7 Easy Magical Ways to Use Crystals in your life

7 Easy Magical Ways to Use Crystals in your life

Use Crystals like a true Witch! Who has ever seen a crystal and has not suddenly felt a wave of benevolent magical energy flooding their mind, heart and aura? A single crystal is a token of the beauty of the Earth which is unveiled for all of us to witness. A simple stone can help us feel connected with the mysteries of the Earth we live in and the Cosmos that surrounds us, this feeling of belonging and interconnection is healing itself. This is what true power is all about, simple and uncomplicated, inspiring and magical.

What are Crystals Magical?

These magical tokens of the Earth Mother can help us balance our energies, clear our thoughts and feelings and encourage us to live our life to the fullest. If you have felt this strange call from the Mineral Kingdom then you know what I am already talking about. If you would like to learn more about the properties of different crystals you can either browse our site (here) for information on each one or use a guidebook to enhance your knowledge on the subject (click here for the initiation in Crystal Magic). In this article, we aim to look at 7 simple ways to harvest the power of crystals in our everyday life and enhance our magic.

1. Select a crystal that you feel drawn to:

A crystal is like a good friend- we feel a strange attraction, we feel like we know each other and this relationship follows us during our entire life. There is a good reason why this is occurring, like a Universal messenger a crystal comes in our life to help us heal and achieve balance by teaching us its valuable lessons. If you feel you would like to give it a go, try our crystal test to find out what your aura craves for.

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2. Carry your crystal with you at all times

The more your crystal is attuned to your energy the better your working relationship will be. Always remember that Earth magic works slowly but steadily. Even though some people witness results during the first days when they are carrying their crystals, usually it takes a longer period of time for results. Remember that true progress is built on solid blocks and  you may already be having blocks that the crystal is working with. Patience is a virtue and good things happen to those who wait!

how to use crystals in magic

3. Keep your crystal clean and refreshed

A crystal like a magical battery is pulsing with energy and is there to help us heal and achieve happiness (a lesson of true selflessness). However, your crystal may start accumulating negativity from blocks or debris that would have affected you in your everyday life. In order to recharge its energy, it is recommended to cleanse it on a frequent basis.

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal and usually depends on its qualities. You can let a crystal sit for a night in a basin filled with water and salt, you can bury the crystal for a day in the ground or you can smudge your crystal with cleansing herbs. Please make sure you are aware that some crystals can be damaged when left in water (for example selenite). Speak to your crystal and let it show you the best way it wants to be treated.

4. Charge your crystal with a purpose to enhance its qualities

After cleansing a crystal we recommend you to give it a sense of direction. What do you want to achieve with the help of your friend? Is it happiness, protection, financial security, love, fertility, abundance, emotional balance, peace of mind, courage, strength, healing, a good night sleep? You name it!

Your crystal is your ally, and it will vibrate with the energy that you charge it with in order to manifest that goal in your life. A good way to charge your crystal is to hold it between your hands and explain clearly what your heart seeks. Visualise what you want and when you have painted a clear picture in your mind on what you want to achieve feel the image flowing in your breath and blow your breath to the crystal in your hands. Let Magic happen!

use crystals to recharge your energy

5. Place a crystal to your personal space to empower it

Do you feel that you would like an extra boost of a specific energy type in your house, office, garden  etc? Any room or bigger space will do! Simply charge your crystal and place it in the room/house/office etc. For a week spend some time visualising that a sphere of energy with the crystal at its centre is pulsing with the specific energy that you want and surrounds the property/space you want like a bubble.

7 Easy Magical Ways to Use Crystals in your life
Get a Real Amethyst for Daily Practice (you’ll probably need two though)

6. Use crystals to absorb negativity

Some crystals work better in absorbing negative energy and a rough  rule of a thumb states that these are usually crystals which have a black colour (even though not limited to that). Onyx, black tourmaline, black quartz and obsidian can absorb negativity quite effectively. Simply put a bowl of salt and place the crystal at the centre. Leave the crystal in a room to remove all negativity, after 1-2 days, throw away the salt and cleanse the crystal as described above. Now, you can use the crystal indefinitely. Alternatively, you can wear the crystal in order to keep negativity away from you in your everyday life. Again, after some time (usually when we feel the crystal is ‘heavy’) cleanse and recharge it. Now your can use the Crystal for your purpose.

  • Also, you can try this simple procedure to create an energy circuit so that your energy is once again balanced. Whenever you feel drained, close your eyes. Hold two crystals *preferably Amethyst or Quartz (on the left hand pointing inwards and on the right hand outwards) to create an energy circuit. Let the energy flow in circuit.

7. Use crystals to activate your chakras (energy centres)

If you would like to learn more about our energy centres (click here to diagnose possible flaws in your Chakras). Furthermore you can read our article on psychic abilities and how they are related to our different chakras .There are many theories on how and which crystals can be used to activate each chakra. For beginner’s, a great principle is to use crystals which corresponds to each chakra’s colour, alternatively if you feel unsure you can always use a crystal quartz. Simply charge the crystal by leaving it in the Sun for a couple of hours in order to accumulate its positivity and creative energy and then use it on the chakra you want to empower.

In addition, simply visualise a flower opening at the corresponding chakra which vibrates with a specific energy. Moreover, feel the crystal vibrating its energy on your body and then merge the energies together like a single wave with a unique frequency. Furthermore, see the chakra absorbing the Solar energy and glowing like a beautiful Sun with its respective colour. When ready feel the frequencies dividing, see the crystal energy reducing to the crystal and gently see your chakra closing. In fact, the more you use this technique the more easy you will find to activate the chakras you are working with.

chakra natural stone bracelet
A 7 Chakra bracelet with natural Stone Material: Amethyst,Lapis Lazuli,Lava Chakra,Red Agate,Amber,Tiger Eye,Green King Stone,Turquoise

There are many many more ways to use crystals in your magic! For all Crystals fanatics we will come back with another article on how to use crystals for elixirs, wands, transferring feelings, emotions and thoughts and many many more uses. Stay tuned and love Magical Recipes Online!

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