Wednesday, 6 September 2017 – Harvest Full Moon

Wednesday, 6 September 2017 – Harvest Full Moon


General Predictions for the Harvest Full Moon:

The last Full Moon before the Autumn Equinox (for the Northern Hemisphere or the Spring Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere) happens in the Water sign of Pisces and brings enough magic and more than enough energies.

The retrograde Neptune is energised through a conjunction with the Moon. The retrograde Pluto in Capricorn is energised through a hexagon with the Moon. Mercury has turned direct. Saturn and Jupiter bless us with their hexagon. Mercury and Mars are in conjunction. Venus from Leo interacts with both the great teachers. Sun opposes both Moon and Neptune. The retrograde Uranus from Aries is in triangle with Mercury. In short, all planets are very active. Even Chiron will be energised as the day proceeds by the Moon. Expect the unexpected and create miracles. Everything is possible. Even more so, as the rein of the middle Elements is raising.

A change is coming. It has started. And it will manifest itself. We’ll see it full impact by Halloween or, in some cases, even by the Winter Solstice. But it starts now, and it is much too obvious for most of us.

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Predictions for Aries:

Yourself demands your attention. All problems and issues from within surface and demand that you’ll take care of them. You need to find time alone with yourself. You need to reschedule, probably, everything in order to achieve this goal. But you need to do it. In the long run you should find a way to focus on yourself as much as on everything else, but right now, yourself is your priority. Meditate. Talk with yourself. Find what bothers you and heal it, correct it or change it. Build a strong internal foundation and a strong inner ally. This alliance will give you the needed strength to deal with whatever comes your way in the future successfully, or as painlessly as possible. Depression and a tendency to absolutely isolate yourself are the traps you should avoid. Ask the help of a specialist, if you can’t take care of everything by yourself, but don’t give in to the problems. They aren’t as strong as you are.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017 – Harvest Full Moon

Predictions for Taurus:

World calls upon you. This can manifest in every possible way. Friends demand to see you, spouses or lovers demands your attention. New people entering your life wanting your presence in theirs to be great. Individuals or organisations ask for your help. You find out that helping others and offering to others brings you true joy. You feel important. Even more, you feel that you matter. I indeed you are important and you do matter. It’s just that now you feel so. This is a good thing. What you must be careful about is not to lose yourself and your own time in the procedure. Your thoughts, your hobbies, or whatever else brings you joy is also important and you have to make room for those things as well. The world needs you. You have to be you in order to be able to offer yourself to the world. Offer yourself. Don’t sacrifice yourself.

Predictions for Gemini:

For those of you who are seeking a job, or a better job, this Full Moon can make this happen. It can do it quite suddenly though, so keep yourself ready at any moment for the opportunity to strike. And grab it. It is going to be a good opportunity. In any case your position in your environment becomes more important. World seems to go round around you. This attention can be some times an unwanted blessing, but other times is exactly what you were fighting for, sometime now. Whatever the case, enjoy it. Show the best of you. This is your opportunity to shine and establish a better way of living amongst your environment. Try not to be bossy though. This is the trap of this Full Moon for you. If you can avoid it, your new position in your world will be safe and happy for a very long time.

Predictions for Cancer:

This is a challenging Full Moon. Even more so for teenagers. If it will be coloured in happy or sad colours, depends on how you are going to react to its challenges. Your ideas about the world are challenged. You have to find out what works for you and need to remain, and what you need to change. Change – now – what needs a change, but support and defend what needs to remain. The usually peaceful Cancer becomes a little, or more, adventurous now. Follow this adventurous side of yours. It is existent and its needs and wishes have to be fulfilled. You don’t need to step way out of your comfort zone, but do put one foot out there. With a little bit of caution and a little bit of faith the whole world can change for you.

Predictions for Leo:

Sexuality and sexual satisfaction is very important for you right now and has been for some time. Even if you are not sexually active, your sexual energy is raised. This compels you to connect with others in deeper, more personal and more intimate levels. If you have somebody you are connected this way with, then under this influence this connection will become even stronger. If you don’t, you’ll seek for somebody like this. In this case, the odds are in your favour to find this special somebody. If you have somebody you should be connected like this, but you are not, you’ll feel it very strongly. A change there is needed. Does this mean changing your partner or your relationship with them? It depends on the individual case. Whatever it is the right solution, don’t be afraid of admitting it to yourself and acting upon it. The Universe also supports your financial needs. This can come by a raised income, a present, a loan, or even with some encouragement that will energise you. Be grateful for any support you receive and you’ll continue receiving support for a long time.

