Egg Balancing on the Equinox – can this be Real?

Egg Balancing on the Equinox - can this be Real?

Equinox is all about Balance. We step in a time where Light and Shadow are equal. Today is a day of Nature’s balance. Hence, we can tap into these forces and let Balance prevail in our lives. In all nature and in everyone of us there are different forces which always fight causing a mess in us and everywhere around. During the Equinox everything can be balanced. Even Egg Balancing in possible.

Lore of the Egg Balancing

Egg balancing is a traditional Chinese practice that has been recently popularized in the United States. Egg balancing has been connected with Lichun, the beginning of Chinese spring (春) – close to the Vernal Equinox. However, in the West it’s a practice taking place in both Equinoxes.

Even from 1945 in Life Magazine reported an “egg balancing craze” in the United States, but transposed to the vernal equinox beginning Western spring on March 20 or 21 when the sun is at the celestial longitude of 0°. Since then, it’s common belief that the Eggs can be balanced during the Equinox thus many events take place.

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Broom Balancing – the Revenge of the Witches?

Many circles seem to took it even further. They have experimented with Brooms – magic or non magic, and they saw that they could balance them on the floor with minimal effort. This just added some gasoline to the fiery passion of those who tried the Egg Balancing. From this time thousands of photos filled the social media. As it turns our it is possible!

balancing brooms on Equinox

Is Egg Balancing possible any time of the Year?

In 1947 a Japanese physicist named Ukichiro Nakaya conducted several trials and he ultimately verified that eggs in fact can be balanced at any time of the year. Weird? Although irregular shaped, eggshells typically have many imperfections such that the vast majority can be balanced with some effort.

The Truth and the real Magic

Although due to my personal experience balance can be achieved will less effort during the Equinox (sorry dear scientists, it’s just easier – less than 3seconds today) I did experiment on this several times and yes it’s possible at any time of the year. Some believe that it has to do with the polarity of the Earth or the Alignment of the Sun in the Zodiac Circle. No matter what, it really seems easier on Equinox.

What do we learn from this? We learn that people love to be closer to Nature and Celebrate the Old Ways of the Sabbats. All they need is a little push – a motivation.

Egg Balancing Practical Magic & Meditation

Trying to balance an egg is a great Meditation as we focus all our energy on it. It may take you some minutes but as you try to balance it you will feel the gravitational forces fighting just as the emotions are fighting in your soul.

egg balancing practical magic

  • Take an egg and make a game out of it.
  • Get a red (eco-friendly) marker & draw the symbol of Spring Equinox on it.
  • Get the egg inside your palms and focus on everything in your life that needs to be balanced. Try to balance the egg on a flat surface. Repeat as needed.
  • Try to balance the egg but bear in mind that as you balance the egg, you actually balance yourself. Try it today!
  • Once you’ve done trying – or succeeded, bury the egg in fertile soil and ask from Demeter her blessings. (if you succeed it’s considered extra powerful year for you)

Tell us the results. Did you succeed? 


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