Mercury Retrograde: December 2023

Unexpected cancellations, failures and accidents are also part of the plan. Mercury Retrograde: December 2023

Yeah. It’s that time of the year. Well, what happens when you mix together the most beautiful of the year with the time when Mercury prefers to dance backwards? NO ORDINARY DAYS. Mercury Retrograde is a phase we hate and love at the same time. Well, mostly hate – truth be told. It’s a phase when everything seems stuck. Emotional and intellectual stagnation is enough to push us to our limits. But that’s not always enough. Unexpected cancellations, failures and accidents are also part of the plan. Mercury Retrograde: December 2023

No ordinary Retrograde Mercury

Because there are so many astrological alignments at the same time. This is no ordinary Mercury Retrograde. It begins in Capricorn (December 13 – 23) when it starts to dance backwards. Later (December 23 – January 2) it will pass in Sagittarius. But during his retrograde course many things will change.

Predictions for Aries:

A peculiar era begins in your career and it will last till December 23. From this time and at least until the first week of January you will experience new energies in your dreams and destiny. Some opportunities will definitely appear but are they really opportunities or traps? You need to be careful and process everything with a clear mind. No rush.

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Predictions for Taurus:

The Retrograde phase begins with issues regarding your big dreams and goals. Typical Taurus will say “oh dear gods…” but this is not an ordinary Retrograde Mercury. Things will get even more weird when Solstice will kick in as Mercury will shift to a less gentle position. So from December 23rd, you will experience a more intense, mystical and transformative energy and if there is something you can do to move forward.

Predictions for Gemini:

The Retrograde Phase of Mercury affects you mostly as this is your governor. So it begins Capricorn, talking about deep and intense change. Hence, at first you might need to slow down in everything you do including traveling and dealing in your business. But even more from December 23rd, be sure to check again and again negotiations, documents and avoid signing new agreements etc. What is this feeling that needs attention?

Predictions for Cancer:

It feels that this Retrograde Mercury is about to make you reconsider valuable feelings regarding who you are in this world, and who are the people who accompany you in your life’s journey. Hence, your emotions might go under transformation as you will try to understand if some people are worthy your efforts. Health needs attention too, dear after December 23. You need to be more cautious in your public affairs and your social circles including negotiations.

Predictions for Leo:

This is no ordinary Retrograde phase as it coincides with the Solstice. So, you will need to be calm and keep you head clean from negative thoughts and emotions. Why? Because power is coming and it will last for a whole year. So until December 23 take better care of your health and your everyday life. After December 23rd what makes your heart beat faster needs attention.

Predictions for Virgo:

This is No ordinary Retrograde Mercury for you dear Virgo. As always, your governor’s move affect you. But this time as it coincides with the Solstice you need to be more careful. So at first you will be forced to examine more parameters regarding your personal life but as the days go by and after December 23, your family and professional life will need more care! Ready?

Predictions for Libra:

The retrograde Phase is not that bad for you, dear Libra. Probably just in the beginning. Hence, you need to be more careful at home and family as the energies there may need your attention and intervention. So, load good energy and keep an eye on opportunities but December 23, be more conscious regarding your close friends!

Predictions for Scorpio:

As always, this is going to be a bumpy yet very interesting road. Now you need to be prepared because you might end up winning all the battles you’ve ever given in your personal relationships – especially amongst friends and close relatives. But, after December 23, you will have want to double-check your expenses. So buckle up!

Predictions for Sagittarius:

This is no ordinary Retrograde Mercury, dear Sagittarius. This is the time when things can change dramatically in your life. The trickster of the Zodiac Sign has prepared a mind game for you which has already begun in your finances and your belongings. As I’ve already told you, now, it’s time to breathe the air of freedom – once again but just be patient now and especially after December 23rd let Mercury help you find a way to change your every day life in a more creative way!

Predictions for Capricorn:

These are very powerful days and good news will come towards you. However, these all might be (at first) disguised as problems and unexpected issues as Mercury dances retrograde in YOUR Zodiac sign.¬† However, as the days go by – especially after December, you will be asked to take an honest look at your heart. Because so many things are already changing and you will be asked to reinvent yourself. What is it that brings you joy? Make this clear in you, because now it’s your time to live!

Predictions for Aquarius:

This time, it all begins in a the part of your soul that’s hidden from others. Hence, the messenger of the Gods, Mercury will dance backwards making you question your heart’s desires, your identity and your whole personality. Is it something you’re doing wrong all this time? What is this black whole that sucks all your energy? Could this be come from you? Can you have all that you desire? Yes, you can! This retrograde will help you see once again what is holding you back. Moreover, after December 23 things¬† will start to feel different in your social circles. Stay calm and look for solutions!

Predictions for Pisces:

We approach the Solstice and Mercury is already retrograde! With all these energies nothing is boring. This is a very important opportunity for you to change what needs to be changed. Mercury will give you the chance to examine what needs your attention at home friends and social circles. Stay calm and meditate to install peace within. Do not engage in quarels. Furthermore, what troubled you about in your professional life may come back after December 23 only to end. Changes will now be positive.

Astrology and Magic:

Burn Copal or Mercury incense to counter the negative effects of the Retrograde phase. Find them in shop! Magic, as well as all meditative techniques can have better results, today. As always, do take all fire safety precautions when you are working with fire.

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