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Stop Modern Witch Hunting – thousands of Witches murdered annually

Witchcraft is real but unfortunately so is Witch-hunting!

Autumn Equinox – Mabon – and the Reign of Water

the wheel turns again and balance is achieved once more

Levitation that Works: “Light as Feather, Stiff as Board”

There’s a party 'trick' I’m pretty sure we’ve all played at some point. "Light as Feather, Stiff as Board". Well, let me tell you...

Bracelet Lines – Wrist Lines. Their Meaning – Palmistry

Palmistry is one of the ancient arts of divination. It actually played a very important role in medieval medicine too. As we read in...

Herbal Magic of Passion Flower – Passiflora

Herbal Properties, Correspondences and Magical Uses of a Passion Flower 

Herbal Magic Analysis: Peppermint, the Vampire Repellent

Magical Properties and Correspondences of Peppermint.

Triskelion. The Solar Force of Creation and Destruction

How to use Triskelion in Rituals and Magic Spells

School of Meditation: Image Meditation (how to meditate on a picture)

School of Meditation: Hypnotic and Meditation Techniques. The Image Meditation

Witch’s Weapons For Protection at Workplace

It's true that our daily routine can be full of things we don't like to do. Sometimes, this can get really annoying, especially when...