5 Reasons Why My Soulmate can’t Find Me

5 Reasons Why My Soulmate can't Find Me

‘Why my Soulmate can’t find me?’ How hard can it be for two souls who are meant for each other to meet? Is it possible that s/he passed by you without even recognising you? Well, all these questions cannot be easily answered unless we deepen our knowledge on this issue. So let’s start from the beginning. 

What’s a Soulmate?

(Definition:) A soulmate is a person with whom one instantly feels a deep, karmic & natural affinity.

Therefore, we don’t define a Soulmate as a regular person. More like a lost yet essential part of us. So this brings us to the roots of this belief. Where do all ‘soulmate conversations’ come from? Well, they come from Plato’s ‘Symposium‘. In this magnificent and classic piece of literature, Plato vividly and comically portrays big truths about this world and the spirit Realm. Sometimes, this comes in a form of hypothesis or parables in order to make the points quite strong. So, in Symposium, the Father of Comedy, Aristophanes, first talks about soulmates.

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Ancient Story of Soulmates:

According to Aristophanes and Plato, when the World was first created, humans had 4 arms, 4 legs and one head with two faces. There were three genders. Man who had two ‘sets’ of male genitalia and was considered children of the Sun. Woman, who had two ‘sets’ of female genitalia and was considered children of the Earth. Androgynous, who had one set of male and one of female genitalia and was considered children of the Moon.

symposium of plato
Plato’s Symposium

At that time human race was considered extremely happy and powerful. It was a golden age for mankind yet this led to pride and the belief that they could conquer even gods. Therefore, some deities demanded that they should be fought exactly like the Titans, striking them down with lightnings as it happened before. However, Zeus who loved mankind very much, decided to find a more ‘gentle’ solution. He cut all humans in half.  

These ‘half-beings’ instantly lost their power making them extremely miserable, waking the Earth feeling ghost-like memories of their former existence. Fortunately, Apollo decided to bless mankind once again, reconstructing their bodies using ‘elements’ of their existing form. Now each human has one set of genitalia, ever looking for the other half of their soul which is also wandering on the earth desperately also looking for the other half. 

Not all humans are blessed be the ‘Fates‘ to find their other half. Therefore, only few succeed. Once it happens, an instant connection is felt, an unspoken magnetic like attraction, which brings those two together.

It is said, that there is no greater joy, than finally meeting your other half.

Arcane Truth of Soulmates: What Witches Know!

Although the story of Plato is quite clear and the message is pretty straight-forward, there are some points that needed to be clarified. Occult schools teach, all humans are connected with a ‘higher self‘. This is an enlightened ‘mastermind’ which helps, advices and guides all humans. The ‘Higher Self’ is connected with the Divine Source in a better and more stable way what the living humans as the are no infiltrations from the Material Realm or other parasitic entities. Think of the Higher Self as a Guardian Angel, only it is not a separate entity, it’s your truest nature. 

However, the Higher Self (usually) connects more than one humans. Think that there are somewhere in the World, someone who ‘shares’ that same Higher Self as you!

Therefore, one Higher Self, can ‘connect’ 1, 2 or more people. Most of the times, it’s more than one living humans. The ones connecting only one higher self are the ‘living Buddhas’ the ones who are already ‘whole’!

So this brings us to the popular Soulmate questions:

  • Can there be more than 1 soulmates for me? 

Yes! Since the ‘essence’ of your existence can be ‘connected’ with more that one living humans. 

  • Is it certain that I can meet my soulmate in this life?

No! Unfortunately it has to do with many parameters and karma!

  • Can my soulmate be dead? 

Yes! I for example know for sure, that my other half is not amongst the living!

  • Will meeting my soulmate change my life?

Yes! But this some times comes with a ‘price’ as all this unbelievable energy could not handled with caution. 

… and now let’s see 

selene and endymion the calling

Why My Soulmate can’t Find Me?

Providing you do look for your Soulmate and not just sit on your home watching TV, sometimes it feels difficult. So Why My Soulmate Can’t Find Me? To answer the reasons, you may also think of the possibility that you are the one who can’t recognise your soulmate…

1. Fates are currently working on it. 

It may feels like the exact opposite but Fates are actually trying to help you. Karma works for you and not against you. The Goddesses of Destiny work for your benefit, using the ‘elements’ of you deeds, thoughts and actions. 

Finding your Soulmate is a liberating and intense experience. Many have found their other halves, yet some of them ended up broken or even destroyed their lives. Fates try to make sure that you can handle it, and use this energy in order to free yourself from your karmic burden! 

Advice: Make sure you believe in yourself and build your self-confidence. Find your soulmate is not giving, but actually liberating yourself! 

2. Timing. 

Sometimes, the stars and the omens tell us to be patient. The ‘Grand Design’ is extremely complex and one can be really wise in order to decipher its subtle rules. However, ‘active patience’ is the key. Don’t just hold back yet do not become obsessive with it. One can become really happy and reach the gates of Enlightenment without meeting his/her Soulmate! 

Advice: Make sure you are ready, and let the Stars show you the way! 

3. Let go of the Illusion of Control

We cannot have control over when this happens. Actually the former phrase is spiritually false, yet as we not enlightened creatures, trying to ‘control’ our lives is a joke. However, true help comes from both ‘detachment’ and ‘focus’. 

Although this sounds really absurd it’s true and this is what all masters teach. Focus on your goal but let go of expectations. This is more ‘witchy’ thing you can do in order to have everything you wish for! 

Advice: Practice Meditation and try to abolish your earthly expectations. Connect with the Energy and the Purest Essence. 

4. Failures make us stronger

Karma sometimes wants to get us through some ‘tests’ in order to make sure that we can ‘keep’ and value our Soulmates properly. This is why our paths usually include failures, heart breaks and disappointments. 

Although meeting your ‘soulmate’ doesn’t require any relationship knowledge to work, we need to broaden our horizons learning and experiencing from our lives. Therefore, failures are indeed part of the ‘Grand Design’ as from these lessons we shape our personalities and we learn to value what’s true and important for us. 

Advice: Disappointments are part of Life’s Game. However, they also bring us closer to what we really want. In other words, sometimes, these experiences are essential for the 3 Fates, to weave our way towards our Soulmate. 

5. A Curse makes things difficult

It’s not that uncommon. Just think that most of ‘black spells’ demand sexual and emotional domination. Unfortunately this happens for many many centuries. In fact, due to Archaeology, the oldest curses are most usually driven from ‘lust’ and ‘attraction’.

You must be thinking, can a spell affect me that much? Due to our opinion yes. It can even transcend several lifespans. Dark Magic can sometimes endure physical death. This is why we should always keep on cleansing our aura as we cleanse our bodies!  

Advice: What you need to do is perform cleansing rituals and baths. Cleaning your Psychic Eyes can help you recognise your ‘Soulmate’ or even attract him/her towards you! When you vibrate higher, you can be seen from an energy level below! Moreover, you can cast a spell like the ‘Perfect Love Spell‘ to bring send a message to the universe. A Clear Love Message!

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