Florida Water

Florida Water

Originally named as the American version of Eau de Cologne in 1800’s, Florida Water has become extremely popular for its rejuvenating and light citrus/ herbal fragrance and its cleansing properties.

The Lore of Florida Water

Said to provide relief from headache, scent the body, the clothes and home its invigorating scent helps to ‘wake up’ the body and lift the spirit.

Florida Water has also been remarkably known for its magical properties and has become a standard cleansing and protective agent among the Vodou/Santeria followers and the Shamans of Peru, which they include in many magical rituals and practices as well as during any preparation phase for protection and cleansing.  

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Even though there is a marketed brand of Florida Water which you can easily find online many Witches prefer to make their own version. Moreover, here we will see an easy recipe on how to make your own Florida Water which you can include in your daily spiritual practices.


  • Two cups of vodka or any alcohol of your preference
  • Two tablespoon of orange flower water
  • 6 drops of essential oil of bergamot
  • add 6 drops of essential oil of rosemary
  • 6 drops of essential oil of lavender
  • also 6 drops of essential oil of rose attar
  • 3 drops of essential oil of sage
  • 2 drops of essential oil of neroli
Real Magic Florida Water
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Now,mix all the ingredient together in a bottle and let it sit. It is also advised to adjust the quantities of the essential oils you include in order to make the scent more strong or close to your preference.


  • Florida Water has multiple uses and a few drops can really make a difference to your aura, your home or you magical practices. You can find below some suggestions:
  • Cleanse your house by adding salt and Florida Water to a bucket and mop the floors of your house.
  • Cleanse your magical items and crystals with a cloth and Florida Water.
  • Furthermore, you can also Cleanse your altar and your magical space before casting a circle.
  • Provide it as a thank you gift to the Spirit(s)/God(s) you are working with.
  • Moreover, you can Use it in your bath by adding a few drops in the water to cleanse your aura and rejuvenate the senses.
  • Also, put some Florida Water in your palms and clap them to raise vibrations and to give you a quick energy boost.
  • Due to its citrus fragrance it can be used in your rooms for a Happy Home and to combat melancholy and depression.
  • Florida Water can replace Holy water in magical practices and rituals. 
  • Add Florida Water and Van Van oil together in order to attract better clientele.
  • Use it to dress candles for magical spells and rituals for Protection, Communication with Spirits, Cleansing and Breaking Hexes and to remove malevolent magic.
  • Add a few drops to ink of your preference for petitions, wishes and writing to your own Book of Shadows.

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