Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – 19 November 2021

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

General Predictions for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus:

On November the 19th, at 08:57 UT, the Moon, from Taurus, accurately opposes the Sun, in Scorpio, forming the Full Moon. This Full Moon is also the Beaver Moon, and it is a Partial (almost Total) Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse signifies the beginning of a new Ecliptic era, although the coming Solar one will be the last of the current era.

For an Eclipse to occur it’s needed for a Full Moon (for Lunar Eclipses) or a New Moon (for Solar Eclipses) to happen, while the Moon conjuncts, or opposes the Lunar Nodes. Right now the Lunar Nodes are still in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, but barely. That’s why an Eclipse happens in the next axis, and that’s why the two Eclipses of this period happen in a different axis. On December the 23rd the Lunar Nodes will enter the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and they will remain there until the 13th of July 2023. Until then, all Eclipses will be happening in the Taurus-Scorpio axis.

The Lunar Eclipse affects significantly, but beneficially, Pluto and, also significantly, but stressfully so, Jupiter. Because of these, the Eclipse will be more challenging and it will have some long lasting after-effects that will follow us for six months.

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Now, during this waning Moon period, the Sun changes its zodiac and enters Sagittarius on the 22nd of the month. Two days later, on the 24th, Mercury does the same. This way, the focus on Scorpio stops, while Sagittarius receives the greatest focus of planetary energies of the year. This period will last until the Sun enters Capricorn, on the 21st of December. By then, Mercury will have already entered Capricorn, but on the very same day of this change, Mars will enter Sagittarius. But these will happen on the waxing fortnight.

So, Sagittarius is strong, now, and, despite the stress on the ruler of your zodiac by the Eclipse, it’s a promising period for you. Difficult, but promising. From the New Moon onwards, the two planets in Sagittarius will start attracting Jupiter’s blessing in your zodiac. Therefore the next fortnight can be even more promising, but at the same time, more challenging, as the Solar Eclipse will occur in your zodiac. Those of you born around the 7th of December, though, will start experiencing Jupiter’s blessings during this fortnight, too.

Capricorn, too, becomes stronger, as it also has two planets, there, and they will conjunct each other. During the next fortnight it will become even stronger. Furthermore, as Venus trines Uranus, in Taurus, Earth, in general gets stronger.

Finally, on the 1st of December, at 13:22 UT, Neptune turns back into direct motion. After then, only Uranus, from the major planets, will be Retrograde, along with Chiron. The latter will turn back into direct motion on the day of the next Full Moon, while Uranus will turn Direct on January.

The inauspicious influences of the Lunar Eclipse:

Saturn’s and Uranus’ square is quite strong, and it’s getting stronger by the day. It will become accurate for the third time this year on the 24th of December. As we’ve said, this is a years-long aspect and it won’t completely cease affecting us until January 2023, so we comment on it when it’s strong enough. The Lunar Eclipse barely stresses this square, so we might experience it equally strongly as during the coming fortnight.

Amongst else, this square gives us a sense, objective or not, of lack of freedom. It restricts us and makes us feel changing the situations is quite hard, or out of our hands. As the Eclipses forces us to act rapidly and be flexible, a strong such square can build up more tension in our lives. Therefore, during this period, we need to be as calm as possible. Dedicate some time on meditation, or other relaxation techniques, if possible.

Also, Mars squares Saturn. The aspect became accurate on the 10th of November, and was activated on the 27th of October. It will remain active until the 27th of November. Health needs some extra attention, under the influences of this square. Especially so for the zodiacs of the Fixed Cross: Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo. Also, turning plans in to reality will, most probably, need some extra effort. Avoid unnecessary quarrels as much as possible, too, but some might be unavoidable.

Furthermore, Mars opposes Uranus. This aspect was activated on the New Moon and it will remain active until the 1st of December. It became accurate on the 17th of November. Amongst else, this aspect can stress online businesses, and, also, electronic and electric devises can be challenged.

Also, the Sun squares Jupiter, since the 6th of November. The aspect became accurate on the 15th of November and it will be affecting us until the 26th of the month. Depending on good luck is not advisable, under the influences of this square. Avoid spending money you consider “as good as yours” before you actually receive it, too.

Similarly, Mercury squares Jupiter. This square will be accurate on the 20th of November. It’s active, though, since the 15th and until the 27th of the month. Trade and international trade, even more so, can face some extra challenges, under the influences of this square.

