Daily Rituals: becoming a Magnet for Wealth

Daily Rituals: becoming a Magnet for Wealth

Magical intention is a powerful tool that can help us to attract wealth and abundance into our lives. We are going to explore a handy way to bring forth waves of abundance.

why are not all witches rich?

However, we are often asked “so why are not all witches rich?”. Although sometimes the question is sincere the answer may be complicated. But since you asked…

1.First of all, some witches are – indeed – very very rich, they just don’t brag…

There are many many powerful families in this world who (still) practice witchcraft. Some actually admit it. Others try to hide it. It’s like being rich. Some show off, most don’t.

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Many dynasties of the World used and still use magical ways to bring forth power and stability. Just take a look at peculiar ‘artifacts’ of Kings and Queens and you can easily understand for example the “spirit mirror” used by Queen Elizabeth I’s wizard John Dee. It was crafted in Aztec Mexico around 500 years ago.

2. Not all witches are interested on material world

Some witches prefer to see beyond the ‘matrix’, beyond the material gains. Actually most witches are like that. What they desire mostly is to pierce the veil of this realm and get a glimpse of the Unseen World or even Eternity.

3. Witches are also humans with problems

We all carry our personal karma, with all kind of baggage. Well, that’s ok. We are here to learn after all. So instead of focusing on negative results, witches choose to be inspired and work towards success!

Daily Rituals: to become a Magnet for Wealth

To become a magnet for wealth, it is important to first start with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for the riches already present in our lives. As we’ve made clear many times before, gratitude is the key to abundance. By cultivating this state of mind, we open ourselves up to the possibility of receiving even more prosperity and success.

Visualizing the new Reality

Next, create a short visualization exercise that will help you focus on manifesting your desired outcome. Imagine yourself surrounded by financial abundance and imagine what life would be like if you had all the money and resources necessary to have everything you desire. Visualize how this newfound wealth would make possible all sorts of opportunities for personal growth, travel, starting businesses or investing in real estate. Hold onto these feelings as long as possible before releasing them out into the world with confidence.

Magical Action

Finally, take action! While visualization alone won’t create results overnight, it can be a powerful practice when combined with actual steps towards achieving your goals such as budgeting or saving money over time or researching investment options – whatever feels right for you at this moment in time! With consistent effort and commitment to visualizing your dreams coming true soon enough these intentions will begin manifesting into reality!

Try the following magical gestures while visualizing…

Mudra Magnet for Wealth

According to ancient Hindu traditions, there are many mudras that can be used to invite wealth and abundance into one’s life. One popular mudra is the Ganesha mudra which symbolizes strength, courage and luck in overcoming obstacles while we open ourselves to all blessings. This mudra is performed by joining together the tips of all five fingers except for the thumb and index finger which remain extended.

Daily Rituals: becoming a Magnet for Wealth

Another popular choice is the Lakshmi Mudra, which symbolizes prosperity and abundance. It is performed by placing both hands in front of you with palms open facing up while bringing each thumb towards its respective pinky finger on either hand. These simple yet powerful gestures can help bring about a sense of balance, harmony, peace and well-being in your life as well as facilitate an influx of wealth and abundance into your experience.

Finally… let’s add this magical symbol to our lives!

Symbol Magnet for Wealth

The most popular symbol for attracting wealth is the Chinese character for “Fu,” which symbolizes prosperity and abundance. This powerful visual image can be used in various ways to attract more money into your life. You could hang a Fu symbol in your living room, office or workplace as a reminder of your intention to bring more wealth and abundance into your life.

Additionally, you could write down mantras and affirmations that focus on attracting wealth while holding the Fu symbol – this can help to reinforce and amplify the energy of these words. Finally, you can also simply carry around a small token with the Fu character on it as an affirmation of its power to draw financial success towards you. Whatever route you take, using this potent symbol will surely help increase your chances of welcoming greater financial fortune!

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