The “cube test” reveals your inner thoughts and fears!

The “cube test” reveals your inner thoughts and fears!

Get a pencil and a paper and let your phantasy free! The following “psychological” cube test can be revealing about yourself, your experiences, your love life but also about your relationships with friends and relatives.

Beware: In order not to forget your answers, it is better to depict what you have in your mind by drawing everything on a paper. Try to concentrate on your feelings about what you draw, not on how nice this looks. For example, you may want to paint the cube in a certain color because this makes you feel nicer and quieter. Thus, the test will be successful if you put down the first answer/description that crossed your mind. Don’t let logic intervene and don’t peek at the answers before you’re done!

Let’s get started!

You are in a desert and you are moving on. Suddenly, you see a cube.

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The cube

How big is the cube?

Which color does it have?

How do you feel about this object?

What far are you from it?

How big is it in comparison to the whole scenery?

The ladder

There is a ladder. Does it lean against the cube? Which color does it have? What is it made of? What impression do you get from it?

The horse

The horse enters the scenery. What is its distance from the cube? Which color does it have? What impression does it arouse to you? Is it tied, or does it move freely? Does it have a saddle or not?

The storm

A storm begins. What is its distance with regard to the cube? Is it strong or not? Is it brief or does it last for a longer time?


What about flowers? Are there any around? How many are there? One or more? How many exactly? Where are they exactly? What is their color? How do you feel about this flowers or these flowers?

The Interpretation

The Cube:

The cube represents you. The impression you get from this item is how you regard your own self. For example, you may have imagined that it is made out of yellow stones. Yellow may cause you a feeling of warmth and the stone radiates power. This is then reflected of how you understand yourself.

The distance between you and the cube reveals the level of your self-knowledge. If it is too far away, it is dire need to work on your self-knowledge and self-esteem.

If it is transparent, this suggests that you permit to people to approach you and read your thoughts.

The proportion between the cube and the desert discloses how you see yourself within the world. The bigger it is, the stronger your ego (in a positive and a negative way). Consequently, a smaller cube implies that you understand your existence as a small part of the world. This may mean humility or fear. This depends on how you feel towards the cube. Therefore, it is crucial to be honest with the initial impressions you experienced while taking the test.

The ladder:

The ladder represents your friends. If the ladder leans against the cube, then you are the one who supports your friends. If the ladder backs the cube, then your friends often bolster you. The distance and the color of the ladder divulges if you are close to your friends or not and how you feel about them.

The horse:

The horse represents your love partner. If it is close to the cube, you believe that your partner is close to you in life. If it tied or it has saddle, you want to have the control in an amorous relationship. Generally, the horse represents the way you understand your partner and your love life.

The storm:

Now, the storm stands for the obstacles you encounter in your life. If it close to the cube, then you are currently facing difficulties. If it is brief these are just minor problems that you can deal with. On the contrary, if it is enduring and heavy, the problems you have trouble you deeply.

The flower(s):

Finally, the flowers represent our offsprings and generally the family. If they are close to the cube, you are in good terms with children and relatives. As in the previous cases, they way you imagine the flowers and the feelings you get from them is revealing about how you feel about them.

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