On the day of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, Mars, too, starts squaring Jupiter. The aspect will be active until the 27th of December and accurate on the 8th of December. This square, amongst else, can bring some extra tension in our personal and professional relationships. It can also bring some tension in international relationships.

Mercury squares Neptune. Accurately so on the 7th of December. The aspect will be active from the 2nd of December and until the 14th. Although it won’t affect much this waning fortnight, it might bring some confusion and some extra misunderstandings. Especially so as the influences of both Eclipses will be active at the period of influence of this square during this fortnight.

The Sun, too, squares Neptune. Accurately so on the 12th of December. This square will be active from the 2nd of December and until the 22nd. Emotional balance might more difficult to maintain, under the influences of this square. Especially so as the coming Solar Eclipse will slightly stress Neptune, too.

The auspicious influences of the Lunar Eclipse:

Neptune’s years-long hexagon with Pluto is slowly getting weaker, but it still has enough strength. As we’ve said, this blessing will remain – at least – quite strong until the end of the year. Furthermore, although this hexagon will be becoming stronger and weaker many times, without ever losing most of its strength, it won’t become accurate again until the 24th of July 2026. By then, though, both planets will have changed their zodiacs.

Amongst else, this hexagon empowers magic and helps us heal our souls, and our relationships. Physical healing, and especially via traditional methods, also receives some help. Progress in medicine and pharmacology, in a global level can still happen, although not as fast now. Breakthroughs might be rarer, but not insignificant.

Also, Venus forms an imperfect hexagon with Mars. Now, and until the 4th of December it’s almost perfect. This hexagon, though, will remain active until the the 24th of December. Amongst else, this hexagon can support love life, and all our efforts regarding it. As Mars is in Scorpio and, even more so, now, when Pluto and Neptune are supporting this hexagon, love magic, too, receives support.

The Sun forms a hexagon with Pluto. Accurately so on the 16th of November. The aspect will be active from the 7th and until the 27th of the month. This aspect, too, can support magic. Also, it can support all healing procedures.

Mercury, too, forms a hexagon with Pluto. Accurately so on the 21st of November. The aspect is active since the 16th of November and it will remain so until the 27th of the month. Amongst else, this aspect empowers magic and, also, all healing techniques. More strongly, meditative and energy ones.

Similarly, Mars, too, forms a hexagon with Pluto. Accurately so on the 6th of December. This one will be active from the 22nd of November and until the 21st of December. This hexagon can support Fire Magic. It can also support sex life. Nonetheless, be extra careful with those, as the energies of the Eclipses can interfere.

Also, Mercury forms a triangle with Neptune. The triangle is active since the 13th of November and became accurate on the eve of this Full Moon, the 18th of the month. It will remain active until the 24th of November. This triangle can help us solve issues and problems in our personal relationships. Make good use of this blessing. The energies of the Eclipse will handicap it, but it will still be there to support our efforts.

Furthermore, Mars, too, forms a triangle with Neptune. This one will be accurate on the 29th of November and it is active since the 15th of November. It will remain active until the 14th of December. Amongst else, this triangle can help us expand our social circle. Some caution is advisable, because of the energies of the Eclipses. At the same time, though, these energies can boost the effects of this triangle.

Venus forms a triangle with Uranus. This triangle is active since the 9th of November and it will remain so until the 3rd of December. It becomes accurate on the day of this Lunar Eclipse, on the 19th of November. This triangle can help love life, as well as finding a new love. The Eclipse affects it, neither too strongly, nor too weakly, and both beneficially and stressfully so. Therefore, in some cases, this triangle can produce extraordinary results. Not necessarily as promising as they look at first sight, though. Nonetheless, the triangle is a beneficial aspect, so something good will come out of them.

Also, Mercury conjuncts the Sun. This aspect will become accurate on the 29th of November, when both planets will be in Sagittarius. Nonetheless, it has started affecting us on the 13th of November, when both planets were still in Scorpio. The aspect will cease its activity on the 17th of December. By then, Mercury will be in Capricorn. This conjunction can support, trade, all kinds of communication and, also, all kinds of businesses. It’s an important blessing as it will calm down some of the effects of the Eclipses, too.

Mercury forms a hexagon with Saturn. Accurately so on the 30th of November. The aspect will be active from the 24th of November and until the 7th of December. Meditative techniques, as well as mantra chanting receive a boosting from this hexagon. It can also help us reduce any misunderstandings the Eclipses can cause, if we keep a calm and clear mind.

Similarly, the Sun forms a hexagon with Saturn. This one will also become accurate on the 30th of November. It will be active from the 21st of November and until the 11th of December. Amongst else, this hexagon can support all our efforts. It doesn’t really bring in good luck, but it makes helps our efforts have better results, which can feel like good luck, at times.

