Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – 26 May 2021

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

General Predictions for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

On May the 26th, at 11:15 UT the Moon, from Sagittarius, accurately opposes the Sun, in Gemini, forming the Full Moon. This Full Moon is also called Flower Moon, and it is a Super Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse / Blood Moon.

An Eclipse always can put us out of balance, and this one stresses Jupiter, too. Nonetheless, the Retrograde activity, although not insignificant, it’s nowhere as strong as during 2020’s and 2019’s summer Eclipses, which also stressed other planets. So, be careful, be wise, but don’t be scared.

During this waning Moon period, at 22:34 UT of the 29th of May, Mercury, in Gemini, turns into retrograde motion. Therefore, along with Pluto and Saturn we’ll have three retrograde planets. Furthermore, Jupiter has significantly decreased its speed, and it will slow down even more so, as it’s going to turn retrograde during the coming waxing Moon period, on the eve of the Solstice. The same is true for Neptune, which, by the end of this fortnight will be almost stationary and it will turn Retrograde on the 25th of June. Thus, from all the slow moving planets, only Uranus is in normal speed and direct.

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Blood moon & Lunar eclipse is a time of powerful magic

not for the faint hearted!

Also, during this waning Moon period, only Venus changes its zodiac and enters Cancer, on the 2nd of June. By doing that, Cancer will have two planets on it, which will be the greatest gathering of planets in the zodiac, this year. This is not a very great focus of energies on the zodiac, but it’s one of the strongest periods for Cancer, so those born under the zodiac, those with their Ascendant there, and those with a strong Cancer in their natal charts should make the best use of the period, despite the Ecliptic.

This period won’t last long. The day after the coming Solar Eclipse Mars will leave the zodiac, ending this period. Another, more short-lived such period will come to pass between the 21st of June, when the Sun will enter the zodiac, and the 27th when Venus will exit it.

The inauspicious influences of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse:

Saturn squares Uranus. This is a years-long lasting square, and we’ll only comment on it when it’s very strong. From the beginning of January and until the end of July it will be so. During the period of this square we will feel we are lacking freedom. Now that Saturn is in Aquarius, this lack of freedom might be more lax, objectively, but in a personal level we might experience it more intensively. Especially for a month before and after this aspect becomes accurate.

Once again, the second time this is going to happen is the 14th of June. During this fortnight, when Saturn is Retrograde, Mercury’s blessing on Saturn has paused and it will barely start again on the 5th of June, while Mercury will be Retrograde, too, Venus’ blessing has ceased, and only the Sun’s blessing remains, things might feel more difficult than during the previous fortnight.

The Sun squares Jupiter since the 10th of May. The aspect became accurate on the 21st of May and it will remain active until the 1st of June. Depending on your good luck and a cosmic support is not advisable for the period. Manage your finances extra wisely and in a conservative manner. Expansions of any kind should be done in a slow pace and after thorough consideration. Jupiter’s square with the Sun usually gives extra difficulties and challenges, but it doesn’t stop progress, so do proceed, but wisely. And keep in mind that this time it might be a bit more challenging because of the Ecliptic period.

Mercury squares Neptune. This square is active from the 12th of May and became accurate on the 23rd of the month, when both planets were Direct. The aspect will remain active until the 13th of July. It will become accurate two more times, during the period of its activity. For the second time on the 5th of June, when Mercury will be Retrograde and Neptune Direct. For the third time on the 6th of July, when Mercury will be Direct and Neptune will be Retrograde.

During the long period of this square’s activity, communications, both via phone/email/etc and in person need more attention, as misunderstandings are easy to happen. Even more so because of the Ecliptic period. Magic casting, too, needs some more attention and alertness. Unless you really need to, avoid casting spells you are not familiar with, or with their kind.

Venus, too, squares Neptune. This one will be accurate on the 27th of May. It has started affecting us on the 20th of May and it will keep on affecting us until the 5th of June. This square can bring some tension in all our personal relationships. Romantic ones, too, of course, but not only them. A more open mind and some patience can help you avoid mistakes, misunderstandings and making things worse than they need to be.

Mars opposes Pluto. Accurately so on the 5th of June. This aspect is active since the 21st of May and until it will remain so until the 21st of June. During the period of this opposition’s activity, sex life receives some stress. Be extra careful with it. Health wise, too, but also choose wisely your partners. Furthermore, magic, although strong, needs much attention. This is even truer if you are working with spirits and the like. Keeping yourself protected, and cleansing your energies regularly can be of great help, too.

