Defying Black Arts – What’s a Hex, Curse and Evil Spell

hex curse jinx evil spell

In your magical journey and even before you even begin it, you’ve come across words like hex, curse or jinx.

Even people who don’t practice witchcraft may use these words. But what do they actually mean?

What’s a Hex and Curse?

A Curse or a Hex is a form of spell, cast often spontaneously (driven by anger or other dark emotions) with exceptionally malevolent and ill intention. The Word Hex comes from the German language – Hexe – and it actually means a Witch. A curse can target a person, a location or even an object. Once the Curse is cast it will try to mark and harm the target by any means possible. Whether the Curse will succeed depends on how protected the target currently is. The Curse can endure years and they can endure even Death, thus follow the target for his/her next incarnations.

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Curse is Black Magic, since it employs negative vibes and emotions, even if some believe that a “curse” could be targeted against something we want to get rid off,  The proper magical way of a Wise Witch is to banish something and not curse it. The Magical 4 Thieves Vinegar can work miracles on banishing (and healing) curses (Click here to read all about 4 Thieves Vinegar). We should always bear in mind that things we want to get rid off, are probably things we invited in our lives, and therefore they play an important role for our spiritual evolution. Cursing those influences means cursing ourselves who invited them. Attuning with our Higher Selves can really help us perceive the extend of our problems and heal our lives. (Click here and take a look at our spell to banish a bad habit). 

No matter the power of the Curse, the target can stay safe if his/her aura is Clean enough. Even if the curse succeeds in trespassing your defences you can always banish the curse by practicing Cleansing spells or Spell Breaking rituals.(Take a look at our Witchy ways of Warding off Evil & Cleansing ourselves and our space)

What are Jinxes

A jinx is generally believed to be the result of unconscious ill intention or dark emotions such as envy or greed. Once cast, the jinx will cause temporary annoyance and what we often like to call back luck. A jinx might be less powerful than hexes or malevolent spells but it can cause severe problems (health or financial obstacles).  Evil Eye can also act like a Jinx. Thankfully we got the most powerful article on the Web about the Evil Eye, how to detect it and how to ward if off!


A jinx cannot follow the target for his/her next incarnations as it is usually linked with an object or our physical body and/or aura. The jinxed object behaves as a battery of unfortunate events when the object is close to the target.

A jinx can stop with cleansing and purification spells. (Take a look at our Witchy ways of Warding off Evil & Cleansing ourselves and our space)

Spells & Black Rituals

A spell can be either good or bad. Magic itself is the projection of our Will, thus it”s neutral and it gets it “color” from our intention. Of course there is always pure White and Black magic. The evil spells and Black Rituals are organised efforts to harm a target which can either be a person, a location or an object. The Evil spells may employ the energy of the spellcaster, the energy of a group of spellcasters or the energy of an evil entity (such as a demon or an angry ghost).

Whether the target will get harmed or not, depends on the energy of the evil spellcaster but it primarily depends on the defence system of the Target. One who practices daily cleansing rituals is a very difficult target. And even if the spell succeeds at some point, the victim can always cast a spell breaking ritual or an exorcism in order to ward off evil. Cascarilla Powder is a powerful tool against the black Arts

(Click here to learn all about Cascarilla Powder, how to make and use it!)

If you are worried you might be under attack you might want to ask for your Guardian Angel”s (click here for a spell to contact your Guardian Angel) help and the help of the Archangels to help you dispel evil energy from yourself and your life. (Take a look at our Witchy ways of Warding off Evil & Cleansing ourselves and our space)

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