Also, Venus forms a hexagon with Neptune. This will become accurate for the first time on the 30th of November. The aspect is active since the eve of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse and it will remain active until the 26th of January. Then it will pause its activity until the 3rd of February. The hexagon will stop affecting us on the 9th of March, 2022.

Amongst else, this surprising long-lived hexagon will support love life, social life, all kinds of healing and beautification, as well as all forms of artistic creativity.

Finally, Venus conjuncts Pluto. Accurately so, for the first time, on the 11th of December. The aspect will be active from the 23rd of November and until the 13th of January, 2022. Then again, from the 18th of February and until the 15th of March. Amongst else, this conjunction can support love life. Especially so for Taurus, Cancer and Virgo. During the whole December the aspect will be pretty strong, as it will become accurate again on the 25th.

As love magic, beautification magic and health and healing magic receive a strong boosting from this conjunction, and the Solstice falls when the aspect deviates less than a degree from perfection, such kind of spells will be extra strong on this Solstice.

Overviewing the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus:

Overall this is a challenging, but not necessarily bad Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Retrograde activity is reduced and there are plenty of beneficial aspects. The problem, other than the imbalance of the Eclipse, is that Pluto is overly charged, which can force our inner sorrows, regrets and emotional problems to become more vivid, or act up. At the same time, most of the beneficial aspects are hexagons which, in order to produce their best results, need inner balance and motivation. So, do your best to keep a positive outlook and support your inner harmony and things won’t be bad, despite the Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Aries:

Finances receive much stress from this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Mistakes in your financial policies can become more obvious, for you to correct. It won’t be that easy. On the bright side, tough, the beneficial impact the Eclipse has on Pluto shows that, with wise decision making, you can benefit your finances a lot in the long run. This is not a good period for making significant and big purchases of any kind. Postpone those for after the 4th of December, at the very least, or after the 19th of December, even better, if possible. This is a period you should find ways to cut expenses, as well as for making better use of your resources.

The stress on Jupiter can cause some problems and changes in schools and studies. Changing of schools, teachers, courses and the like is possible. As most of the aspects affecting these fields of your life are beneficial, though, these changes, stressful as they might be, they are good ones. Other than those, the Lunar Eclipse mostly stresses you via problems in family and your close environment.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Taurus:

This Lunar Eclipse is happening in your zodiac and, therefore, it can’t be too kind to you. On top of the Eclipse, Uranus, in your zodiac, is getting stronger, for good and ill, and also, the ruler of your 8th house, Jupiter, is stressed by the Eclipse. Therefore, a “metamorphosis” can be initiated by this Lunar Eclipse, but it might be initiated by stressful events. In the coming months you’ll change the way you treat and see yourself, and the way you want others to see you. Health isn’t directly affected, but take things as easy as possible during the fortnight.

Your love planet, Pluto, is also affected by the Eclipse, but beneficially so. Venus and Mars in a harmonious cooperation support Pluto, too. Therefore, love will play an important role in your life, whether you are single or not. Redefining love and what you expect from it is what happening. Existing good relationships might go through a stressful face as new a new balance is being created (or should be created). They’ll become better and more fulfilling, afterwards. Similarly, problematic relationships can end, as they don’t represent what love needs to mean for you. Singles should make clear to themselves what they want and focus on that, as the Eclipse (and the coming six months) can bring you the kind of relationship you focus on, which might, then, become the lesson of what you don’t want. Important friendships might go through a similar reform.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Gemini:

Health receives some stress from this Lunar Eclipse. Pluto, the ruler of your health, is affected, after all. But, as we’ve said, beneficially so. Therefore, pay attention to your heath, take good care of it, seek the advice of your doctor, if any issue occurs, and things will be good. In fact, in the long run, the Eclipse will guide you to an overall better health. The planetary influences on health are both beneficial and stressful ones, but the stressful ones will become much weaker after the 27th of the month. At the same time, healing is strong. Therefore, some unexpected, or unexpectedly good developments might happen in existing health issues.

