How To Listen to Your Inner Voice

How To Listen to Your Inner Voice

There is an inner compass in our souls which drives our destiny. While we experience the majestic journey of life we truly come before difficult or some not so difficult choices. During these times, we sometimes hear a voice, an inner voice, speaking words that touch our hearts. The truth is that we always know what’s right or not. However, this inner voice is here to remind us. 

What’s our Inner Voice?

In fact it’s our intuitive abilities. Mysticists and Witches believe that before we enter this life, we have already agreed of the challenges we are going to face. This is why we actually know what is going to happen. However, during our lifespan we tend to forget what happened before our birth. It’s how reincarnation works. 

The Magic of our Inner Voice

When the time is right, we ‘almost always accidentally’ cross the boundaries of the material plane and reunite with our higher-self, our soul, our psyche. This inner voice is our Spirit’s wisdom.

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We are ALL BORN Intuitive

YES! It’s true! We are all born intuitive because we all have a soul. Hence we all have access to this Spiritual Realm no matter how hard we deny it. And yes, this power can be accessed by anyone. We can all learn how to listen to our inner voice if we try to ‘quiet the material noise’. Which brings us to the next step. 

Two Ways to Listen to your inner voice

Step One. Silence the ‘material noise’

It’s not that easy. You see, although our inner voice is truly powerful, the ‘material noise’ is so thick sometimes, that silences our intuitive powers. This ‘material noise’ comes from our personal views, our traumatic experiences and our dogmatic beliefs. However, one must understand that this is who we are, what makes our personality. The ‘material noise’ is not our enemy, it’s our ally. We just need to silence this noise and listen to our inner voice.

  • Witch Bath Oil: Take a cleansing bath with Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary essential oil. This mixture will encourage you to bypass the material noise and dare to listen your inner voice. 
  • Chakra CleansingWe will never get bored telling you how important it is to cleanse your chakras daily. This will literally change your energy. 
  • Perform the Lotus Mudra to unite yourself with the Universal Truth.

Step Two: Empower the ‘Inner Voice’

Now that you made peace, you need to empower the inner voice and make it even more clear. To do so you need to vibrate higher and become one with the ‘Universal Wisdom’ which is part of your soul. When you are vibrating high, you have nothing to be afraid of. You cannot be influenced by negative thoughts or dogmatic beliefs. 

  • Vibrate higher! This is a very important step. Don’t try to explain others about your intuition. You can always talk with you buds but don’t pay attentio to those you ‘don’t believe in magic’. Trust me, when you start to know what coming, they will come back begging for answers. 
  • Meditate: You can start by practicing the Hatha Yoga breathing exercise. Now, just simply pay attention to what your inner voice is telling you.
  • Keep track with your Dreams. As told many times before in our magazine, this is a magical hack, to get into your inner voice. Read the dreams from time to time. See how it touches you and how many things you learn via dreams. The more you practice that, the more you are going to strengthen your inner voice. 
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