the Magic of Rose

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There are only few herbs whose references can be compared with what is written about the Rose all these centuries. Even fewer are the herbs that its lore is connected so much with love and beauty.

Rose is both associated with Beauty and Love and with Occultism as well. Numerous myths, uncountable legends and so much lore about (for some) the most beautiful Flower in the World.

Rose is primarily associated with the Goddess Aphrodite / Venus. The most beautiful of the Greek Pantheon is present in many stories regarding the Rose. In some the “king” or “queen” of flowers are created simultaneously the moment when Aphrodite was born so that the most beautiful Goddess would see only beauty and smell only the perfect aroma of roses. In a version of the Legend of Adonis, the handsome young man with who both Aphrodite and Persephone fell in love, is associated with the creation of the Rose. Aphrodite after watching the man she fell in love die in her arms, she mixed her tears with his blood to create the first Rose (in other versions of the myth the blood of Adonis creates Anemone.) In another Greek legend, when the Goddess of Flowers and vegetation, Chloris (Flora in Latin), saw one of her nymphs dead, she tried to turn her into a beautiful flower. Aphrodite came to help Chloris granting the flower it's unprecedented beauty, Dionysus came also to help granting the Flower it's nectar and the intoxicating scent. Zephyr, the West Wind, married to Chloris, blew the clouds away so that Apollo, the God of Sun could shine brightly making the Rose Bloom.  

Rose is also associated with Isis, the most significant Goddess of the Egyptians, Goddess of Magic, wisdom and Love. The hieroglyph which depicts the rose has an additional meaning describing a gateway. Isis is the Goddess of Love and Beauty but also a Goddess of Mysteries and Magical Knowledge.

In Christianity the five-petaled Rose is associated with the five wounds of Jesus Christ and with Virgin Mary (especially the thornless ones). Roses are given as gift and proof of Love during St. Valentine's day. The rosary is associated with rose by many ways. The first rosaries where made from hardened rose petals and some rosaries where scented with rose.

In Islam the rose has a really significant role in decorations, symbolizing the Truth and Love. 

In Hermetic Orders the five-petaled rose is associated with the Pentagram – Pentalpha. The order of Rose and Cross also knows as Rosicrucianism is one of the most significant hermetic orders, associated with occultism and freemasonry. The symbol of Rosicrucianism is the Rosy Cross, where the Rose is White and Cross is Golden. The Golden cross symbolizes the human body and the White Rose the human consciousness.

In alchemy the rose is a symbol of completion, accomplishment and ultimate perfection, a point of unity between Life and the Cosmos. The Garden of Eros (cupid in Latin), the mysticist cosmic tree and symbols of Aphrodite are associated with rose. The white rose is connected with feminine side – yin and the red rose is connected with the masculine one – yang. The pink one is the unification of both. The blue rose is a symbol for the impossible while the golden one is a symbol for ultimate perfection (nirvana / God-state).  The rose can be found in alchemy as “vesica piscis” symbolizing the vulva while the deeper symbolism is the opening of the Gateways of mysteries. The closed rose flower symbolizes a secret (the high Priestess in Tarot) while the opened one symbolizes that the secret is now said and known (the Hierophant).

The ancient Greek doctors used roses as a tonic potion and Rosewater for beauty elixirs. (click here for Rosewater!) Oils extracted from Roses are used in parfumes since the ancient times, while now we extract the substances geraniol and L-citronellol which you may have already see in most ingredients of cosmetics.

Rose is associated with the Element of Water and Planet Venus.

Rose's Herbal Magic properties suggest the use of this magnificent flower in:

* Love spells * Beauty spells * Good Luck spells * Summoning spells (especially Aphrodite, Isis and fairies) * Empowering your Magic and natural Magical Powers spells * Divination Spells

Keep roses in your home or your balcony. The scent of the roses believed to summon the fairies and positive vibes bringing good luck to everyone near.   

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