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A Wishing Yantra Spell

Ancient Sanskrit MagicĀ and Spells from India & Hinduism: A Wishing Spell from India! Here I am going to give you a spell to make...

Ofuda and other paper talismans. How to make one for you!

Ofuda, omamoriĀ and other paper talismans of Japanese Magic.

Honouring the Dead, Offerings and Hell Money

What is Hell Money or Ghost Money? How to make it? How to use them to honour your departed beloveds on a Halloween and other occasions? Find out here.

Buddhistic Spells : A spell to have everything

  How to achieve everything using Magic? The Wisdom of an old Buddhistic Spell shows us how.   The Buddha taught a Sutra called Karandavyuha Sutra, or Avalokitesvara...

Tools of the Craft: Creating a Crystal Deposit of Magical Energy

The rechargeable battery Amulet of Magic. How to create a repository of magical energy. Creating a Crystal Magic Tool,  not just an enchanted Item.      The idea of enclosing magical energy to...

Self Hypnotic and Meditation Techniques : Brain Waves and Binaural Beats

Self Hypnotic and Meditation Techniques:  Brain Waves and Binaural Beats the Gates of Heaven lie on our divine minds and nature   What I intend to do here,...

Buddhist Spells: a Mantra for Exorcism & Wisdom. The Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra, the Sacred way of the Heart The Buddhist way on how to banish Negativity, Sorrow, Evil Entities  and gain Heavenly Wisdom with a...

Creatures of Light and Dark : The Banshee

Banshee : The well known Celtic female fairy that mourns the dead. Learn more about this creature, and where it comes from.

Vedic Spells : How to gain more Wealth, Divine Protection &...

Vedic Magic and Spells. A spell for protection, wealth and divine guidance from the Atharva Veda. How to cast it and modify it according to your beliefs.