Choose an Ancient Ring

Choose an Ancient Ring

Rings have always been adorned and worn by most human beings since the dawn of civilization. There are many reasons why a ring is worn. And this is exactly the meaning of this article. As these ancient Rings have been worn for specific reasons they are drenched by a certain feeling – a vibe, a need! The light from these photos radiate the magical currents of the item like a Psychometric Test. So, choose an ancient Ring… and see what it means.

Rings in Magic

According to Magic, a ring is a symbol of power. It is associated with Time and the Wholeness because a circle is the ‘Perfect Shape’ of alchemists. The Ring is also associated with Uroboros, the snake that bites its tail. Witches, Wizards and alchemists now that each finger has a special association with a magical quality. See here more on how to Wear a Ring according to your need!

Choose an Ancient Ring…

Choose an Ancient Ring

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Clear your mind and choose instinctively a ring.

1. Memento Mori

This an ancient Ring worn in Roman Empire. As these rings were pretty common they feature the same pattern over and over again. Hence, you can see a skull on top and sometimes written the ‘mantra’ known in ancient Rome as “memento mori” which actually means “remember you will die one day”. Therefore, what you need to remember right now is to leave your life and free yourself from the prison of past traumas and disappointments. Nothing can truly hold you back apart from yourself. Move on!

2. Mood Ring

This was ring which utilised a thermochromic liquid crystal which changes from our body’s temperature. In the ancient times this was used to ‘monitor’ mood changes. Hence, what you are feeling right now is a need for balance as you may have noticed sever mood swings. Balance will come once you embrace your emotions. Do not fear yourself. Love yourself. Therefore, remember that your emotions are your secret power. Also, practice grounding!

3. Mourning Ring

You’ve chosen a classic mourning ring. Typically, this type of rings were created in remembrance of something or someone a person lost. Sometimes, the ring included a part of the person who died like some hair. Hence, you’ve probably chosen this ring as you still mourn for something, someone or a past trauma. What needs to be learned here is that in this Realm we may lose people, objects or get traumatised by accidents or hurtful situations. We should move on. However, nothing is lost as we are energy. Energy endures. We live on.

4. Portait Ring

You’ve chosen a ring which was made to immortalise the image of a very powerful person. This has not just to do with the looks. It has to do with power that this person enjoyed at the time of the ring’s forging. However, power – as the looks – can be temporary. You’ve probably chosen this ring as you would love to hold on to an image of yourself in the past. Hence, you need to understand that mortal power may come and go, but the true Power comes from the Spirit and it’s everlasting.

5. Torque

You’ve chosen an emblem of aristocratic descent. A torque was usually warn on the neck or arm to signify that this person is very important. Hence, you’ve probably chosen that ring to help you realise who unique and important you are. Throughout your incarnations you’ve reached high status as royal descendant or maybe as high Priest or Priestess. Remember how important you’ve been and channel this power right now in your life. You are important. Shine again!

6. Chastity Ring

This ring was given by religious groups to signify virginity – of course as a virtue. Virginity means that someone withholds something precious or sacrificed it for a greater good. Furthermore, it may mean initiation or transcendence. Hence, you’ve probably has chosen this ring to show that you feel like you’ve sacrificed something valuable for someone or for some purpose. Was it worth it?

7. Claddagh Ring

This is an ancient Irish & Celtic ring, a token and symbol of friendship or partnership (personal or professional). If you’ve chosen this ring something inside you needs to be expressed through your personal or professional relationships. On the other, you need to understand that you are sufficient yourself. You don’t need anybody. However, people around us are blessings disguised in easy and challenging relationships. In other words, although you are sufficient, it’s good to show and receive love!

8. Key Ring

You’ve chosen an ancient key ring from the Roman Empire. If you look closely you’ll realise a key integrated on the bezel. Romans used to carry this key with them to protect things and people that mattered to them the most. Hence, if you’ve chosen this ring, it may mean that you’ve hidden in your heart something very important for you. Either a memory or a secret feeling, you can’t easily let go. However, what you hide may also keep you behind from growing further. Hence, unlock your powers, set yourself free!

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