Magical Newsletter

What Kind of Witch are you?

There many paths in Witchcraft. Each is different yet all are right providing you walk with Love respect to everyone's freedom. We can choose...

How to Tell if your Vibrations are Low

We are Energy. This is what are made of, this is how we interact with the World. Magic is Energy, praying is energy, Love...

Signs of Crossing and Secret Enemies

Are you hexed? Well to answer that we should definitely go back to the specific article of omens and sign of curses. However, this...

5 Palm Signs of Good Luck or Sudden Change of Luck

Both our talents and inclines "carve" peculiar palm signs. So does our Luck. Hence, we give you 5 Palm Signs of Good Luck or Change of Luck. 

Labyrinth and its Magical Powers

The Occult symbol with ancient Mystical Powers

Herbal Magic of Marjoram

Magical Properties and Alchemical Correspondences of Marjoram

Your Shadow Moon Name and What it Means

As the Moon travels through the night skies, it affects the entire land of the living. Moreover, the Moon affect Other Realms preparing in...

7 Common Aura Problems

What is the Aura? Aura is the energy matrix that surrounds all living (and not only living) creatures. Particularly for humans, aura is something...

What’s Your Magic Skill? ✨ Based on your Zodiac’s Element

I'm pretty sure you are already quite familiar with Elemental Magic and the powers which stream from them. These 4 fundamental forces of nature...