Instant Magic Shield against Dark Arts & Bad Luck

Instant Magic Shield against Dark Arts & Bad Luck

The First Lesson everyone should learn regarding the Dark Forces is that, you are vulnerable when you are feeling ‘blue’. Your defenses at that time are easier to penetrate and also feed the malevolent energies. That’s why – EVERY WITCH – should invent a unique & personalized way for Instant Magic Shield – Emotional Uplift. 

Perfect Spirit Shield

If someone wants to hurt you with magical ways s/he has to establish a psychic connection first. To do that, s/he has to overcome your defenses. Just like hackers try to overcome even the most sophisticated algorithms like this, dark Arts try to find the code to unlock your defenses. Take a look at this algorithm. Numbers, letters, upper cases, symbols… everyone’s aura is a million times more complicated to access. Our Aura is very difficult to penetrate when our defenses are strong. The secret? Is in the complexity and strength of your Emotions.

Your emotions are what keeps intruders away from your energy core. If sadness fills your life, your defenses are at critical point. Hence, you may start to notice persistent unfortunate events or a general feeling of bad luck which can actually be validated by other people too. 

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At some point, bad luck feels one with you to the point that if things get better you are actually afraid – because you got used to misfortune. 

Instant Magic Shield – Emotional Uplift 

If that happens, you need to let this bad feeling go. You need to develop a new code system. To do that we need to invent a technique which will automize your brain in order to work in a positive way. 

Step One: Acknowledge 

The very first thing is that you need to acknowledge this awful feeling in your heart. All these feelings of self-loathing , self-hatred , self-destruction actually has a certain impact on your body. Know this feeling. Embrace it. This ‘pain’ is you ally because you need to know when this happen. Your body gives you this feeling to know that this is bad for you. 

By embracing the feeling you actually ‘thank’ your body for identifying the enemy – which is depression. This ally is useful only when these feeling exist. You will eventually let this felling go. However, to do that, you first need to acknowledge this terrible sense. 

Step Two: Get back to NOW

This uncomfortable feeling, usually gets its power from traumatic feelings caused in the past. In other words, you almost always feel depressed, by things that already happened. But here is the truth.

No matter how tightly you hold on to the Past, it no longer exists! 

What does this mean? That the past is an illusion. It’s already gone! It’s not here, hence it does not exist anymore. What has already happened cannot be changed. 

What you need to do is turn your focus in the present. Learn to live for NOW and not for what has happened or what will happen. 

Step Three: Look at the Stars

It works for all people. When we look at the Stars we instantly understand how insignificant our problems seem compared to the magnificence of eternity and Creation.

They say that ‘when we look up to the Stars, our Guardian Angel smiles’. This probably happens because we finally try to attune with Cosmic Awareness. When we tap into the Greatness of the World(s) we automatically empower our Aura with our Divine Seed. 

If it’s not Nighttime or it’s cloudy etc you can just visualize the Stars and the Night Sky. 

Step Four: Take a Deep Breath

Did you know that when we take a full deep breath, our body automatically – unintentionally adjusts to it’s normal standards? 

Take this test. Stand up and take a deep long breath. See how your shoulders are raised and pushed back, how your neck straightens, and your chest is lifted. This is how you should normally stand. 

Repeat whenever you feel you don’t breathe normally or when you have ‘a bad feeling’. Most usually, this bad feeling is caused by the pressure of your chest’s diaphragm to your belly. Stand up, and just take one – deep – long – breath!

Step Five: Ask for Help

When we need help we should ask for it. It’s completely pointless if we believe we cannot handle our problems but we still don’t ask for help. 

Now, you can ask from anyone’s help if you trust this person. It’s really helpful to go out with your friends, husband/wife and talk through the stuff that bother us. 

Moreover we can ask for supernatural help. 

  • Do the Garuda Mudra to Stimulate our Defense Mechanism. Garuda / Sun bird will give us the immediately the strength we need to Wake up Our Magic.
  • Ask help from a Deity / Entity of your choice. Some of our favourite is Archangel Michael – see here for Judika’s protection spell, Sacred Phoenix, Brigid, Anubis and Freya.
  • Repeat a Mantra for Protection / invocation like “I am Light, I am Bright, Mine is the Power, Mine is the Might”
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