What’s Your Nature Spirit according to Your Zodiac Sign

What's Your Nature Spirit according to Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Signs were always considered as 12 different aspects of Mothers Nature. There is no good or bad Zodiac Sign as there is no Good or Bad Nature Spirit. However, not all Zodiac Signs are compatible with us. Everyone of us is unique. We’ve already seen each Zodiac Sign’s association with Magical Abilities. 

What’s Your Nature Spirit according to Your Zodiac Sign

In the same way, each Nature Spirit possesses different abilities and attributes. Based on your Natal Chart, one can know with what Nature Spirit is closer to you. Every Nature Spirit has an affiliation with one or more Zodiac Signs. Each Nature Spirit represents a different aspect of Mother Nature, a different force which should always be respected. Learning about the powers of each Nature Spirit will help us co-operate with Nature Forces.

Aries: Salamanders

Salamander, according to Paracelsus, the greatest medieval alchemist, is the noble elemental spirit of Fire. These magnificent creatures usually dwell in Volcanos or inhabit house fires who literally give them life. This is why if you have a fireplace, it is likely to have a majestic Salamander around you. Although their poison is lethal, these creatures are also believed to possess antidotes and cures for many diseases.

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Their personality is extremely fun and enthusiastic just like Aries. They are usually over-whelmed by their passions. Love and friendship are the most important values and they always listen to their hearts, which is the source of True Fire. Moreover, amongst every Nature Spirit, a Salamander, is one of the bravest and the most reckless. They seem to be attracted by danger and adventure.

  • Living with an Aries, is like embarking on a never-ending exotic adventure with a passionate Salamander, masters of fire.

Taurus: Pixies

Pixies are wonderful spirits of nature who dwell in the forests and other fertile and blessed sites of Mother Earth. These creatures are drawn by the beauty of nature and can become very possessive and over-protective about their home and the things they love – just like Taurus. It is said, that they love to sing around or dance in circle, together with forest animals. This is why they form circles known as fairy or pixie rings. These territories are believed to be portals to their Realm and a beacon of Pixie Power.

Often, these magnificent creatures become tricksy and love to mislead humans. There are numerous accounts of people who got lost because of pixies and their game. However they never mess with the ones who love to sing along their journey or the ones who carry bread with them. Food and Arts are sacred to them, exactly like Taurus. Pixies – and Taurus – respect the truth and the warm hearted people.

  • Living with a Taurus, is like breathing their enchanting pixie-dust every moment of your life.
The Mythical Creatures Bible: The Definitive Guide to Legendary Beings
The Mythical Creatures Bible: The Definitive Guide to Legendary Beings

Gemini: Sylphs

The ‘Sylphs‘ or better ‘Sylphides‘ are elemental creatures of Air. Hence they reign over winds, clouds and storms. They love inhabiting the air. Therefore they are literally everywhere! Moreover, due to the nature and qualities of the element of Air and according to the system of the greatest medieval alchemist, Paracelsus, sylphs love bridging between material and spiritual realm, acting some times as messengers. Winds are believed to transport Sylphs. This is why – talking to the Winds – is believed to be so magical. Because the Winds DO listen!

Sylphs are REAL! I mean they make their appearance noticeable every time they want. If you have a cat, notice how they stare at nowhere after a storm. Sylphs may be inhabited your room! They are very intelligent and they can give you protection when traveling or bless you with inspiration and luck in intellectual works.

Ever moving, ever watching, ever listening they are agents of information and inspiration, just like Gemini.

  • Living with a Gemini, is like having a sylph around you all the time, protecting and inspiring you with the secrets of the World.

Cancer: Undines

Deriving from the latin word for Waves, Undines are extremely enchanting creatures. They are believed to be powerful Nature Spirits – elementals of Waters, inhabiting forest pools, lakes, waterfalls but also sacred wells. Moreover, Undines are blessed with a mesmerizing voice. They love to sing over waters plays or creating wavy swirls. Listening to their voice over the sound of water is a sign that the conjuration for Undines was successful.

According to a tradition, Undines are soulless. Hence, to become immortal, they have to marry a mortal. Only then they can live forever. However, the mortal should be faithful as they cannot stand to be betrayed. They are moody and can even become extremely jealous. Just like Cancer, Undines are lovely and can provide a life of love, magic and devotion. But the moment they feel betrayed they can change and flow away like the water!

  • Living with a Cancer is like eternally swimming around the blessed waters where Sylphs dwell. Show Love to them and explore together their magical depths.
The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures: The Ultimate A–Z of Fantastic Beings from Myth and Magic
The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures: The Ultimate A–Z of Fantastic Beings from Myth and Magic

Leo: Griffins

Griffins are amazing creatures which are commonly depicted half lion half eagle. Although Griffins are found in almost all civilizations, most of our stories from the Ancient Greece. The chariot Nemesis, the Goddess of Diving Justice, was drawn by powerful and sometimes vengeful griffins. Furthermore, exactly because of this, we see many alchemical and occult depictions of Griffins driving chariots – like the Tarot Card ‘the Chariot’. Moreover, Griffins are found resting on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’. This is direct symbolism for Karma – the Divine Justice – Nemesis.

