A Crystal for Each Day of the Week

A Crystal for Each Day of the Week

Earth Witchcraft is an ancient practice that connects humans back to nature’s energies and our planet’s vibrations. The most simple way is by working together hand-in-hand with crystals. Crystals are an ancient tool used to help us access energies that can bring harmony and balance into our lives. Witch, attuning with the different energies of each day, choose a different crystal for each day of the week. Hence, carrying a different crystal for each day offers a unique energy vibration that helps promote feelings of strength, positivity, and peace.

Earth Witchcraft

As one of the most ancient – yet handy and effective – types of Witchcraft, it has been practice for millennia. This type of magick has been around since antiquity; honoring it now helps us stay connected not only externally but internally too – allowing us opportunities of further understanding ourselves through personal growth journeys paired with connection work through crystal magick & earth witchery practices!

This ancient practice also involves rituals such as creating sacred circles or spaces outdoors where you can focus on your intention (such as abundance or good health). Earth magic does not require only ingredient related to the Element of Earth. Hence, you might also use herbs, plants, essential oils etc. In other words, additional objects related to the three remaining elements – fire (candles), water (bowl of fresh water), air (incense). This will bring a more complete ritual. Practicing Earth magic, connect us with mother nature. You do this consciously to cleanse yourself and send out your request into the universe for manifesting what you need/want most at this time.

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Crystal Magic

Crystals come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, each with its own unique properties. They have been used for centuries as tools for healing and guidance – aligning our physical bodies with their vibrations can help us gain clarity on decisions or feelings we may be struggling to understand.

7 Magical Days of the Week – every Day is Witchy

Each of the 7 Magical Days of the Week has its own Magic. What does this mean? It means, that on Friday for example, if we engage in any kind of romantic activities, we have more chances to succeed. In the same manner, if we go for a job interview on Wednesday we will probably be more charming, thus we are going to have more chances to get the job (providing that Mercury is not Retrograde). Each day is perfect for a type of activity but we can do even more to attune to its power? One way is to a certain crystal for each day of the week which is associated with the corresponding God/Goddess – Planet. Click here to read more!

Crystal for each day of the week

Of course, to make it easier for you, we picked the most affordable crystal for each day. Carry it with you each day. Cleanse it and use it again next week!

Monday: Moonstone

The perfect stone for Mondays as it brings calmness to counterbalance any stress or anxiety we may feel at the start of the week. 

Moonstone is a beautiful and luminescent gemstone that has been used for centuries to access magical powers. It is said to have the ability to amplify energy, provide emotional healing, bring good luck, and even enhance psychic powers. Moreover, Moonstone can help us connect with our intuition and the spiritual realm. Often used in rituals of protection, divination, love attraction, fertility blessings and more.

Additionally, moonstone has strong metaphysical properties: it brings hope during times of difficulty and encourages clear communication between people so they can work through their problems together. Truly a special stone!

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Tuesday: Carnelian 

This vibrant orange-red stone infuses creativity and courage throughout the day so you start Tuesday feeling bold and confident in whatever you choose to do. It is believed to bring strength and courage, as well as protection from negative energy. Moreover, Carnelian can also be used for enhancing creativity and self-expression by helping one find their inner voice. In addition, it has been known to boost feelings of passion and romance, making it an ideal talisman for love or marriage relationships.

Furthermore, carnelian is connected with fertility and healing energies that aid in physical recovery from surgery or illness and emotional healing after trauma. All these positive benefits make carnelian a truly magical gemstone!

Click here to see your power if you are born on Tuesday!

Wednesday: Citrine 

Use this sunny yellow gemstone on Wednesday to boost your self-esteem and love for yourself as well as others around you. As is often considered “hump day” – the middle of the Week, the optimistic opportunities fo Citrine will help you stand out and keep on moving.  Citrine is a stone that promotes good fortune, success and abundance. It’s said to be particularly effective on Wednesdays; wearing it or meditating with it can help open the door to luck, prosperity and creative power. Citrine also helps boost confidence while clearing away negative energy and aiding in decision-making.

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Thursday: Amethyst 

As Thursday fatigue may mess with our heads, we need the divine powers of the Amethyst, the most beloved crystal of Witches. Hence, use amethyst which offers tranquility from any chaos or confusion that may arise. Amethyst is an excellent choice for Thursday. It’s  often said to conjure courage, strength and wisdom – perfect qualities to carry into this day! This beautiful gemstone is also believed to be associated with harmony and balance, which can help you find inner calm in times of stress or uncertainty. As its metaphysical properties suggest, amethyst has the potential to bring peace into your life on Thursday.

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Friday: Rose Quartz

Use rose quartz on Friday’s when seeking out kindness within relationships while also allowing us to reconnect with ourselves in preparation for a relaxing weekend ahead! Rose quartz is a beautiful and calming crystal that brings peace, healing, and unconditional love. It’s an excellent choice for promoting relaxation on Friday nights, as it helps to reduce stress, dissipate anger and fear, and bring about inner harmony. Rose quartz can also be used in meditation or placed around your home or office to create a peaceful atmosphere conducive for restful sleep.

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Saturday : Jasper

Connecting back into nature come Saturday morning? Jasper is said to be associated with grounding oneself spiritually whilst providing courage through difficult decisions. Gem Jasper is a beautiful mineral that can be found in many colors, including red, yellow, green and even white. On Saturday it makes an excellent addition as it has wonderful healing properties such as aiding creativity and providing protection. Gem Jasper also activates the Root Chakra which helps with grounding emotions, giving courage and strength in times of need. It would make an excellent personal investment for anyone who had a difficult week. 

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Sunday : Clear Quartz 

The perfect way to close off your entire week (and wrap up any unfinished tasks) comes Sunday morning by using clear quartz. Clear quartz is a type of crystal often used in metaphysical practices and considered to be very healing. On Sundays, clear quartz can be used for spiritual purposes such as meditation, connecting with the divine, or even making wishes. It is said to promote clarity of thought and peace of mind while eliminating negative energy and promoting harmony. Clear quartz can also stimulate creativity and focus on goals – perfect for taking advantage of the positive energy that Sundays tend to bring! Finally which encourages clarity of thought + logical reasoning!

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