How to Reclaim your Magic – 5 steps

How to Reclaim your Magic - 5 steps

Magic is in our DNA. It blends with our genetic code. You know, there are thousand pieces of coded information in our every cell, waiting for a reason to activate. Likewise, our magic is often waiting for a signal – a motivation – an invitation to wake up. To Reclaim your Magic you sometimes have to follow certain procedures. Throughout our lives and incarnations, we may have misused or abandoned our magical selves. No matter why we did it, we can take it back. Although sometimes, a Karmic Cleansing would be nice.

The Cave of Shadows

Plato, one of the World’s most famous philosophers who inspired a great deal of occult studies, once told a story about a Cave. He describes people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a white wall. The people watch the shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them. They even give names to these shadows. The shadows are the prisoners’ reality. Plato actually describes that these people live in an illusionary world.

The Illusion of ‘No Magical Powers’

Although everything in this world feels real, it’s not real as the objects give a false feeling through their shadows. This is our World. Our world, no matter how real it feels, it actually is not as real as we want to believe. It’s part of another – bigger reality, one that we have to evolve spiritually in order to understand it properly.

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5 steps to Reclaim your Magic

However, we are born in this world for a Reason. And yes, although this world is full of illusions, we should not defy its rules (for example, we are born in a world where Gravity is a Rule. No, we do NOT jump trying to fly because rules of Material World exist) but learn how we can get the bigger picture. And the Bigger Picture is our magical powers, the ways, to “bend” reality. To Reclaim your Magic follow these steps.

Step ONE: Karma Cleansing

Through the thousands of years we lived on this or other realms, we have activated a series of events, like a chain reaction. Every moment that we breathe, we act, think and feel causing a change in the astral and physical plane. This change of energy will later – or instantly – be converted to actual events which will become our reality. It’ very likely during our past lives that we could’ve used intentionally or unintentionally the dark paths of magic.

This created a dark karmic burden. In order, to reclaim your magic you need to let past go and free yourself. What’s done is done. Now you know better, and magic should always be used for benevolent reasons respecting free will! You are not perfect but you can become better. So first Step, Cleanse your Karma. Begin a new Path.

Step TWO: Explore your History

During this lifetime you’ve done some pretty good things too. Now that your Karma is Cleansed, make one more step to reclaim your Magic by exploring what you’ve already done. Signs of real magic appear in all of us. Take a blank new notebook and begin by writing your experiences in magic. Begin from your childhood. What have you already experience?

Do not judge what you write – and don’t question yourself if this is a genuine magical experience or not. How did it feel like? Try to remember all these moments that you’ve come across the truth. Have you ever had a lucid dreaming? Healing experiences? Right them down.

Step THREE: Re-Connect with Nature

Earth is not just our Home but a living parent, our Mother which always nurtures and protect us. It is also a force of tremendous magical power. Reading from the Goals of the Witch: 

‘It is said that any human can posses the powers of a Witch (see here more of the powers of the Witch) if he/she participates persistently in every major “Sabbat” of the Year (Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice etc). Participating in these festivals helps a Witch attune with the powers of Nature and the cycles of the Seasons. Every year, Mother Nature, the Great Goddess, dies and is reborn again as Persephone travels annually back and forth from the Underworld to our World. (Read more about Persephone and the Underworld here).

A Witch knows that these “Sabbats” grants power over Life & Death, the greatest mysteries. A Witch feels the power of Nature and cares about the planet. A Witch is and feels responsible for Nature’s future and does everything possible to give love and affection to Mother Nature. It is as simple as staring to recycle now or keep your own place or another public space near you clean. Remember that a Witch serves the Earth and learns from it.’

Step FOUR: Embrace your Sexuality

Sexual energy is pure life force. One of the greatest problems of this world – as well as a reason for all this mess – is the demonisation of sexual intentions. This was the greatest achievement of the Dark Forces. Ancestral guilt created a Karmic burden we all unfortunately born with.

These demons (and this is not just emphatic, I actually mean sex demons) of Sexual depravation tried to darken our very Life Force. Time to let go. How? By embracing your desires and sexuality. Bear in mind that you probably feel ashamed of your body and your sexuality since a very young age. Therefore, try to change this slowly and steadily. The results will be amazing and will boost your magic in ways UNIMAGINABLE. This comes hand-to-hand with the final step…

Step FIVE: Ignite your Passion

What do you like? Your Will is the most important tool for magic. However, your Will attracts magical energy any time without needing to cast any spells. With Every Breath you take you actually cast magic. This is how the Law of Attraction works.

Learn to stand your ground and speak the truth of your heart. What is it you want? Learn to express your feelings properly and don’t hide behind passive-aggressive behaviour. Your words have power. This doesn’t make you selfish. It makes you true. Feel free to negotiate the outcome but learning to express yourself empowers your confidence as you respect your needs and your instincts. Your Passion is your ally.

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