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Tools of the Craft: The Magic Ring & how to Create...

School of Witchcraft and the Tools of the Craft: The Magic Ring

Wind Talismans to Celebrate Yule and the Gift Giving Trees

How to Magically Decorate your Christmas - Yule Tree. Make your Christmas tree a huge Talisman!  How to use the power of the Wind Talismans and the Gift Giving Trees to fulfil all your wishes. A worldwide ancient custom, that caries great magical power. Employ it!

Fire Magic Spell: Burn your troubles away

How to get rid of your troubles with Fire Magic

A ThanksGiving ritual to Bless your Life

How to open the heavenly Gates of blessings in your lives by a simple thanks-giving ritual. The power of gratitude utilised to bless your life.

How to become a God or a Goddess

How to become a God, or a Goddess. A simplified tantric method to awaken your divine nature and help you become more god-like.

The Law of Karma scientifically proven: Helping others brings success to...

Helping others brings success to you. The Karmic Law scientifically proven. Everyone knowing the Law of Karma, knows that by doing good deeds he...

Establish contact with the Divine. How to ask a favour from...

How to ask a favour from your God How to contact your God, Gods, Goddess, Goddesses A simple and effective practical spell     Here we have posted an article about how...

The Road Opener spell and magical recipe

How to make and how to Use the Road Opener!