Stairway to Heaven – How to Find Your Magic Path

Stairway to Heaven - How to Find Your Magic Path

Magic is a Wonderful Path which inspires us daily. Even if we have a mundane job, or we meddle with the popular faithless life-style, Magic is here to support us. But what is our path? Which Magic Path should we follow? 

Your Personal Magic Path

If I could leave you with one thought is this:

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The Only question is…

Which is the Best Magic Path for Me?

Well, this is not an easy question. You have to experiment with different form of magic, following your instincts and letting Love and your Guardian Angel guide you. However, we may be able to help you, start your magical journey in the best possible way. 

Stairway to Heaven

Step One: Meditation

Sit comfortably. Relax. Take a deep breath. Perform the Hatha Yoga Breathing Exercise. This will help you harmonize your Chakras. 

Step Two: Lotus Mudra

Do the Lotus Mudra (read more about it here). This is a magical gesture which is believed to bring you to the ‘Light’ and inspire you even in the darkest times. It will help you attune with the higher spiritual levels. 

3. The Lotus Mudra: the Mudra of Light

Step Three: Visualization

Now you are ready to perform the Spell. Visualize a stairway which begins from where you are and ends to Heaven where the Angels and Deities dwell. Up there, only Love and Light exists. Only Good. It’s the plane of true manifestation, where everything is possible. There are no restrictions of the physical plane. Intention is enough.  

Step Four: Intention

Set the intention to discover your Magic Path at the end of the stairway. Repeat it to yourself until you feel ready. 

Step Five: Go to Heavens

Visualize walking up the stairway, as slowly as you feel comfortably. Keep Visualizing yourself, going up. Pay attention to every detail on your way up. This will ‘thicken’ the experience and make it more real and more effective.

‘See’ the rooftops of the houses as you walk up. ‘Feel’ the clouds and the breeze. ‘Gaze’ at the stars. 

Step Six: Heaven’s Realm

Now that you’ve reached the heavens, pay attention to what you see first. This is the key to your Magic Path. Of course you hang around and interact with any entities you may encounter. Enjoy your stay there.

Do you remember what you saw first? Thank the entities for all their help. 

Once you are ready go back, with the same pace. Find the stairway. Enjoy your way back. 

Step Seven: Interpretation

Write down what you’ve experienced on your Book of Shadows. This actually is an amazing first taste of Heaven. 

Time to ‘decode’ your Magic path.  

What did you see first? Examples of things you saw first and possible Magic Paths:

  • Fire, Water, Air and Earth: If you saw any of the basic Elements first you may be a powerful Elemental Witch. 
  • Tree or Plant: Consider the possible Druid Path. What does this tree, herb, plant or flower symbolize?
  • Symbols: What’s that symbol you saw? Does it ring any bell? Research about that symbol. 
  • Animal: How was this animal? Did it speak to you? This animal may also be your totem animal. What does this animal symbolize?
  • Arcane Tools: Did you see a Cup, or a pentacle or maybe a magic Sword and Wand? Ceremonial Magic is your Magic Path.
  • Divination Tools: Did you see a tarot deck or a crystal sphere? Maybe your prophetic abilities may be stronger than you think.

What did you see first? We’d love to know!

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