Predictions for the Full Moon in Gemini – November 23

Predictions for the Full Moon in Gemini – November 23

General Predictions for the Full Moon in Gemini:

On November 23, at 5:40 UT the Moon from Gemini accurately opposes the Sun in Sagittarius, forming the Full Moon.

Although this Full Moon isn’t the easiest one ever, it’s a very active one. For one reason, this is because the Full Moon happens almost just after the Moon exits its void of course period. When it’s “more enthusiastically” active.

Jupiter is also affected by the Full Moon. The planet is already in conjunction with the Sun. The accurate conjunction will take place on the 26th of November, but the aspect will be active until after the coming New Moon of the 7th of December. So, this is a major influence of this Full Moon and the waning Moon period. And, although the Moon stresses Jupiter, this extra focus on the planet is mostly beneficial for us.

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Mars also stresses Jupiter via a square, which brings forth difficulties in whatever we want to achieve. Difficulties, though, which, once we overcome, will cause our success to be a more complete and permanent one. This aspect is losing strength by the day, and it will be barely active when we’ll reach the New Moon. Furthermore, Mars forms a hexagon with Saturn, accurately on the 27th, which strengthens this ability of ours to manifest what we desire. Once again, not without an effort, but our success, if we make this effort, will be a lasting one.

Another important event of the period is that the Retrograde Neptune in Pisces turns back into direct motion early on November the 25th. Remember that Neptune is affected by Pluto, who, not so long ago, also has turned into direct motion. Now that Neptune will also be into direct motion, our emotional balance changes. Until now, thoughts and emotions of the past were haunting us every so often. From now on, we are setting the past aside and start focusing on the future. Even more, we are getting more optimistic. Of course, both planets are slow moving ones, so this effect won’t be an intense one. On the good side, though, it will be affecting us and supporting us, until the 24th of April, 2019, when Pluto will turn retrograde again.

Mercury will also turn into direct motion during this waning Moon, but this will happen less than half a day before the New Moon, so this will affect the coming waxing Moon period, and not this fortnight. What is more interesting, though, is that on the 1st of December, Mercury returns in to Scorpio. This will make us more introvert. We are focusing more in our own thoughts and our interactions with our own self, rather than the people around us. This is a necessary thing. We’ll re-examine the way we live our lives and present ourselves to the others. Then, we’ll be able to have a healthier and more active social life when, on 12th of December Mercury will return in Sagittarius.

A forward advice: Do make the most of Mercury’s return in Scorpio, as not long after Mercury leaves Scorpio, the Ecliptic Period will start. The better the relation with ourselves then, the easier we’ll face the challenges of the Eclipses.

Nonetheless, Mercury doesn’t make it easy for us. It is in a square with Mars in Pisces. The accurate square happens in the 26th of the month, but the aspect will be active until Mercury returns to Scorpio. This brings a negative tension in our social interactions. Misunderstandings become even more common and easier to happen than simply because of the retrograde motion of the planet. Also, we should be more careful while driving and engaging with dangerous activities, as accidents, too, are easier to happen.

On the good side, though, the Sun conjuncts Mercury – accurately on the 27th – but, of course, this means that it squares Mars, as well. The latter aspect will be accurate on the 3rd of December, but it’s already active.

Jupiter also conjuncts Mercury, accurately on the 27th, as well, and will keep supporting it until the end of the year. The 30th of December, to be exact. A second accurate conjunction will take place after Mercury turns into direct motion and returns back to Sagittarius, on Yule, but it’s too early to comment on that.

Finally, Venus opposes the Retrograde Uranus. This aspect becomes accurate on the 1st of December, but it’s already active the moment of the Full Moon and will be active active until half way in the coming waxing Moon period. This can cause some unexpected events and changes in our love life. As Saturn stabilises Venus, though, I wouldn’t expect these changes to be purely negative ones. They can feel this way, though, when they are happening. For example, unhealthy relationships may end, or we may lose hope on making a relationship with somebody we want, but a better alternative may come, because of that.

Sagittarius, Leo, and most probably Aries will be the luckiest zodiacs of the period.

Full Moon Predictions for Aries:

Finding people with similar interests and ideas is possible under the influence of this Full Moon and the waning Moon period. If you have such people in your life already, enjoying their company is something you’ll be experiencing more than usual. Furthermore, these interactions can end up being productive, or inspiring, is some way.

Priests, teachers and students can have a very productive period, too. The same goes for everyone whose work’s tool of the trade is their mind, although, for the rest this influence won’t be as strong. Not any weak though, either. Travelling is not really recommended, especially because the Retrograde Mercury is in your 9th House, but if you have to do it, try to schedule it after the 1st of December.

Full Moon Predictions for Taurus:

Make sure you’ll invest time on yourself, on your needs and on whatever makes you feel happy. Whatever brings you any form of satisfaction. Sex is included, of course, and it receives mostly supporting influences, too, but that’s not the only thing. Prioritising your needs will help you make the most of this period. Otherwise, the Universe will keep showing you, you should be doing that.

Also, cleansing yourself – and why not your environment, as well – from “garbage” is a good advice for everyone, but even more so, for you. Finally, money seems to be lucky this period. Some form of success in your career, also can happen.

Full Moon Predictions for Gemini:

Disagreements, intense conversations and misunderstandings with your business partners, life partners and the most important people in your life can happen under the influence of this Full Moon and during the waning Moon period. But, nonetheless, all these can end up being beneficial. A better and deeper connection can be achieved. Similarly, progress in your work can happen. Sometimes, though, taking a step back can help you move forward in a better and steadier way.