Predictions for Virgo:

Lately you were focused mostly on yourself, your needs and your dreams. This is a very good thing and a very healthy attitude. Now you know what you want from yourself and your life. And thus, now is the time to “invite” people to join you. These people may as well be already part of your life, but are they part of your dreams? Connect with them. Support them. Persuade them to join you in the adventure you are starting. Make them believe in your common happiness. But don’t try to force them. This is the trap you have to avoid. Business partners, lovers, spouse or important friends are the ones you should be focusing on. New ones may come in your life too under this influence, so keep your eyes open. Reform your relationship with them and connect better and deeper with them. You are not right and they are wrong. You both are right in your own way. Keep this in mind while conversing with them.

Predictions for Libra:

Your appearance and everyday life and routine – any or all aspects of it – doesn’t satisfy you at the moment, and under this Full Moon this realisations speaks very loud. Weight control is usually difficult when we have Jupiter in our zodiac, but it is possible. If this is the problem, just discipline your self and commit in a healthier diet and more exercising. Ask the advice of a specialist. But, whatever is that which bothers you start changing it. Don’t expect others to change or change your situations for you. Start doing what you can to change the situations on your own. Even the smallest steps in the right way will eventually transform your whole life.

Predictions for Scorpio:

A full moon of joy for Scorpios. In most cases, even if you don’t make this joy happen, it will force itself in your lives. In that case maybe by forcing you to realise that you need it by feeling the lack of it much too hard. So, do allow joy to enter your life. Love is very important too. Express yourself and your love. It may comes to you suddenly, but believe in your heart. Artistic and creative work is also favoured. If your line of business is there, this will be a marvellous beginning of an even better life – as long as you put your everything in it.

Predictions for Sagittarius:

Willingly or not, your focus will turn on your personal life, your home and your family. This may come through problems raising there. Don’t get overly stressed or overwhelmed by these problems. The Full Moon doesn’t ask you to abandon all other life. It demands from you to make time for you, your home and your family, just as well as your social life and your work. Do what must be done right now, but even more importantly, set your priorities right, so that you’ll always have time to take care of all these aspects of your life.

Predictions for Capricorn:

Were you too focused on the everyday obligations or were you neglecting them to serve your dream world or personal wishes? Whatever the case, this method doesn’t work properly. To happily live on this Earth you need to follow your heart’s desires, but also fulfil your obligations, and keep proper communication with people around you. This is the balance you are challenged to bring in your life under this Full Moon. Important letters or papers, mostly for work matters may come demanding your attention. Friends may demand your attention. Whatever you neglected the most will be more demanding now. Don’t lose focus. The goal is a schedule that can fit everything in.

Predictions for Aquarius:

Are your relationships one way? Not only your romantic ones, but your friendly ones and all the rest too. Are you offering much more than you receive? Are you receiving much more than you offer? The latter may have felt good for some time, but both of them are unhealthy ways to relate with others and you are coming to this realisation now. You want to love and be loved. To give and take. To have balanced and healthy relationships. In the procedure some relationships will cease to exist, some will become healthier and some new will appear. And this tendency to balance your relationships is just a reflection of your inner need to turn your life into a balanced, comfortable and wealthy one. Money may indeed raise, but even more you realise that having more is not what makes you wealthy.

Predictions for Pisces:

You are coming to the realisation that you are, or should be, the protagonist of the play we call “your life”. After all, you are the only person who if missing there is no play! This is the time to regain the control of your life and “command” the Universe to cover your needs and fulfil your wishes. Enthrone yourself, control your life and control your fate, but don’t try to control others. This is the trap you have to avoid, if you want the blessings of this Full Moon to be only beneficial.

Astrology and Magic:

A very dynamic Full Moon, with a huge magical energy. Every kind of magic can work miracles. Here are just very few of our spells and articles that can help you. You can find much more by searching our site.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon.

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