Predictions for the Full Moon in Leo – 09 February 2020

Predictions for the Full Moon in Leo – 09 February 2020

General Predictions for the Full Moon in Leo:

On February the 9th, at 07:34 UT, the Moon, from Leo, accurately opposes the Sun, in Aquarius, forming the Full Moon. Keep in mind that during the day of the Full Moon, there is a void of course Moon period, from 16:09 UT until 23:39 UT. This won’t affect the waning Moon period, but discourages new beginnings during those hours, on the day of the Full Moon.

Now, during the waning Moon period, Mercury turns into retrograde motion, on the 17th, at 00:54 UT, and it will remain in retrograde motion until the 10th of March, at 03:49 UT, which is the day after the next Full Moon. So, this will affect half this waning Moon period and the whole coming waxing Moon period.

Also, during this waning Moon period, Mars enters Capricorn, on the 16th of February, to remain there until the 30th of March. This can brings some extra energy to the already overcharged Capricorn, and, also, to the rest of the zodiacs of Earth. This, alone, is a good thing, but this energy won’t be balanced, so consciously keeping our calm is advisable, for everyone – especially for the Earth signs. For better or worse, though, it doesn’t actively interact with the other three planets in Capricorn. Also, the Sun changes its zodiac and enters Pisces, on the 19th of the month.

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All these, along with Venus’ change on the 7th, contribute to a significant change of the planetary scenery and energies.

The inauspicious influences of the Full Moon:

Venus, from Aries, will be forming a square with Jupiter, in Capricorn. This square will be accurate on the day of the New Moon, the 23rd of February, but it will be active from the 14th of this month, and until the 5th of March, moments after Venus will have entered Taurus.

Furthermore, Venus’ square with Mars is still active, until the 16th, but loses its strength by the day. Mars’ square with Neptune, too, is barely active and it will stop influencing us on the 14th of the month. So, balance and harmony return to our emotional life and emotional condition. At least, to a degree, as Pluto is, of course, overactive anyway.

Other than those, there aren’t any other major stressful aspects acting during the waning Moon period. This is, of course, a good thing.

The auspicious influences of the Full Moon:

Venus is still in hexagon with Pluto and Saturn, but this hexagons are losing their strength, day by day, and they will stop acting, the former on the 11th and the latter on the 13th.

Jupiter forms a hexagon with Neptune. The aspect will be accurate on the 20th of February, but it’s active since late December 2019 and it will remain active until mid December 2020. Now, though, it’s one of its strongest and most auspicious periods of it. Amongst else, whatever has to do with other places and people from other places receives support. Travelling, too, although this one receives some stress from the Retrograde Mercury. Also, magic is quite strong. It’s a good period for emotional growth and expression, as well as for artistic expression, especially regarding the performing arts.

Keep in mind that Jupiter since the 31st of January has joined Pluto’s and Saturn’s conjunction, and from then on we have a triple conjunction, in Capricorn.

Uranus, in Taurus, receives some strength from Mars, in Capricorn, via a triangle. This triangle will be accurate on the 21st, but it’s active since the 7th and it will remain so until the 7th of March. Uranus also forms a hexagon with the Sun. Accurately on the 22nd. The aspect, though, will be active from the 13th of this month, until the 3rd of the next. On top of that, the New Moon will also directly affect Uranus beneficially. Therefore, new beginnings and changes of all kinds receive more support than hindrance, despite the Retrograde Mercury. Also, the internet, as well as computers, smartphones and the like receive much softer stress from the Retrograde Mercury. Online social activity, as well as web-based trade will be hardly affected negatively. Instead, expecting beneficial developments – even if, with some extra effort – is more likely.

The Sun is also forming a hexagon with Mars. Accurately so on the 25th, but this hexagon is already active and it will remain so until the 28th of March. This hexagon further strengthens Mars and it brings in some good luck and reduces some of the negative side-effects of Mars’ activity.

Overviewing the Full Moon:

So, overall, this is a mostly auspicious Full Moon. Mercury turning retrograde is possibly the greatest handicap of the period, but, as there isn’t any stress on Mercury, right now, it won’t cause us many problems. The Water signs, though, as well as those with their ascendant there, should be a little more careful.

Full Moon Predictions for Aries:

Work, career and business matters are under the main focus of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Both supportive and stressful energies are gathering, there. Supportive ones, though, are many more and much more stronger. Therefore, things are going well, most of the times and overall. Starting a new business, a new career, or finding a new job are the aspects that receive the most stressful energies. Still, such things are possible. They’ll simply encounter more difficulties. Money and all financial matters, too, receive mostly beneficial energies.

Travelling needs some attention. Studies, can be more stressful, during this period, too. Also, groups and organisations you are involved with can cause you some stress.

Full Moon Predictions for Taurus:

Your mood may be needing some support during this period. It is a good period for exploring yourself and your past, but this can become painful at times. In fact, even if you don’t intend to do that, it will happen to some degree. Money is not bad, but, your expenses tend to become more than you can easily afford. Try to reduce some unnecessary ones, if possible, and things will be better.

Social life can become more expanding and active. Not always pleasant, but it will be pleasant, too. Finding similar-minded people and engaging in group activities are both possible. Advisable to try them, too. Work, mostly, proceeds smoothly.

Full Moon Predictions for Gemini:

Work can be more demanding and somewhat stressful, during this period. Business partners, bosses and legal matters will, most likely, be the reasons for this. Nonetheless, the Full Moon and the waning Moon period are supporting this aspect of your live quite a lot, so things are getting done and successes are achieved. Maybe, you need to put some more effort in it, but, overall, things are proceeding nicely and you can achieve your goals.

