Your Shadow Archetype based on your Zodiac Sign

Your Shadow Archetype based on your Zodiac Sign

Your Shadow is one of the most important bodies you possess. You see, according to ancient Egyptians and of course Witchcraft, we possess several bodies. Hence, besides our physical body, we’ve got an immortal soul, our astral body and our Shadow (amongst others). To better understand your shadow, imagine all the qualities you possess but you consciously avoid to accept and/or embrace them. Therefore, your shadow archetype describes your potential that is hidden beyond your fear to accept your wholeness.

In our School of Witchcraft, Davina explains in detail what your Shadow is and how to recognise and also work with it. But for now let’s focus on your shadow archetype. We’ve seen in detail the Shadow Element you are born with. Now, it’s time to proceed with your Shadow Archetype.

Shadow Elements and Shadow Archetypes are original work of Magical Recipes Online. Share the wisdom with mention. Blessed be

Aries: the Traitor

Pride and might is what fuels the vital energy of Aries. It is almost impossible not to find an Aries who can always find something they are proud of what they’ve succeeded. They are the heroes of the Zodiac. A true Aries can sacrifice him/herself for others. However, there are times, dark times, when fear wins that they think of unspeakable things for them. Aries have strong moral codes and when they think of breaking them – this terrifies them. It terrifies the fact from a beloved warrior they can turn to a traitor. These dark thoughts become a burden for them.

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You have to understand that fearing of something restrains your creativity. Also, it might attract it too – because remember. What we strongly fear – we usually attract too! Hence, please stop being afraid you might betray someone, because you end up betraying yourself. Accept the fact that as human you may think or ask mistakenly. Don’t be afraid of that moment. Of course take precautions but also be ready to fix it. Embrace the dark archetype within you!

Taurus: the Betrayed one

Sharing and giving has always been your rule. What you ask for is probably humanely impossible. Unconditional acceptance, love and attention? Really? Deep inside you know that what you ask is too much, but it’s probably the closest we have to divine. Remember, humans are divine in nature but also live in divinely beautiful yet faulty world at the same time. Sometimes, we make wrong choices because that’s the way we learn. Your shadow archetypes is the betrayed one.

The one who has been disappointed by others. But that hurts not because they disappointed you. This hurts because you’ve put your hopes on them. Remember, you have the right to judge incorrectly and others have also the right to make mistakes. Embrace the fact that you may be betrayed – as you might also betray someone’s trust. We fix, what can be fixed and we move on!

Gemini: the Trickster

It’s well known that you have a bad reputation for being two-faced. We both know that this is not true. But as many stereotypes, this also comes from a lie. And the worst lies are the ones we tell to ourselves. That’s what you do. Regularly. You rush to decisions and you judge instantly. This might bring you to false roads. A trickster is firstly a false prophet. The one who predicted incorrectly and followed this prediction no matter what.

Gemini is the sign who comes to close to his/her shadow archetype from a very young age. However, what you need to do, is try to take a step back when you are about to decide. Try to think as a different person. Abolish the illusions. That’s what usually make a trickster, the illusions and the lies that haunts him/her. Free yourself and truth will prevail.

Cancer: the Hag

You have the power of the Moon. Artemis (Diana), the Goddess of the Moon prevails on your life and your personality. This is the archetype of the Mother. Mother is pure love. So the shadow of this archetype what else can be than hate! Ideally, mothers are the personification of love and acceptance. But, as we all know, often this is not the case. So there are times that you feel  can be strict, uncaring or even wicked. Just like the wicked hags of fairytales. These are almost always neglected women whose anger drives them to do unspeakable things.

Black hearts are often voids of power. When your emotions are imbalanced you subconsciously drain the energy around you to fill this void. Of course, a void can never be filled. Hence, the outcome is catastrophic. The longer you postpone acknowledging this the worse is the damage for you and around you.

Leo: the Tyrant

Your Zodiac Sign is the king of all signs. When you are born into this world you feel you inherit the royal power in your aura. A true ruler though needs to be sober. However, sometimes we may lose control of our emotions and things might get weird. This is when you no longer act as a king, but like a tyrant instead.

A tyrant is the one who rules with strictness and without compassion. S/he may be right but the way authority is established is through force and not respect. A true king is respected. Embrace the fact that you may not always be in control of your emotions. Remember. It’s not, not to feel ok. You can’t always be perfect. Once you manage to understand that then you will have the ability to deal with your emotions in a better way.