Furthermore, reduce drinking, smoking and the like. Be extra careful with your medication. Unless your doctor advises you otherwise, changing your prescription isn’t advisable. Avoid taking too many health supplements, too, and even more so new kinds of them.

Finally, the Sun squares Neptune. Accurately so on the 13th of June. This aspect will be active from the 4th of June and until the 24th of the month, a day before Neptune turns Retrograde. Amongst else, this square can cloud our rational thinking and our ability to objectively evaluate the situations. Therefore don’t react hastily, and keep an open mind.

The auspicious influences of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse:

Neptune’s years-long hexagon with Pluto continues gaining more power, by the day, as it is slowly closing up to its strongest point of the year, which will be in late June, right after Neptune turns Retrograde. Now that Pluto is Retrograde and Neptune is still direct, this hexagon becomes stronger more “rapidly”. As we’ve said, this blessing will remain – at least – quite strong until the end of the year. Furthermore, although this hexagon will be becoming stronger and weaker many times, without ever losing most of its strength, it won’t become accurate again until the 24th of July 2026. By then, though, both planets will have changed their zodiacs.

Amongst else, this hexagon empowers magic and helps us heal our souls, and our relationships. Physical healing, and especially via traditional methods, also receives some help. Progress in medicine and pharmacology, in a global level can still happen, although not as fast now. Breakthroughs might be rarer, but not insignificant. Since the beginning of May, since when this hexagon has become much stronger, and until July, some greater progress is to be expected.

On the 25th of April, Mercury accurately conjuncted Venus, in Taurus. This conjunction is active since the 15th of April and it will remain so until the 5th of June. It will become accurate for a second time during this fortnight, on the 29th of May, few hours before Mercury will turn Retrograde. The second accurate conjunction will take place in Gemini, of course. This surprisingly long-lived conjunction, amongst else, can help love and social life. This is a good period for expanding our social circle and meeting new people, whether this happens online, or not. After Mercury turns Retrograde it will be better to be a bit more careful, though. Also, this aspect can help us nourish and develop existing relationships and friendships.

Mars forms a hexagon with Uranus. This hexagon became accurate on the 12th of May, but it has started supporting us since the 24th of April. It will cease activity on the 30th of May. On the downside, this hexagon can make us impatient and reckless while trying to achieve something. On the good side, though, it will motivate us to change what we want to change. Therefore, try to avoid the negative side and make the most out of the beneficial one. Driving more carefully is also highly recommended.

Mercury forms a triangle with Saturn. This aspect became accurate on the 12th of May and paused its activity on the 24th of May. Now, this triangle will get reactivated on the 5th of June and it will remain active until the 5th of July. Nonetheless, it won’t become accurate again.

This triangle will support all meditative and visualisation techniques. Mantra chanting and affirmation repetitions will produce good results, too. It will also keep our thinking practical and clear. Especially until Mercury turns Retrograde.

The Sun, too, forms a triangle with Saturn. Accurately so on the 3rd of June. The triangle has started affecting us on the 24th of May and it will be blessing us until the 14th of June. This is Saturn’s most important stress-relief. Other than that, amongst else, it can help our efforts come to fruition.

Mars forms a triangle with Neptune. Accurately so on the 31st of May. This triangle is active since the 14th of May and it will remain so until the 16th of June, when Mars will be in Leo. This triangle gives a great boosting to magic. It can also force friendships and romantic relationships to evolve. This can also mean terminating some of those, though. In most cases, if this happens it’s because the relationship wasn’t healthy, but if you challenge your luck you might lose a good one, so don’t overreact to situations.

Also, Venus forms a triangle with Jupiter. This triangle will be active from the 27th of May until the 12th of June. It will become accurate on the 3rd of June. Love life receives much help from this aspect, although, because of the Ecliptic period some caution and some patience are advisable. Also, it can help all kinds of jobs and money making. Art, beauty and health related jobs and careers even more so.

Furthermore, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Accurately so on the 11th of June, when Mercury will be Retrograde. The aspect, though, will be active from the 4th of June and until 18th of the month. This aspect can help finances and bring some good luck on our social life. Nonetheless, the coming Solar Eclipse will strongly affect Mercury, so, some imbalance is possible. Watch out for it. On the bright side, with the right actions, we can initiate a 6 months long era of progress and advancement in those fields of our lives. Since Mercury will Retrograde for most of the period of this aspect’s activity and during the Solar Eclipse, old plans, or connections and things of the past might either come back to help and support us, or inspire our future plans. Avoid, of course, repeating mistakes.