A word of warning, though. Although your Health Planet is mostly beneficial charged, and so is your House of Health, from the 24th three planets will be in stressful alignment with your zodiac and the coming Solar Eclipse will happen on your axis, therefore, don’t get too brave too soon with your health. Similarly, work can be challenged, but proceeds successfully, regardless. Love, too, is challenged by the Lunar Eclipse, mostly because of the stress the Eclipse causes on your Love Planet. Be more patient with your other half, react calmly and things can become pretty good. After all, most influences on love matters are pleasant ones.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Cancer:

Health needs some extra care and attention, under the influences of this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Especially so because the Eclipse stresses your planet of health, Jupiter. The stress on it is not too strong, and the other planetary influences benefit health – even more so after the 22nd – so, with proper care things will be good. Relax your schedule, rest properly, eat properly and avoid any dangerous activities, if possible, or be more cautious while doing them, if you can’t avoid them. Needless to say, if you encounter any health issues, seek the advice of your doctor. Similarly, work can become more stressful and troublesome, but it proceeds well.

Avoid purchasing high-tech equipment this fortnight, if not necessary. Back up your files, update your antivirus, be extra careful online and take any similar precaution. Even then, though, some inconveniences might come from there. Friends and acquaintances, too, can cause you some stress. The Lunar Eclipse affects Pluto, and, therefore, challenge your sense of joy in your life. What really makes you happy and what not? Do you feel happy and what can you do to become happier? Hints to answer such questions will be given to you. Not necessarily in a pleasant way. But as the impact on Pluto is supportive, the Eclipse promises you can make your life happier in the coming months. Existing love relationships might be tested because of this, but love life receives mostly supportive energies, so expect good things, there.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Leo:

Work, career and businesses matters receive some stress from this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Existing problems there can become more intense, while new can occur. Changes of jobs can also occur. There are some beneficial planetary influences affecting these matters, too, so things won’t become too challenging, in most cases, if you keep a calm and clear mind. Your emotional condition and your spirituality can also be challenged. This, unpleasant as it might be, is a good opportunity to heal your soul and correct your spiritual path. Dream life can also be more vivid and, in most cases, unpleasantly so. Don’t give too much gravity to those dreams. They are hints of things you need to heal inside you, rather than omens for the future.

As the ruler of your House of Joy, Jupiter, is affected and stressfully so, everything that brings joy in your life, including love, children and hobbies can bring in some stress. At the same time, though, this is a helpful period to realise what makes you happy and try to make room for that in your life, during the coming months. Jupiter is generous, even when it’s stressed. Therefore, do your best to understand and follow the hints and your life can become much more fulfilling in the coming months.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Virgo:

This Lunar Eclipse impacts Pluto, but beneficially so. Therefore it forces you to focus on joy, in all its forms. It might help you, or force you, to cut off of your life whatever restricts your joy, as well as to understand what makes you happy. Love life, too, can be affected because of this. Unsatisfactory relationships might be in danger, but good ones might become even better. Finding a new relationship is also possible. Home and family, too, can cause you some stress, as Jupiter is affected by the Eclipse, but most planetary influences on this field of your life are beneficial. Therefore, the Lunar Eclipse can also help you – maybe not so kindly – to establish a better balance, there and a better environment.

Friendships can be tested, while, at the same time, friends can stress you because of issues they are facing. Most, but not all, influences on social life are beneficial ones. Therefore, good friendships are more likely to get better. Nonetheless, be patient and avoid adding oil to the fire. Furthermore, health seems sensitive and needs some better care and attention. Avoid any dangerous activities, as much as possible, and be extra careful when driving, too.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Libra:

Finances receive some stress from this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Even more so because of the impact of the Eclipse on Pluto. As we’ve said, this is a beneficial impact, so be careful and wise with money and your financial affairs and, in the long run, you can improve your financial condition. Work proceeds quite well, despite any stress, there, so things won’t be too difficult towards that end. Job, or career changes might happen, but as the planetary influences on these fields of your life are good, they will be good changes. It’s possible for unemployed to find a job, too.

Communications and communication equipment receive some stress from this Lunar Eclipse and phones and the like might act oddly, or need repairs, or replacement. Pay extra attention to emails and other forms of communications, too. Vehicles, too, can be affected in a similar way. Other than those current love, family and your environment might cause you some stress. Finally, dream life can be challenged, as well as your emotional condition. Don’t give too much credit to unpleasant dreams and support your mood and things can become even better.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Scorpio:

This Lunar Eclipse is happening in your axis and the Ruler of your zodiac is affected (but thankfully beneficially so). Therefore, it won’t be easy on you. Relaxing your schedule and taking good care of yourself and your health is advisable. Money, too, receives some stress, as your Money Planet is affected, too, but as most influences on money are beneficial ones, with some wisdom, things won’t be bad, and they can even get better. In fact, you can initiate a period of financial growth, too.

