5 Reasons Why Your Magic Does Not Work & how to Reverse it

5 Reasons Why Your Magic Does Not Work & how to Reverse it

Magic is all around us. It’s the force that unites us all. Moreover, it’s our birthright as human race. We’ve all been born with Magical Powers. Why some realize and use them more easily than others is a great debate. Of course, cultural circumstances and karma play the most important roles. So if we are all born with powers, why do you feel your Magic Does Not Work? We are about to see the most important reasons. 

1. Your Magical Powers are Bound

Unfortunately this can be true. Although no one can really bind your powers, a binding spell can make you believe you can’t actually cast spells or work your magic in any way. This deception might actually be so strong that could even transcend lifetimes. 

  • Why Would someone Bind my Powers?

Well for many possible reasons. Someone could actually be/were jealous of you. Furthermore, your Family might have engaged – or even lost – in past Witch Wars. As a consequence, the ones who won would ‘bind’ the powers of your lineage. (See here if you descend from a Line of Witches). Moreover, your own spirit could sometimes ‘bind’ your powers to protect you from abusing them. 

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  • A sign of Bound Magic Powers. 

As talked in the article of palm signs of Born Witches, the Magical or Psychic Triangle is a very important sign of Bound Magical Powers. A pyramid like – triangle shaped sign on the ring finger is the Psychic Triangle. Look closer, this sign may not be that obvious. The palm signs might be pale and hard to notice.psychic triangle

the psychic triangle means bound magical powersDo you have it? If yes then your powers are bound. You need to awaken them again. You are also advised to go back to your past lives and look for signs why this happened at first place. Which brings us to reason number two! …  

2. Bad Karma 

Have you ever wondered what would you do if you had Magical Powers? More importantly, have you ever wished to curse someone or harm him/her while enraged? This could be a reason why you don’t realize your powers.

Your soul is a like an Ocean. To see the bottom of the ocean, requires peaceful waters and no turbulent waves. Hence, when you are enraged, your emotions are blurring the waters and you cannot ‘feel’ the depth of them. You cannot control your spells successfully, without tapping into your truest potential which are your emotions. To do that requires discipline and practice of course. This is why Witches meditate… like a LOT! 

  • So this bad Karma can be reversed? 

Yes! You can actually clean your bad magical Karma with this spell. In fact, it’s extremely essential to begin your practice in magic by doing that spell. This will help you abolish the burden of bad history. It’s also a statement to the universe, that you are fully aware and responsible of your power. 

3. You Give Mixed Signals to the Universe

As we have discussed on the article “why sometimes spells don’t work”, we ALWAYS get what we ask. The question is what do we ask. 

  • Do you honestly believe that these 5 or 10 or 100 minutes of magical spellcasting can outbalance the endless hours or even years of negative thinking?

  • You may feel that Magic Does Not Work but the truth is that Your Magic Always Work. Your magic may brought you to what you now live!

To achieve that, you need to change your way of thinking. You need to make a statement to the Universe and actually MEAN IT! Be firm and strong and powerful. A statement like “whatever I was thinking in the past, now I’ve changed. I Now strongly wish to do…” 

From now on, all your actions should be aligned with your Wish and Desire. Show the universe that you are focused. Negative thinking should be neutralized and replaced with your burning desires. 

  • There is nothing you cannot Achieve! 

Don’t ever believe that others are more powerful than you. They might been luckier, being born in a family which may have helped them develop their powers or attracted wise teachers. Nonetheless, you can now begin your Magical Endeavor.

4. Wrong Circumstances 

Probably the word ‘wrong’ is wrong. We may should use another term like ‘unfitting’ circumstances. Magic is more challenging when the following circumstances dominate the majority of your daily routine. Do you cast spells when: 

  • You work so much you actually have ‘burnt out’? 

  • Or maybe you face some health issues? 

  • Are you undergoing a depressing period? 

  • Is Magic a desperate move? 

  • Do lack of privacy?

If these situations bother you, then magic is more challenging and this is a reason why your magic does not work. However, some people may actually work more creatively under pressure. Others may not. 

5. Influenced by Other People

Are people around you judging you about your wish to develop your magic? Of course they are. The real question is WHY DO YOU CARE? 

  • Just be yourself. Unless you can be a Witch. Then Always be a Witch! 

Others may be afraid of the powers you might develop. What we don’t understand might scare people. Advice like ‘magic is stupid’ or ‘why do you mess with this devilish stuff’ are not doing any good. 

Be true to yourself. Even they continue to judge you don’t let them affect you. 

Your magic does not work probably because you put more faith to others rather than you. Magic is an expression of who you are. You can actually see here reasons why magic is sometimes blocked! 

Believe and feel your potential and everything else will be presented to you. You are a powerful Witch!

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