Love life, despite all this tension, receives mostly beneficial influences. Or, even, because of all this tension, occasionally. Finding a new love, strengthening your current relationship, or formalising it are both possible. Also, you may see this happening often, in your social circle.

Full Moon Predictions for Cancer:

Work receives very good and supporting energies this period. The two lucky stars, the Sun and Jupiter, in a harmonious cooperation, support it. Therefore, every effort you do, no matter how small and insignificant you think it is, matters. And also, luck helps and support you. In some cases, even unexpectedly so. So, be optimistic and courageous, but not careless. Seemingly small mistakes can haunt you more than you would expect.

Health also receives supporting influences mostly. Healing, too. But, health issues you don’t take proper care of can get worse, in order for you to pay them proper attention. Weight loss diets are not recommended. Weight gain ones, are so. Also, muscle building receives mostly supporting influences, but be careful while working out, as accidents easily happen.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo:

This Full Moon is quite beneficial and auspicious for you. Good luck follows you, almost all the time. The aspects don’t directly affect gambling luck, but they don’t block it either. So, overall, expect a pleasant waning Moon period.

Love life, in particular, can be quite pleasant and happy. It is true that singles will have it a little more difficult, but them, too, can be happy. If you are seeking a relationship, don’t give up easily, and consider apparently negative developments as an omen that your luck awaits for you somewhere else. Your children, grandchildren and people you feel as such, can also make you happy this period.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Money may need some attention, but, most probably, nothing more that just that. Also, when your governor, Mercury, returns to Scorpio, on December the 1st, your most important friendships may stress you, one way or another. Lack of communication and contact with them, literally or metaphorically, can also take place.

Other than those, though, it’s a good and mostly peaceful period. Progress happens, even if it does so slowly, but it happens steadily. Also, family can become a source of joy. Things there are getting better, if there were problems of any kind. Furthermore, family can become quite supportive where you need it to be.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra:

This can become a very energetic and active period for you. That’s a good thing, of course, but don’t get hasty. Mistakes and accidents are possible, too. So, try to force the developments in your own pace, rather than your pace in their speed. In work, though, this can be a bit difficult to achieve. Therefore, try to save your energy, to have enough to dedicate in your job. Whatever the case, though, all this will be a mostly beneficial and pleasant influence. Tiresome, occasionally, yes, but not bad.

Jobs based on communication or sales, receive both beneficial and inauspicious aspects. The latter come from the Retrograde Mercury. Until the 1st of December, when it affects these directly, the inauspicious influences will be stronger. After then, the auspicious ones are clearly gaining the lead.

Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Money seems lucky under the influences of this Full Moon. Of course, the Retrograde Mercury in your Second House calls for some attention on the subject. Overspending and needlessly spending money are two challenges you must avoid. On the other hand, appreciating your wealth – no matter how great or small this wealth is – and making the best use of the means you posses, can help you a lot, and not just in saving money.

When Mercury returns in your zodiac, on December the 1st, your inner talk and inner insecurities can become quite loud. Keep in mind that this happens in order to better understand yourself and for you to face these insecurities and to find way to support and love yourself more. Succeeding on those will not only help you make the most of this waning Moon period, but in the long run, as well.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

This is quite a good period for you. Good luck is almost always with you. Even more importantly, though, your inner strength and self-motivation are quite strong. You want to advance, you want to do things and you are making the effort, too. Then, the skies support you. So, yes, this is a good period. What you should be paying attention, though, is on what you are actually try to achieve. Is it what you really want? If so, go on! If not, then maybe you should change your priorities.

Your self is trying to talk to you, too, and let you know what you really need and want. Do pay attention. With everything happening around you, this may be more difficult to achieve than you would think, but it’s the best policy. So, do listen to yourself.

Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

This period may not look like it’s very productive, but progress is happening in the shadows. What you’ve sown is now growing. There is the possibility you won’t see it spurt during this fortnight, but, this doesn’t mean a thing. In the same time, your inner talk becomes clear and loud enough. Listen to it and learn yourself, your needs and your dreams better, and make the best you can in order to satisfy them. Also, do pay attention to your sleeping dreams. More often than usual, they carry messages both from your inner world and from the spirit world.

Artists, though, can experience this period somewhat differently, as imagination, creativity and artistic talents are all strong.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Social activity is very much supported by the Full Moon and the waning Moon period. The actual day of the Full Moon, though, may not look very supportive on that matter, I must say, nonetheless, the energies it creates are so. A cleansing can come in your social circle as well. Unhealthy such relationships can end, or practically end. This is, though, a good development. Trade is also quite good during this period, although the Retrograde Mercury affects it directly. Therefore, not perfectly good, but quite good, nonetheless.

Your spouse, or current love may also have some pleasant developments in their life, which can bring some joy in your relationship and common life. Their income is one of the most likely things that can enjoy this influence.

Full Moon Predictions for Pisces:

This is a very good period for all career matters. Changing your career, progressing on your current one, expanding your business, getting a promotion and everything similar are all possible. Those whose job is affected by the public opinion, should make the most of this period, as the attention of the world is easier captured. In the same time, though, scandals and mistakes will also receive more attention. So, do be careful as to avoid them.

Changing your financial plans is not recommended. Unless you have given it enough thought during the past, don’t decide on major changes now. Smaller scale correction moves, though can happen and should happen.

Astrology and Magic for the Full Moon and waning Moon period:

Self healing and releasing ourselves from our emotional baggage and negative Karma are very promising practices of this Full Moon and the waning Moon period. Also, wish manifestation is promising. As we are in the waning Moon, road opening and block busting kind of spells will probably work better. The Pushya Nakshatra falling on the 28th of the month, can help even more, on that end.



That’s all. Have fun, enjoy your day!

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