How to become a Shaman

How to become a Shaman

In our previous article we saw 7 Omens and Signs when you are destined to become a Shaman. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE OMENS) Here we are going to see what steps should you follow in order to become a Shaman in our modern world! Of course, there are many wise shaman teachers out there. This guide is only a beginning! If you love being a shaman you can consult one in Person!

What is a Shaman? Who are the Shamans?

A shaman is someone who is powerful and wise enough to intervene in the world of spirits. Traditionally, they achieve that by entering into a trance state during a ritual, accompanied by the sound of animals or drums.

How Do I become a Shaman?

Step 1. Be Able to Lead, Guide and Travel

  • Shamans are the leaders or tribes and covens. They guide us through the physical plane but also helps us attune with the Spirit Plane (see here more about the Shamanic Journey).
  • To become a Shaman the first thing you have to do is to love Travelling! Although you can be located in the same square foot for years, you should be able to travel with your mind and astral body!

Step 2. Respect and Protect Nature

  • A Shaman respects nature and tries – at least – not to pollute! A Shaman recycles and builds his/her own good karma with Nature!
  • Shamans are against animal cruelty. Although not vegetarians, they protect animals and when they hunt they do it with respect.

Step 3. Practice on Astral Projection

  • Moreover, they are the conjurers, the links between this and the Other Realms. They are the wise sources of all information. (Read here more about the Astral Plane and here how to achieve Astral Projection)
  • You can consult them about anything you want and still no judgement will ever come out of their lips. They can materialise what they need from the Spirit World but they can also transmute earth substance to energy. So the second thing you have to do is to practice on Astral Projection.
  • If you sleep with someone else (for example your wife/husband) then you may need some more time to achieve astral projection. This is why Shamans are mostly hermits. But this does not mean that you cannot achieve it!
  • Do not expect instant results. It requires time and practice!

4. Become a Healer

  • Also, shamans are the healers. The ones who can tap into the source of all diseases and banish them. Shamans (as we saw here) believe that the cause of all sicknesses are spirit based.
  • They identify the source of the disease and banish it from the person or place. You see, Shamans believe that a place may also be cursed or haunted by spirits who cause an epidemic. They “diagnose” these spirits and exorcise them or help them move on. (Always consult with your medical doctor when facing health issues)
  • Shamans tap into Nature and Herbal Magic to create powerful elixirs for every purpose. Learn Basic Herbal Magic (click here) and Advanced Herbal Magic (click here). Buy books on herbal magic and start creating tinctures, elixirs and extracts!
  • TALK to the Herbs or as they call them – Plant Allies! Plants and herbs are herbs are inhabited by Nature spirits like Totem Plants. Therefore, not just prepare the infusions! Talk the the spirits of the Plants! Whisper your wishes! Wait to hear the reply! They usually talk very slowly or not at all. They might give you a sign though! Take good care of them! If you don’t have the luxury of a garden start with a pot of Basil. Talk to Basil every day. Ask this him his blessings. Why Basil? Click here. 

5. Fortune telling, Prophetic Dreams and Visions

  • Furthermore, the are seekers and seers. They can foretell the future as they feel the cosmic web. They see our destinies being weaved. In a way – although they don’t call it with the same way – they have access to the Akashic Records. A place where all Karmas are archived. (Read more here on how to see your Past Lives  – and here how to cleanse your Karma)
  • Although you might have the gift of foretelling future you can learn more how to do it! To tap into the Realm of Dreams one should practice and be patient! See here how you can enchant your Sleep and become a Dream Walker.
  • You can Summon the God of Dreams in order to have access in his Realm
  • Moreover, you can see here how to see Prophetic Dreams

6. Summon your Totem Animal – Conjure its powers

  • It’s very well known that Shamans call upon their totem animals for their guidance and protection. Like Witches familiars, totem animals are powerful archetypes – part of the Great Spirit of nature. We are all connected in this world via our Totems. They help us become part of Nature.
  • Each one of us has at least one Totem animal (which probably comes from our bloodline). This Totem animal grants us with special powers. For example if our totem animal is the Eagle, pride and decisiveness is one of our traits.
  • You don’t have to wait anymore to become a Shaman! Call your Totem Animal – click here. Once you find it, see here your powers in the List of Totem Animals. 

7. Find your Rhythm in Solitude

  • Everyone knows that Shamans love to hear to the sounds of drums and get hypnotised. You should definitely find something that eases your mind. Even though the sound of drums can help you enter the trance state you should experiment with Meditation and Self-hypnosis too.
  • To become a Shaman it is important to practice  – at first – in solitude. Finding your inner Rhythm is the Key to successful shamanism.
  • When things are not evolving as fast as you probably hoped remember that nature sometimes wants us to slow down. Be like the waves. Become one with the Sea.
  • Finally one very special thing you should practice is grounding and become one with the Earth. Proper grounding is very essential as the Shaman’s skills require patience. Moreover, contacting with Spirits (even good ones) can interact with your aura. This means that you should ground yourself afterwards in order to avoid excess in energy which can potentially harm you.
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