5 Ways for Empaths to Protect and Enhance their Energy

5 Ways for Empaths to Protect and Enhance their Energy

Being an empath is not actually a cakewalk. Although it has its advantages, it brings forward responsibilities one is not always ready to handle. This is exactly the reason why some empaths feel this ability as a curse rather than a blessing. It is not easy to be worried all the time…

Empaths: Blessed or Cursed? 

There are millions of people who suffer daily and frankly we all have felt pain. A true empath is the one who can actually ‘sense’ these irregularities. The most common way they ‘sense’ these irregularities is by ‘mirroring’ these emotions into their own hearts. In other words, what pain others feel, they can feel it too – usually in the same way. Now, multiply it, by the number of people who suffer and you can understand how difficult can this be. 

Who is an Empath? 

In our article “Are you an Empath?” we try to give some definition to this term. “Empaths are people who are very sensitive to the energies/vibrations that surround them, both thoughts and emotions, of other people, animals, plants and even that of spirits. This sensitivity seems to stem from the ancient belief that everything is connected therefore it is easier for some people to make this happen- tap into the energies that surround us and become one with them.

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Go on then and see if you are an empath or not. If YES, then you probably need the following methods to ‘protect’ you energy and yourself from this ability. 

5 Ways for Empaths to Protect and Refresh their Energy

1. Grounding 

A empath usually feels trapped in their vast sea of emotions. Accumulating hundreds of people’s painful emotions keep an empath occupied all day and night long. These emotions, although they can become a powerful tool for magic, they are usually difficult to cope with. 

Grounding, is a very important technique. By mastering grounding, empaths can actually abolish this excessive emotional energy. By Connecting with Mother Earth, we actually become one with everything. Hence, energy and emotions circulate freely without causing an empath to ‘burn out’. 

2. Black Obsidian 

This amazing crystal is used by many wizards and witches as the ultimate shield from negativity and a perfect tool for empaths. The Black Obsidian neutralized everything that’s in excess leaving the mind calm and peaceful. 

An empath should carry a jewel of obsidian and touch it every now and then.

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In times of emotional excess, do the following Black Obsidian Ritual. 

  • Take one black obsidian in your hands and close your eyes.
  • Take a few breaths and exhale reminding yourself that with each breath your relax and your feel more secure.
  • Stay there with your eyes shut for few minutes and repeat a mantra like “I am safe, I am in charge of my emotions, my emotions make me powerful”.
  • Repeat the words till they make no sense. Keep breathing slowly, easily.
  • When you feel ready open your eyes.
  • Go and wash your obsidian with running water. Its quality of absorbing magic makes it a very handy tool but we have to cleanse it from negativity.

3. Bay Laurel leaves

Emotions are pure energy. Good emotions are positive energy. Dark emotions are negative energy. Hence, if only empaths could transmute the dark emotions into good ones, they would become unstoppable.

Bay Laurel Leaves are an empath’s best friends. This amazing herb – dedicated to God Apollo, God of all Blessings – has the amazing ability to turn darkness into light (providing you are not allergic to it). 

Use Bay Laurel: 

  • By burning the leaves you actually create a neutralizing smoke which ‘numbs’ negativity and transmutes it to positive energy. See here more about burning bay laurel leaves. Always use fire safety measures.
  • You can make an herbal ‘tea’ with bay laurel or a mixture which has some of this amazing herb.
  • Use this herb in you kitchen and put it in you food. It tastes amazing. 

4. Chakra Cleansing 

Your energy centers should be cleansed and balanced regularly. This is one of the most important ways to keep you sane and your aura healthy. 

If your chakras are unbalanced, this excessive energy may damage your aura and materialize the pain. This should be in your daily routine. You don’t have to spend much time on it but you need to do it as often as possible. For example, 5 minutes meditation / every day – can be enough! 

chakra natural stone bracelet
A 7 Chakra bracelet with natural Stone Material: Amethyst,Lapis Lazuli,Lava Chakra,Red Agate,Amber,Tiger Eye,Green King Stone,Turquoise

There are many ways to cleanse your chakras and keep them in balance. Here is an example. 

5. Raise Your Vibrations

Energy vibrates in different frequences. We attract what we are. This is the Law of Attraction. Thus, if you are positive, you will attract this type of energy. I know what you are thinking. How can an empath be positive when s/he feels all the pain of the world?

It’s simple. Think of your ’empathic’ ability as a radio tuner. If you tune in negativity, you will attract more of it. However, if you manage to tune into happiness and hope, you will attract more and more of it. 

There are many ways to raise your vibrations. Music, laughter, dancing, sex… We have actually published an amazing article on advice for this purpose. Here you will find useful tips and information on how to tune into positive magical energy. 

That’s it. Have you got any more advice to share? We’d love to hear more from your experience! Join Qooest.com and find more empaths!

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