Sunday, 30 July 2017

Predictions for Sunday, 30 July 2017

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Astrology Today: Today Moon enters Scorpio and it will square the Sun forming the First Quarter. This is a very good day to start the “Magic Potion to shine like the Moon” spell. Not only it is the First Quarter and happens under Scorpio, the sign of sex, but also the magic powers of the Eclipse are strong enough by now and will get stronger day by day. Yes, they are unbalanced, but strong. And these energies boost the lunar beautifying energy. After all, Isis is a Moon Goddess. (Read more about the upcoming eclipse here) Even more, Venus forming a hexagon with Uranus, and thus empowers illusionary and appearance changing magic to boost beautification.

Back to the Moon, it will also square Mars, raising the tension, but it will form a hexagon with Mercury, easing communications to some degree. As the day progresses a still weak triangle with the retrograde Neptune will start getting formed. This aspect will be stronger tomorrow and it boosts all magic based on the Water element and even more the ones that connect with past. This means, magic to awake our youthfulness is favoured, and so does past life recalling.

A tensed day, with lot of wild energy. This energy is difficult to handle, so probably it will cause problems, but if you can tame it, it can work miracles for you.

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We all should be careful today but Leo, Aries and Scorpio should be a little more so than the rest of us. The lucky signs of the day will be probably Virgo and then Gemini.


Be careful, calm and understanding when you deal with your beloved one. It is easy for them to anger you today, most probably because they aren’t balanced themselves. On the other hand, work seems better, and so does health. Be a little cautious about whatever has to do with the Sacral Chakra though.


Home family and marriage seem to be the main cause of stress and worries today. Try to be calm. An ex lover may play a part in your day. Positive or negative or even both. For the single ones though, it is a good opportunity to find a love interest.


Your close friends, your siblings and people who you consider as that probably have much to deal with and this somehow affect you. In a negative way most of the times. It’s not really your problem, so don’t make it so. On the other hand your family (the rest of it) and job will provide you with much to be happy about.


You may find yourself in the need to spend unexpected money on your loved one or your kids. This will stress you much, I believe. Maybe more than it should. Your close friends are supportive though. Ask for their help or advice. Internet can be a good source of meeting a new love interest.


You feel like you don’t belong in your own family today. Keep calm. Tomorrow things will feel better. You may need to spend some money in your home, but this will be a good thing. In most cases you’ll know it while spending them, but in some cases you may have to think of it a little more to realise it. Owned money may be repaid today.


You reconnect with yourself and this is a good thing. You awake your inner power and your talents. Work on them and express them. They may not look like they used to be, but this is just because you haven’t paid much attention to them for some time now. Some problems may occur with your friends, but probably this is an outer expression of your inner development.


Your spouse or lover may have some financial problems and this may affect you a little. There is also a possibility that you’ll find yourself in need to spend some more money on your social activities. On the same time your financial intuition is strong and reliable. Small range gambling and investments are favoured but don’t go for something big.


Things seem hard for you today. A major part of how hard they seem is your own point of view. Remember that and try to change it to a more positive one. You try to evaluate yourself and your life achievements and course and you seem to be too judgemental. Ask the people you know and trust about their opinion and advice. You’ll be surprised with how much better you’ll feel.


A very spiritual day for you, but not necessarily in a good way. Your intuition is strong but often clouded. Your connection with the spirit world is also strong, but your own imagination interferers a lot. Even if you don’t actively engage in spiritual activities, you’ll feel somewhat detached from the real world today. Trust more your hunches on work related subjects than on any other.


You may find that your relationship with some of your friends and acquaintances starts changing today. This can be either for better or worse. Whatever it is it will stress you and also inspire you. Yes, both these will happen. I can’t say much about the order though.


Your business partners may cause you some stress today. Also, if you are trying to start your own business you may find your other half discouraging you. Listen to them, but try not to pay much attention on their opinion though. Most probably it will change sooner than you think as possible. Those who work with spiritual energies may find their job being boosted.


You tend to expect some unrealistic things about your work, and mostly because of that, this day disappoints you to some degree. Your most important people in your life though appear to be very close to your ideal today, and therefore try to be with them as much as possible.

Astrology and Magic:

Beautifying magic is very potent today, and so is illusionary magic. Water element is very strong, so all spells based on this element are very capable as well. Here are a few of our spells you can work with.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.

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