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Why Three times is the Charm? What is beginner’s Luck?

School of Witchcraft: The Rule of Three in unknown Spells (and in almost everything we do)

Witch’s House Rules – Savoir Vivre for Witches

Witch wars unfortunately are real and have always been since the historical years. This is not only on Harry Potter's movies. It's true. Probably,...

5 Palm Signs of Good Luck or Sudden Change of Luck

Both our talents and inclines "carve" peculiar palm signs. So does our Luck. Hence, we give you 5 Palm Signs of Good Luck or Change of Luck. 

How to become Famous

How to become famous. A simple spell utilising the power of the Sun to help you achieve fame in whatever field you want. Use it and become like the Sun.

5 Indicators US Army is Looking for to Recruit Psychics –...

Is the US Army looking to recruit Psychics? You might have been surprised by the title of the Article but it's true. And here...

5 Signs You’ve got a Ghost at Home & 3 Worrying...

Is it possible that you have a Ghost at Home? Spirits can transcend time and space. But most usually, ghosts feel trapped at one...

Pyramids are Magic Portals

What we do know about the ancient magic is really just remnants which just point out how much we really don't know. For example Pyramids are Magic Portals.

How to Raise a Magical Child!

Raising a child is one of the most demanding yet wonderful tasks someone could undertake. Caring about the well-being and the education of a...

Bracelet Lines – Wrist Lines. Their Meaning – Palmistry

Palmistry is one of the ancient arts of divination. It actually played a very important role in medieval medicine too. As we read in...