Thursday, 20 July 2017

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Astrology Today: Still from Gemini, the Moon today will form some very auspicious aspects with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury giving an overall luckier feeling in the day. However, it is going to stress Saturn on the evening. Well, “evening” depends on where you live, so this will happen around 19:33 UT. But, this won’t colour much the day probably, as it is in between positive aspects. It can, though bring out some negative memories of the past, or awaken our disappointment about things we haven’t done or done wrongly in the past.

Past life recalling and communications with the dead are still favoured as well as meeting with important, for us, people. As we said, these can be people we’ve met and lost contact with, or people we were seeking in the inner levels and haven’t met yet. These energies are still very strong today, but they will remain active until Sunday.

A lucky day for all, but Gemini will be the luckiest sign by far, while Sagittarius will be a little more stressed than yesterday, but I wouldn’t call it an unlucky sign. Aquariuses still need some caution, but I think they are in better condition than yesterday.

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One more social day. Over social in some cases. Today there is an extra focus – positively – on your spouse or soul mate. If you haven’t met them, you may do so today. A love or a teacher of the past may reappear, either the same person or somebody reminding you of them.


Family, money and sex will be the main focus today also, and career subjects as well. An opportunity to expand your business the way you wanted or hopped for a while may appear. A bad day to start a weight-reducing diet, but other than that, beautifying yourself is favoured. Spirits are still very present.


You feel very social and if you don’t manage to avoid actually socialising, you’ll find you are very popular today too. A very good day for searching a love affair even through internet and magic. Luck will be your way, most of the day, in every aspect.


Keep listening to your intuition which is trying to help you and guide you. Your career may receive some support from your family. A mother figure or your actual mother will play a positive role in your life today.


It’s highly unlikely you’ll be alone today for even a while. Even if you manage to be so, you’ll most probably talk on the phone, chat on the internet or, at the very least, are thinking about others. The whole thing, though, will be pleasant for you, so enjoy it.


Home and family becomes more important than yesterday, but, in most cases, they won’t overthrown your focus on work and money related subjects. Keep your “eyes” open to receive your departed ancestors’ messages.


A very good and pleasant day for you for the most part of it. Studying is still benefited and even more so if you study yourself, meditation or any method of self-discovering. Keep socialising though. This part is still lucky today.


Financial matters are favoured today. Other than that, your sexual instinct, is still very active and your metaphysical abilities are so more than ever. Intuition, telepathy, but also astral projection and dream magic are especially strong.


A little more social and materialistic day than yesterday this one is. Your spouses income may increase, or a bonus may be received either by you or by them. You may feel somewhat out of place from time to time, but keep your calm.


Still be careful if you engage in sexual acts, especially if they are the cheating-type. Other than that, your focus is on business and they are progressing mostly well. You are very capable in money and job kind of magic today. Work with this if you need any boosting in the subject.


Things are better than they seem to be. This is something you need to remind yourself of from time to time today. And in reality, most things are indeed better than you feel about them at the moment. A good mostly, but with some tendency to passing depression.


Your family and home still support you and your career dreams. A new sexual encounter may appear, and most probably through either a relative or in your job environment. The other realm is very important for you today, one way or another.

Astrology and Magic:

Working with past lives, dead and spirits are favoured, and also is astral projection. Power awakening is also very affective. Sex attraction and enhancing of your sexual drive are also favoured.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.

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