Finally, Venus forms a hexagon with Uranus. The hexagon will be active from the 5th of June and until the 21st, and accurate on the 13th of the month. This, amongst else, can motivate us, inspire us and help us to find new ways of gaining an income, make new investments and change our financial policies. Usually it would bring the clarity of mind to make such decisions, too, but because of the Ecliptic period and the Retrograde Mercury joining the game after the New Moon, thinking things more thoroughly and carefully is highly advisable.

Overviewing the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

The retrograde activity becomes significantly stronger during this fortnight. The Lunar Eclipse and the coming Solar one both affect this period. On top of that the beneficial aspects don’t outnumber the stressful ones anymore, but they are at a balance. Therefore, things are getting somewhat more difficult. Act wisely, act carefully, avoid taking any risks, slower your pace, relax your schedule, but follow your plans.

Also, this is a mostly calm Lunar Eclipse, but the Mutable Cross will experience it more harshly than the rest. Furthermore, if you are not born in the Mutable Cross, but you have many planets there, including the Ascendant and the Midheaven, you might experience the Eclipse more harshly than the rest of your zodiac. The Mutable Cross is consisted by Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Aries:

Travelling is not advisable during an Ecliptic period for anyone, but this is even truer for you. If you don’t need to travel, avoid it completely. Affairs with people from other countries and places, including personal and professional ones, also receive some stress. Furthermore, legal issues can become more pressing and stressful. Such issues are trying to get resolved. The procedure might be stressful, but the outcome can be either the desirable one, or not. The Lunar Eclipse can also cause some problems to family members and, thus, indirectly stress you. Nonetheless, most of the energies affecting family are beneficial, so things are more likely to be less serious than they look.

Studies and spiritual life, too, receive some stress, from the Lunar Eclipse. Changes, there, are possible. This might start now, but the process might be completed during the coming months. Your mood needs some support, too. Despite all that, your productivity is quite good. Also social life seems active and pleasant. This is a good period for finding new friends and other interesting, or useful people.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Taurus:

Vehicles and communication equipment receive stress from this Lunar Eclipse. Repairs and replacement of some of those might become necessary. If not, avoid purchasing such things during the Ecliptic period, tough. In fact, if possible, don’t proceed to such purchases until late July to early August, if possible. Other than such kind of unexpected expenses, money receives mostly supportive energies. A wiser handling of it is advisable, and the situations in your financial affairs might become unbalances, but, overall, your financial situation improves, even after Venus enters Cancer.

Health needs some extra care under the influences of this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Existing health issues can stress you. Imaginary ones, too. There may be some reminders of death, too. Those can be accidents, or near accidents, serious, or seemingly serious health issues of friends and relatives, or other events and situations that help you realise that life is fragile. And that’s exactly what the stars are telling you, more so than, “Hey, watch your health!” They are actually trying to remind you you need to live your life. Of course, do so carefully during the Ecliptic period. On the good news, social life seems more active and productive. Your own productivity seems strong, too.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Gemini:

Although this Lunar Eclipse is not a very stressful one, it happens in your axis and, therefore, it affects you strongly. Make sure you relax your schedule, as much as possible, and take things easy. Taking good care of yourself throughout the Ecliptic period is highly advisable. Health receives some extra stress, too. Don’t take it lightly, but with proper care it will be good. If you are facing problems, they can get resolved. Love life, too, receives stress from this Lunar Eclipse. For strong and healthy relationships, this is an opportunity to spot problems and heal them. On the other hand, for not so healthy relationships, a break up is possible. For singles, romantically interesting people might appear. That’s good, of course, but keep in mind that everything that shines isn’t necessarily gold, but it isn’t necessarily not-gold, either. So, proceed wisely, one way or the other.

