A Broom Spell for work prosperity and financial growth

A Broom Spell for work prosperity and financial growth

A Witch’s Broom is not just one more tool for our Magic Craft. It is THE tool, the archetype of witchery, what we see in every popular depiction of a witch. This is not a coincidence. It is an indispensable “weapon” that should be always found in the “armory” of a witch and a mage.

In our “seminal” article Tools of the Craft: Besom, the Witch’s Broom we presented instructions for manufacturing your own magic broom. Additionally, the article provided information about the magic function of this powerful tool.

So after having read the article and being a wise Witch, let’s put our knowledge into practice.

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A broom is not (only) for flying! Back on the soil, it also delineates boundaries. Just think how we may clean the pavement outside our home entrance. In so doing, we “claim” our space within the world. This is not egoism, we all need our “safe space”, our privacy and we also should make clear what we can tolerate and what we cannot.

And of course, it is all about cleansing. While a “regular” broom removes the dust out of the house, our magic besom purifies our personal place and space.

A broom spell for prosperity

Using a besom to remove negative energy is a magic activity that can be enhanced by calling upon the powers of two elements, namely of Air and Earth.

The little spell we present you here is inspired by a book we adore and we strongly recommend: The Spells Bible by Ann-Marie Gallagher. We have slightly modified the ritual but the spell comes from this book (pages 130 – 131).

What you will need

Before you get started, fetch yourself the following:

i. Your magic Broom. Preferably, make your own one in the way we described in our article. If this is not possible, you can obtain one by a garden center. Be sure that there the broomstick is made exclusively by natural material, so no plastic should be upon it. If you purchase it, you should go through the ceremony in order to activate its magic powers. Once again, consult our previous article.

ii. Two taper candles: a green and a yellow one. Green color stands for Earth, yellow for Air.

iii. A large bunch of fresh rosemary

iv. A charcoal disk put in a fireproof dish

v. Benzoin granules and fresh basil

vi. Essential mint oil

The Spell

Once you have gathered what is needed, proceed in the following steps on a Wednesday (the day ruled by Mercure, God of Commerce) when the moon is in waxing phase:  

  1. Light the charcoal disk and sprinkle on the benzoin and the basil
  2. Light the green candle reciting:

“Earth, witness this spell”

  1. Light the yellow candle reciting:

“Air, carry it well”

  1. Tie the rosemary bunch at the broomstick around the handle of the brush in a stable way. When done, go around your home or your work space, chanting:

“Born of Earth / Carried in Air

Increase Worth / Away with Care”

Make sure you have cleaned the corners of your rooms where you do business and your workplace is situated.

  1. Anoint the handle of your broom with the mint oil and then pass the broomstick over the incense smoke three times reciting each time one of the following verses respectively:

“Once I invest thee /

Twice I impress thee/

Thrice I then bless thee”

  1. Hang the broom over a doorway. If this is not possible keep it at a corner for at least 10 days.
  2. Bring the candles on a table and while they are still burning write down your working goals and aspirations. Keep the sheet of paper close to the candles until these are extinguished (be careful that the sheet will be out of the reach of the flame of course!). Then keep the sheet to your working room for 10 days as well.

More magic with a Broom?

If you want to practice more magic with a broom, we suggest Deborah Blake’s lovely book The Witch’s Broom: The Craft, Lore & Magick of Broomsticks. Check it out!


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