A Full Moon Team Meditation Spell

A Full Moon Team Meditation Spell

Every full moon day is an ideal moment to charge our energy and ask for the fulfillment of our wishes. It is also the time to set new goals for the coming moon phase.

While in most cases we direct our magic efforts in order to get some personal achievements, it would be great to take advantage of this night in order to serve the greater good. The moonlight is shed upon our planet, its nature and humanity. It is high time that witches joined their forces to request a change that could influence larger groups.

It is then a great opportunity to organize a gathering of witches outdoors for performing a group mediation and to cast a spell. This will bring your witchy friends together and enhance the spirituality of every individual separately.

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Getting prepared

A group meditation can consist of two ore more people, although an ideal number would be five persons.

Find a quiet place outdoors, where (hopefully) you will remain undistracted from “intruders” or any noise caused by human activity.

Be sure you will be able dedicate at least 3 hours in the evening or at night for the ritual. Being in rush will ruin the good vibrations of the team.

One of the group should be the “leader” or the facilitator of the ritual.

Make clear in advance what you are going to pray for. Is this about the spiritual awakening of humanity or the healing of physical or psychological problems of a certain person? It can be pretty about everything yet try to think bigger than your current personal needs. Meditating for an important universal cause is enforcing and reveals a gentle heart.

Write down the spell you want to recite as a team. Use your own words, like “We gather here tonight to generate the vibration of world peace to the entire planet. And so it is.” It can also be more elaborated. However, try to remain succinct.

It is favorable to wear something in light colors so that the moonlight can reflect upon you. Having a silver coin or jewelry on you is also suggested.

Candles or incense are not necessary. The Moonlight and the scent of Nature should suffice. You can place however a Pentagram or another symbol in the middle of the circle.

Performing the Spell

When you get gathered, you form a circle by holding hands. The facilitator of the ritual should not stand separated from the others (in center of the circle or in front of the other persons). You can decide whether you will sit or stand, although sitting may be better since you are going to be in an altered state because of meditation.

The facilitator counts ten steps in slow, steady voice:

“Close your eyes. As I count up from one to ten, imagine yourself leaving your physical body and drawing closer to the Moon.

One: Breathe deeply, exhale slowly.

Two: Breathe deeply, exhale again slowly.

Three: Feel yourself ascending toward the light of the Moon.

Four: Sense the energy of the Moon coming closer to you.

Five: Keep having your eyes close and exhale slowly.

Six: As you exhale, release all negative thoughts you are holding inside you and are tormenting you from the past up to now.

Seven: Feel the vibration of the Moon’s light. As it embraces us, we are more connected to the earth but still we are approaching the Moon. Our spirit expands as the light does.

Eight: We are connected with the Light of the Moon. We are part of Her Luminous Sphere.

Nine: We absorb the power of Her Light and we can be in every directions this travels. Let us just be one with the Universe. We are part of the Cosmic Soul.

Ten: Continue to keep your eyes closed, and I will now recite our meditation. Listen!

At this point the facilitator recites the Spell that the team has already written down. At the end the facilitator says “And so it is.” The group may repeat those words.

The facilitator now recites:

“We must now slowly return from this level of mind. As I count back from ten to one, see yourself descending to the earth.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven—the Moon’s energy is still with you . . . Six, five, four—visualize our group below. Three, two—you are now back in your body. One—open your eyes.”

After the team members have opened their eyes, each person can spend some time for themselves. You can gaze at the Moon, meditate or sharing thoughts about the experience.

Blessed Be!


Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want
Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want

The Full Moon Group Meditation Spell has been inspired by the wonderful book of Diane Ahlquist:  Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want. Parts of the book have been embedded in our text as well.

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