Virgo: the Slave

Your zodiac sign, is the one which always tries to serve in the best way possible. When you help, when you create, you feel wonderful as you fulfil your magical purpose. Hence, you always find yourself thinking ways to do more, or work more or maybe serve (your purpose) more. It’s not just a wish. No, it’s more. It’s a need you a born with. However, many times working absurd hours may lead to absolute energy depletion. You feel exhausted. This is why you need to be very careful not to push yourself to your limits.

You are a human being with many dark corners because you choose only to work with the one you feel comfortable with. Why? Because you don’t “want to lose time” with things you are not good at. But dear, that’s what we call overcorrection. Remember, over-analysis brings paralysis. Embrace your wholeness. You don’t always need to be perfect. Remember, what you are now perfect in took you many “try and errors”. It’s ok to try these dark and dusty corners of yourself. Don’t become a slave. Become happy!

Libra: the Ghost

Your zodiac sign is the one that always tries to find balance between difficult situations and frustrated people. Hence, your need for peace may often lead you to not express yourself – at least not in the most potent way – because you are afraid of bringing more tension. This makes you lose yourself and feel like “nobody”. A shallow ghost. We both know though, you are so much more than this.

Well yes. Mayhem is a possibility – whether you try hard or not. It may be your fault, it may not. Hence, you can’t lose yourself. Most importantly you shouldn’t blame yourself for any inconvenience that occurs. Express your heart and this may solve more problems than causing the,

Scorpio: the Fugitive

Your zodiac sign has a passion for secrets. It is also said that Scorpios have came into this world, making Death their best friends. This is why they are considered the most capable survivors of the Zodiac Circle. However, your habit of fleeing from certain (unfinished) situations may bring a greater uncertainty in your life. Hence, you may feel broken. Alive, but broken. Like a fugitive. Illegal but free and alive.

What you don’t realize is that you rarely need to flee. You are more capable than you think. Yes, getting hurt is a possiblity but healing is also available. You’ve got so much power in you that may scare you. Embrace this power.

Sagittarius: the Mocker

Your zodiac sign has a rebel heart. You are born to be free. Live freely, think freely. This of course crashes in the world’s false rules and material priorities. This is why you love to trav so much. Your deepest need is to find a Shangri-la,¬† a utopia where everything is true and your faith is restored.

This is why sometimes, after thinking, searching and travelling alot, you find yourself wondering if there’s anything real in this world. This is what may turn you into a mocker. Well, this cannot be pretty. However, challenging stereotypes is very important and useful in this world. It’s what helps us evolve and change.

Capricorn: the Overthrown

Your Zodiac Sign was always meant to hold great power. But – as you all know – with great power comes great responsibility. You may hurt others, you may hurt yourself. That’s ok with you, because you are fair and once you realize your mistakes you have the guts to seek for forgiveness. What really scares you the most is to be overthrown, to lose your power, to start again from zero.

We all know how difficult it was to get all this power. Most Capricorns are trying since childhood to reach a better life. It takes time, it takes energy. Hence, it’s very difficult to accept that you may need to start again. Although, this is rarely the care, you must accept the fact that in life, ups and downs are part of the game. You have both the guts and the means to reclaim this Power again and again. So embrace the “overthrown” shadow archetype.

Aquarius: the Uninvited

Your Zodiac Sign was born to be different than the others. You live for freedom and the ability to keep thinking out of the box. That’s exactly what saves you but also what traps you into irrational thinking sometimes. You see, although you were always able to comminicate with even the most difficult people, you see yourself as an outlaw when your emotions are out of balance. Your shadow archetype is the misfit, who is always unwelcome, uninvited. And that scares you.

However, what scares you is what you most like desire at some point. Being a misfit is not that bad if other are unable to appreciate your amazing skills and your otherwordly aura. But that’s ok. Judging from how most people act right now, to think differently is a gift for humanity. So embrace your different skills, your exotic genes. That’s what makes you so perfect.

Pisces: the Illusionist

Your Zodiac Sign holds such a great magical potential. You are born to visualize the future of this world, materializing dreams and divine patterns. Hence, you are considered the fairy children of this world, brought by the Gods to filter all the evils of this world. However, sometimes, when you are brutally grounded, you usually are in denial. That’s when it hits you. You feel that instead of accepting the truth, the sad truth, you choose to create illusions in which you love to live in.

Moreover, your shadow archetypes is someone who not just chooses illusions than reality, but also creates them and also tries to take more people in them. What you need to understand, is that the illusions are sometimes precious and helpful. It’s ok to dream, daydream and/or visualize a better world. But you are born in this one. So embrace your dreams, acknowledge your illusions, yet try to live in this world. Do not exile yourself from reality. Even if it’s awful sometimes.


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