Finances and their affairs receive some stress, too, and a wiser managing is advisable. Problematic decisions and policies might become apparent. This might happen because of stress they produce, in some cases, but, nevertheless, it can help you correct those policies and decisions. Despite the Eclipse and its stress, there is much power on your zodiac and this will remain the case even after Venus exits it. Therefore, your self-confidence remains strong and you get things done.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Cancer:

Health receives some stress, from this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse and needs some better care. In most cases, though, health issues you’ve neglected, or didn’t know of surface, or problems caused by your recent lifestyle become noticeable, rather than new problems appearing. Changes in your diet and other health related habits might also occur, or get initiated, and they will follow you for some months. On top of those, driving more carefully and being more careful when engaging in dangerous activities is advisable. The same is true for family members. Work, too, can be more problematic and changes there can happen. Those changes might not be bad, but the procedure can be stressful.

Although this Lunar Eclipse is calmer than the previous ones, all Eclipses affect you in a personal level, because the ruler of your horoscope is stressed by them. Therefore, it’s advisable to take it slowly, and find some time to rest and relax. On the bright side, your magical and spiritual abilities are extra strong throughout the fortnight. It’s also a good period to heal and re-define yourself.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Leo:

Health and healing seem strong enough, but health does receives some stress from this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, so don’t take risks. Instead, rest and relax as much as possible and take good care of your health. Monitor well your energy levels, too, to avoid exhaustion. Driving more carefully is also advisable, for you and for your close relatives. Similarly, be extra careful if you are facing important health issues, or you are pregnant, to make sure things will advance nicely. If you are having difficulties in your efforts to get pregnant, by the way, this period might be a lucky one. Children Leos and children of Leos can experience this Lunar Eclipse more stressfully than adults. If you have kids, they might stress you, of course, due to their stress.

Work can face some difficulties and especially when it comes to partners and colleagues and your relationship with them, but work receives quite supportive energies and things are proceeding towards the desirable results. Successes, there, are feasible, despite the chaos. Your productivity is good, too. Once again, though, don’t overestimate your energy levels. Love and social life, too, seem mostly pleasant.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Virgo:

This is a mostly calm Lunar Eclipse, but you are one of the zodiacs that it affects more strongly than the rest. The Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, in the sky, along with your Natal Sun form a Grand Cross, after all. Therefore, slow down your pace, rest a lot, relax a lot and relax your schedule as much as possible. Repairs at home might become necessary. In some cases, even for problems you had no idea of. Also, computers, smartphones and the like might need repairs, or replacement. Backing up your important files is also advisable. If you don’t need to change this kind of equipment, though, do not do so during the Ecliptic period.

Family can also stress you. This might be because of problems and issues family members are going through, or simply because they demand more of your time, attention and care. Regardless, situations at home can become more intense. Friendships, too, can cause you some stress. This, too, can simply be because of issues and problems your friends are going through, or because of problems in your friendships. In the later case, good friendships will become stronger, once those issues get resolved. On the bright side, love life seems mostly pleasant regardless the stresses of the Eclipse. Your creativity and your professional life, too, receive a boosting. The latter, though, can stress your health, so, be careful and wise.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Libra:

Vehicles and communication equipment receive stressful energies from this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Repairs and replacement of them might become necessary. If it isn’t necessary, though, avoid purchasing such things for now. Driving more carefully is also advisable. Also, pay more attention at your communications to avoid misunderstandings and other problems. Studies, too, receive some stress. Things can change, there. In most cases the whole procedure of the change is the stressful part, while the change itself seems more likely to be a beneficial one, whether it happens by choice, or you are forced to it. Work, too, receives some stress and the situations, there, can change significantly. Once again, though, in most cases when the changes are completed, things will be better than now. Money needs a wiser handling, but it is hardly affected by this Lunar Eclipse.

Health seems better. It can worry you, but if you are careful and take good care of yourself, you are unlikely to face you problems. Old ones can have good developments, too. Love life seems mostly pleasant, but your other half can face some challenges and those can affect their mood and, therefore, the situations in your relationship. If so, exercise some patience and things will be good.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Scorpio:

Travelling is never recommended during an Ecliptic period and this is truer for you. If you need to travel it would be better to do so around the 1st to 3rd of June, if possible. Also, finances receive some stress from this Lunar Eclipse. Not only does the Eclipse happen in your money house, but it also stresses the ruler of this house. Therefore be extra wise with money. As otherwise money receives mostly beneficial energies, though, it’s more likely you’ll get through this easily, if you are careful. In the same time, the Eclipse can reveal mistakes concerning your investments and financial policies and, maybe, you’ll rearrange your financial plans for the coming months.