Despite the auspiciously strong Uranus, computers, smartphones and the like, as well as the internet, can act oddly and cause you some stress. If possible, avoid replacing such equipment. Preferably until after Mercury turns back into direct motion. If this isn’t possible, choose shops with good after sales services.

Full Moon Predictions for Cancer:

Work and business matters receive some stressful energies from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Business partners, colleagues, bosses and legal matters will be the cause of it, most of the times. Your schedule, too, can become quite demanding. If possible, though, keep it flexible and make sure you don’t schedule more than you can achieve. Also, health and your emotional condition need some care and support.

Despite the stress on work matters, job interviews, job applications and job hunting receive mostly supportive energies. So, if you are looking for a job, this is a period you must do your best. Mercury turning into retrograde motion won’t affect this negatively, either. If anything, it will give more support to it. Also, social life and love life receive good energies.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo:

Love life needs some attention. Those in a search of a new love should be a bit more careful. Those searching sex-partners, too. If you are looking for a sex-partner while you are in a relationship with somebody else, even more so.

Work, on the other hand, can be quite stressful, at times, but it is successful and progresses nicely. Your income also receives beneficial influences, and if you avoid some luxury and unnecessary expenses, your finances have nothing to worry about. Finding a new job is possible and starting a new business receives support. To avoid the difficulties Retrograde Mercury will bring to that, try to make things happen before the 17th.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Your relationships and the matters of the heart are under the main focus of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. This doesn’t only refer to romantic relationships, of course. Friends, family, business partners, as well as your relationship with yourself, are all in this group. On the negative site, all these people can cause you some stress, occasionally. On the good side, all these relationships can become better and happier. Or get substituted by better and happier.

Love life, in particular receives quite good energies. Those already in a relationship will have a few stressful moments, as we’ve said, but mostly happy moments. Those searching for a relationship will enjoy good luck, almost throughout the whole period.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra:

This Full Moon is mostly beneficial, for everyone, including you, but it can become quite challenging, for you, at times. Health, for one, receives some stressful energies. It would be wise to rest as much as possible, relax as much as possible and take the best care of it. Some determination is necessary to achieve that, as obligations won’t leave you at peace. On the good side, all kinds of healing are more effective than usual, too.

Love life also receives some stress. Especially for those already in a relationship, or a marriage. Singles and those in a relatively fresh relationship won’t be affected much, for good or ill. Work and family also receive some stress, but there, the support is much stronger, so, things are proceeding as you’d like, but with some extra effort.

Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Health needs a good care and your attention, under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Avoid risky activities, too, as much as possible, and be more careful whenever you can’t avoid them. While driving, or in the streets, too. Vehicles can also be affected. Also, work seems to be more demanding and more difficult.

Despite the stress on work, co-operations and partnerships receive support. Forming new ones, too, seems auspicious and achievable. Also, social life seems pleasant and active. Love life even more so, on both accounts. Finding new friends, or new love interests is possible, for those seeking ones. The Retrograde Mercury can also be helpful on this.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Money and all financial matters receive much focus from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Most of it a beneficial one, too. Work can become more profitable. A pay rise, a bonus, and things like those are possible. Finding a new source of income, or an additional one, too. Family and your environment can also be supportive, on these matters, either directly, or via their acquaintances. In the same time, though, there is a tendency to spend more than you need to. Try to control that.

Family, although mostly supportive, it can cause you some stress and some discouragement, from time to time. In most cases, not enough to stop you from achieving what you really want. Also, work seems to be proceeding nicely.

Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

Home, friends, family and your environment, in general, can cause you some stress. In most cases, though, nothing too serious. But they can though you off track. So, keep your focus on what you want and need to do and prioritise on that. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t socialise. On the contrary. In fact, social life receives mostly pleasant energies. It gets more active and lively, too. Even more, through it, you can find support, inspiration and help, towards your goals. So, by all means, don’t avoid it. Just, schedule wisely.

Love life, also receives some good luck and some pleasant energies. Work, too, seems mostly pleasant. Sometimes, too busy, but mostly pleasant, nonetheless.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Money receives mostly beneficial and strengthening energies from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Long term financial planning and decisions are also supported. Your mind and intuition regarding such matters are quite sharp, too. Nonetheless, expenses need some control. Some of them you won’t be able to avoid, but whenever is possible, reduce them to what is necessary. Work can become a bit demanding. Profitable, but stressful. Other obligations can also become pressing.

Social life receives some obstacles. Plans and appointments can be cancelled and there may be some mess up with your schedule. Also, problems in your friendships can become a bit more obvious. Healing such problems, as well as healing of your soul, on the other hand, are quite effective.

Full Moon Predictions for Pisces:

Work and business matters receive some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Starting a new business, or finding a new job can be more challenging than you’d expect. In fact, it would be advisable to postpone starting a new business for when Mercury will turn back into direct motion. This, of course, depends on your individual case. If you have reasons to start now, make sure you have the time and energy you’ll need for it. Expense can also go out of your control, at times. Therefore, try to not waste your money on things you don’t need.

Nonetheless, your productivity is in a very good shape, and therefore, things are proceeding towards the right direction. Also, social life, both online and in person receives very good energies. Enjoying – maybe more than you’d expect – is both likely and advisable.

Astrology and Magic:

All magic is extra strong, during this period. Water magic receives an extra boosting.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon and this waning Moon period!

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