out and enjoy a sunny day (using of course an SPF cream). Sun has been shown to increase our vitamin D production which affects our mood. 

For your magic to work best, find whatever makes you happy and relaxes you. Attune to the energy and let it works its way.

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