Sapphire, September’s Birthstone – Revised

Sapphire, September's Birthstone - Revised

Sapphires are only second to diamonds in terms of hardness which makes it the second hardest mineral on Mother Earth. The legendary beauty and strength has made Sapphires a very popular gemstone among royalty from all corners of the earth. It’s said that kings wore Sapphires to protect him from any jealous that could appear within his court; as well as protecting him from harm.

Sapphire is a member of the Corundum family, and while it is most famous in it’s blue form, it actually comes in a wide range of colours – note: the red variety of corundum is actually ruby rather than a red sapphire.

Magic of Sapphire

For centuries Sapphires have been a way to protect against the evil eye, it was also used as a way to protect against baneful magic and will send it back to where it came; making Sapphires like Garnets. Magicians, mystics, healers and alchemists used Sapphires as a tool to focus, direct and increase their spells or other works.

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Sapphires are very useful when you are wanting to open up to messages from the higher realms; Sapphires also help you clarify and understand messages you have received. When you sit and meditate with Sapphires you are able to discover and tap into your own potential. If you are starting a new venture or journey Sapphire can help you keep focused so you won’t lose sight of your goal. Meditating with Sapphire once your venture begins will help you keep balance and perspective which will help you to stay organised and your mind uncluttered.

Sapphire features in many of the Birthstone lists for September

Sapphire is primarily related to the Brow or Third Eye Chakra, but it’s blue colour also means it can be used as for the throat chakra as well; the other colour varieties will relate to different chakras; for example: green for the heart chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra and colourless for the crown chakra.

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Spiritual Uses of Sapphire

As it is closely linked to the Brow Chakra this means it is a fantastic stone to work with if you are trying to develop your intuition, but can also help to loosen blocks on creative expressions, especially if they are self-imposed blocks. Moreover, it is a stone that is most potent when used through meditation. As it is related to the Brow Chakra it makes it a good stone for psychic protection, as well as protection from nasty energies which is great if you are doing any kind of spell or ritual work.

Key words that are associated with Sapphire:
* Creativity
* Expression
* Intuition
* Meditation
* Psychic Protection

Physical and Mental Uses of Sapphire

Sapphires are effective when you’re healing the nervous system, but will also being a clarity of mind for the person who is being healed, this helps them focus on the healing done, allowing healing on all levels

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At an energy level it can help certain ailments that manifest in the physical body. Also, it can be used to help alleviate fevers, help with sleeping problems like insomnia. As it is connected to the Brow Chakra it can help with depression, anxiety and feelings or thoughts of helplessness. With it’s blue colour it can bring clarity and ease to communicating with others.

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