Day-to-day work doesn’t get affected by the Eclipse, but career does. Career changes are possible and, in some cases, they might come forcefully. The same can be true for your children and younger relatives. In most cases, despite the stress, those changes are beneficial ones in the long run. Students can also change schools, courses, teachers, etc. There, too, this is for the best. Finally, your spiritual life and your philosophy and ideas get tested and this can change your path.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Sagittarius:

Health seems sensitive under the influences of this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. It has been sensitive already, but even more so now. Relaxing your schedule, resting well and taking the best possible care of yourself are highly advisable. Health scares and thoughts of death, caused by events or not, can also occur. In any case, do ask the advise of your doctor if such things happen. Not only the Lunar Eclipse is happening on your zodiac, but it also stresses the ruler of your horoscope. Therefore this Eclipse affects you strongly in many ways. Having a more flexible schedule can help you deal with whatever comes your way.

Under the influences of the Eclipse you redefine yourself. This might be as simple as a change in your appearance and your clothes, or as great as changing your whole philosophy. These changes will take some months to be completed, and, by then, a new Eclipse (the Solar Eclipse of the 4th of December) will re-energise the process. That one will be the last Eclipse happening in your axis for many years. Also, computers, smartphones and the like receive some stressful energies. Repairs and replacements might become necessary. Backing up your important files is also advisable.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Capricorn:

Love life receives some stress, from this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. This affects mostly those already in a relationship, rather than those seeking one. The latter, actually, might have some pleasant encounters. If this is your case, then be a little more reluctant and wise in your decisions, but if things feel right, by all means proceed. Those in a relationship can see the problems in it becoming more intense. Partly because of issues your significant other one is facing. Strong relationships are not in any danger. Be more patient, be more supportive and consider this as a way to see the problems more clearly and find how to solve them, permanently.

Dream life can become quite intense and vivid throughout the period and, even more so closer to the Lunar Eclipse. Nonetheless, those dreams are mostly hints of what you need to heal in your soul, or what your mind needs to get rid of, rather than prophetic ones. Spiritual life, in general gets activated, peacefully, or not. Work might be a bit out of balance, but most aspects affecting it are good, so things are good, there and progress is happening. It’s also a helpful period for finding a new job.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Aquarius:

The sky strengthens your health, but the Eclipse stresses it quite a bit, so do take proper care of your health during this fortnight and the whole Ecliptic period. Rest a lot, relax your schedule, slower your pace… do the best you can do. The fact that the sky helps your health shows that with proper care no serious conditions will occur, as well as that existing ones can have good developments. But, once again, with proper care. Work, too, receives some stress from the Eclipse and situations, there, can become quite chaotic. Job changes, too, are possible. Work and money, too, receive the support of the planets, and, therefore, those challenges can be stressful while they are happening, but things proceed towards the right direction, while any job changes will be good ones.

Also, your friendships and your social circle receives some stress from this Eclipse. The lack of desirable friends can affect your mood more than it should. Also, problems in existing friendships might become more intense. This should be considered as an opportunity to notice them and heal them. Or, if the friendship itself is the problem, it’s time for you, to leave it behind you. Computers, smartphone and the internet can also cause you some stress, or inconvenience. Back up your important files and update your antivirus, and be extra cautious about what you share online and things like those.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Pisces:

This Lunar Eclipse is relatively calm, but for you it is not as calm. Still, easier than most of the Eclipses of the previous two years. Therefore be extra cautious, but don’t get scared. Pay much attention to your health. Rest properly, relax a lot and reduce your schedule, as much as possible. In fact, the latter can be the most difficult part, as work seems demanding and stressful. Job changes and even career changes are possible. Smaller scale changes in the field can happen, too. The way you deal with your work and the value you give it can also change. Also, friends, children, parents, siblings and relatives, people, in general, you care about, can face much stress and some difficult situations and this can cause you some additional stress.

Love life might also receive some stress from the Lunar Eclipse, but it receives much support, too, so act wisely and things will be okay. Regardless, the Eclipse’s stress, this is a productive, creative and beneficial period. Things are not easy and they might proceed more slowly than you’d like, but make sure you achieve as much progress as possible. Your co-ruler and ruler of your career, Jupiter, will be turning Retrograde by the end of the Ecliptic period (on the 20th of June) and and then, things will become more challenging.

Astrology and Magic:

All magic is extra strong during this fortnight. Nonetheless, avoid anything that requires the interaction with spirits and the like, unless you know very well what you are doing.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period!

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