7 Reasons to become a Witch today!

7 Reasons to become a Witch today!
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Not that we need any. We love being Witches. Can’t help it. However, being a witch has really helped us a lot in our lives. Witchcraft played a significant role in developing our spiritual and intellectual skills. There are many reasons why it’s so fun to be a Witch – we’ve actually seen our top 10 reasons we love about being a Witch. But we wanted to show you why it’s ok to become a Witch today! Thus, we needed to create this article. We needed to show all of you why it feels so great.

The countdown will bring you to the most important one. 

1. Time for Yourself  

Living in modern times requires constant thrive and much effort in our careers. We spend so much time for our responsibilities. But what about ourselves? Witchcraft helped us so much to find some quality time just being ourselves. When we practice magic – especially at first – we need to be alone. This is a very essential time as we have the time to reflect on our current situation, our current needs. Therefore, it helps us understand so much for ourselves. 

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2. Learn how to relax 

In the same way, the modern way of living is full of anxiety. Whether the reasons are illusions or not, it’s actually a poison for our body and our aura. Witchcraft, teaches us the techniques of Breathing, Meditation and Grounding. These, amazing techniques are easily applicable to our everyday life, to use when things get tough! Master them!

3. Exploring your Past 

By practicing Witchcraft you actually walk the path of your ancestors. Even for a short time, we attune to the Old Ways. Therefore, willingly or without even trying, we learn so many things about how our ancestors used to handle things. We learn their stories, their ways and their rituals. Moreover, we dive into the mysteries of Ancient Greece and Egypt, we learn the ways of Ancient China and Japan. Our travels and our vacations are enriched with spiritual experiences travelling to the Parthenon, the Pyramids or Tibet. 

4. Back to Nature 

Most branches of Witchcraft require for us constant touch with Nature. This actually helps us intensify our relationship with our source. Therefore, it helps us raise awareness towards our environment creating healthy and responsible citizens. Furthermore, the ‘touch of nature’ will bring many benefits in our body’s and mind’s vitality.

5. Building a Strong Mind  

Although you may hear some people accusing witches of being crazy, the truth is that Witchcraft helps us use our minds and seek the truth for ourselves. Being a Witch means that you seek answers. This try-and-error and constant questions, creates a stronger mind, free from trends and dogmas. Witches think for themselves. 

6. Meeting Wonderful People

Throughout my journey as a Witch, I met some weird people but I also met my best friends. This was probably one of the greatest blessings in my life. This is exactly why we created the First and biggest Social Network for Witches in www.Qooest.com to help everyone meet new people and possibly share the same wonderful experience as us. Being alone or feeling alone is a terrible sense.  

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7. Giving and Receiving Help

It’s amazing how many will ask for Magical Assistance but also are willing to provide it for free. We believe in Karma. Therefore, each good deed is actually returning to us. Moreover, it’s really amazing that there is always someone there to give you a helping hand. And in Magical Recipes Online we’ve seen it thousands of times.

In Magical Recipes Online we created a great magical community where we exchange ideas and wisdom daily. More than half a million witches support each other in a safe environment. We are regular people who have regular jobs yet we all believe that this world is full of Magic. 

  • We could actually find so many more reasons for you. For example you can see top 10 reasons to be a Witch. But more importantly, we don’t need any countdowns. Our thirst for Wisdom is what makes us who we are! 
  • So where do you start? Well, with the Power Awakening Spell of course! 
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