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Chamomile and its Magical Properties

How to use Chamomile in your Spells.

9 Signs you are a Natural Witch

What is a 'Witch'? A Witch (a gender neutral term - if you prefer enchanter / enchantress ) is someone who uses his/her will...

7 Goals of Witches

School of Witchcraft: Which are the Goals of the Witch?

Feng Shui Remedies for more and better SEX

Feng Shui Remedies for more and better sexual life. There are many magical ways to fire up your sex life and increase your libido!...

5 Traits of Powerful Sorcerers and Witches

Magic is Power and Power is Magic. Our roots go deep inside the all powerful Great Mother, Gaia (Goddess of Earth). This is our...

5 Magical Things to do in Summer Solstice

Magical Opportunities and enchantments traditionally casted in Midsdummer & Midsummer"s eve! 

Voodoo vs Hoodoo – Differences Explained

Voodoo vs Hoodoo: Both Voodoo and Hoodoo are a melting pot of different beliefs, practices and religious elements; both have roots in Africa with...

An Invocation to the Goddess of Dawn

An Invocation to the Goddess of Dawn Inspired with loving thoughts this day to greet thee, we and our wealthy nobles have awakened. Show yourselves fruitful,...

3 Hand Gestures – Mudras for Magic

In magic, we may use many things. We use our mind, candles, our emotions, the stars, the powers of nature, but quite often we...