Love can be challenged by the Lunar Eclipse. Especially for those already in a relationship and, even more so, in a long-standing one. The Eclipse can force problems in the relationship to become more intense. Take the opportunity to heal such problems. Right at the end of the Ecliptic Period your love planet will turn Retrograde and what you haven’t resolved now might come back to hunt you. Good and mostly healthy relationships might also face some stress, mostly because of issues your other half is going through. Those seeking a new relationship, on the other hand, might get lucky and even unexpectedly so. Finally, your productivity and creativity are quite strong.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Sagittarius:

The Eclipse stresses the governor of your zodiac, Jupiter, not too strongly, but significantly so. Therefore, it can’t be too gentle to you. Relax your schedule, take good care of yourself and things will be easier. A change in your image, as well as in the way you live your life might happen. This might include health-related habits. Health itself is sensitive, but not necessarily bad. Take good care of it, ask the advice of your doctor, if you encounter any issue, and avoid, if possible, any dangerous activities. The Eclipse can give you some hints on how to benefit and strengthen your health in the long run. Do pay attention to these hints, but proceed cautiously and according to your doctor’s advices. After all, the stress in health is a long-term influence.

Work, too, receives some stress from this Eclipse and things there might change in unpredictable ways. Job changes are possible, too. Finances might get affected, as well, but most planetary influences on the matter are beneficial. Therefore, be wise with your money and it’s unlikely you’ll encounter any big problems, there. After the 23rd, money receives more support, too.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Capricorn:

This Lunar Eclipse is not to harsh on you – or the Cardinal Cross, actually – but as it affects Pluto in your zodiac, and via Pluto, probably, Venus, too, it won’t hurt to take things easy. Relax your schedule, rest a lot, take good care of yourself as much as possible and things will be better. Children and children figures in your life can be affected strongly by the Eclipse and this will stress you, in return. Romantic relationships, too can be affected. In most cases, though, it’s not a problem in the relationship, but problems in the life of your loved one. To what degree you both will allow this to affect the relationship is what will determine whether the relationship itself is affected. Otherwise, though, this waning Moon period supports love and it is possible for those seeking a new love to find one.

The Lunar Eclipse, not necessarily in a pleasant way, will try to teach you how to make your life happier. Take notes and the advice, and do what you can to that end. Finances receive some stress, but things there are getting better. Avoid any big, or unnecessary expenses, as well as of high-tech equipment and things will get better. Especially so after the 27th.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Aquarius:

Home and family can cause you some stress, under the influences of this this Lunar Eclipse. Repairs at home “repairs” in the family relationships might become necessary. Work, career and businesses matters, too, receive some stress. There are plenty beneficial aspects affecting these matters of your life and Pluto, your Career Planet is beneficially affected by the Eclipse, so things might become challenging and stressful, but the results will be good ones, in the long run. Health, too, needs some extra care and attention. From the 24th onwards, though, you might feel its effect on health declining. Don’t get too brave too soon regarding health as a Solar Eclipse is coming on the 4th of December (although kinder for you than this one).

Computers, phones and the like might also inconvenience you. Replacements and repairs might become necessary. If not, avoid doing such things during this fortnight. Backing up your files, updating your antivirus and being more careful online are good tactics, too. Social life might be affected, too, and changes, pleasant and unpleasant ones, in your social circle might happen in the coming months. Nonetheless, this is a helpful period for expanding your social circle and your online audience.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Pisces:

Career receives some stress from this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Especially so as it stresses your career planet, Jupiter. Problems, there, as well as changes in your career can occur. As there is a great planetary focus on the matter and most of it beneficial, these changes, unpleasant and stressful as they might be while happening, they will be beneficial ones, in the long run. Also, studies and spirituality are affected by this Lunar Eclipse. Changes of schools, teachers and even a change in your life philosophy might happen. The latter is not a bad thing, but it usually isn’t initiated by pleasant events, so it might give you some stress. Regarding studies and the like, choose new schools, teachers and courses wisely, to avoid ending up in a similar situation as your current one.

Travelling and vehicles receive some stress from this Lunar Eclipse, too. Avoid travelling, if you don’t need to. Phones and communication equipment, as well as communications also are tested. Friends, acquaintances, as well as children, or children figures in your life can also stress you, because of issues and problems in their lives. Regardless the stress, though, social life seems mostly pleasant.

Astrology and Magic:

Magic gets very strong under the influences of this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Keep in mind, though, under the direct effects of the Eclipse, it can be quite difficult to control, too.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period!

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