Griffins – as Leo – are noble creatures who protect Justice and Truth. They are brave, never fearing or flinching. This is why they are the Nature Spirits who are associated with Leo. Griffins are inspiration for Leo, drawing power and vitality from them.

  • Living with a Leo is like always being being accompanied by brave creatures ready to defend and inspire you.

Virgo: Hesperides

Hesperides, also known as the “Nymphs of the Evening”, where three magnificent daughters of Nyx, Goddess of the Night. These heavenly ladies were living a far western corner of the ancient world – they were also called ‘Nymphs of the West’ – located near the Atlas mountains in North Africa at the edge of the encircling Oceanus (god of all Oceans). They were protecting an enchanted garden where an apple tree grows, producing magical golden apples. Anyone who ate one would instantly become immortal and young. This was the wedding Gift of Mother Earth – Gaia, to Zeus and Hera, king and queen of all Gods.

Hesperides, were stunning ladies who were protectors of many powerful artifacts. The were also called ‘Atlantides’ and its was believed to inhabit the ‘Isles of the Blest’ or ‘Fortunate Isles’, a place where there was always summer. According to Greek religion, the islands were reserved for those who had chosen to be reincarnated thrice, and managed to be judged as especially pure enough to gain entrance to the Elysian Fields all three times. Talking about perfectionism… right?

Hesperides, just like Virgo, love gardens, herbs, flower and handy artifacts. Moreover they can devote their lives to something they believe is sacred and valuable. Their beauty is uncanny. It was believed, that the orange-red color of Sunset comes from Hesperides and their enchanting garden.

  • Living with a Virgo, feels like being eternally cared, protected and adored by Nymphs.

Hesiod tells about Hesperides in “Theogony”:
“And again, Ceto bore to Phorcys the fair-cheeked Graiae, sisters grey from their birth: and both deathless gods and men who walk on earth call them Graiae, Pemphredo well-clad, and saffron-robed Enyo, and the Gorgons who dwell beyond glorious Ocean in the frontier land towards Night where are the clear-voiced Hesperides, Sthenno, and Euryale, and Medusa who suffered a woeful fate: she was mortal, but the two were undying and grew not old. With her lay the Dark-haired One1in a soft meadow amid spring flowers”

Libra: Fairies

Fairies is a special race of beings, who bridge the Realms of Spirits and the Realm of Humans. It’s hard to find a civilization who did not believe in fairies. They are powerful and when the time is right they love to appear and meddle with our affairs. Fairies, just like Libra, are delicate yet moody creature who can turn into vengeful spirits at no time.

Fairies need to be respected. They punish the irresponsible and irreverent ones but at the same time, they bestow unimaginable powers to those who respect nature. Fairies live in a very well structured kingdom, with kings and queen and other types of powers. They are loyal. Sometimes, they love to marry humans and give birth to extraordinary children. (Check here if you descend from a fairy Blood-line).

Fairy, is a nature spirit which loves peace and beauty just like Libra. They will do anything in their power to preserve harmony. When time is right, they will fight and destroy the ones who dare to challenge their ‘manifesto’. Peace should prevail at any cost. 

  • Living with a Libra is like dancing with fairies always trying to beautify and harmonize your life and destiny. 

William Shakespeare in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” devotes to Fairies:
“The king doth keep his revels here to-night:
Take heed the queen come not within his sight;
For Oberon is passing fell and wrath, 
Because that she as her attendant hath 
A lovely boy, stolen from an Indian king;
She never had so sweet a changeling;
And jealous Oberon would have the child 
Knight of his train, to trace the forests wild;
But she perforce withholds the loved boy, 
Crowns him with flowers and makes him all her joy;
And now they never meet in grove or green, 
By fountain clear, or spangled starlight sheen”

Element Encyclopedia of Fairies
Element Encyclopedia of Fairies

Scorpio: Nereids

Nereids are the nymphs of the sea. Enchanting, magnificent beings who have power over the waters. The Nereids can be extremely helpful to humans, saving sailors after a shipwreck. Nereids are actually the souls of the Waters. They embody anything that is mysterious and beautiful about the sea. Furthermore, Nereids – just like Scorpio – are very powerful empaths, able to feel what others feel. This is why they love to help.

Nereids, the souls of the Sea love to sing and dance around the waves caused by their father. Moreover, the usually appear crowned with branches of red coral and dressed in white silk robes. Red and White are the two major colors representing the two primordial forces of male and female. Hence, Nereids, carry the ‘Alchemical Marriage’, the union of both forces making them extremely enchanting and passionate. They were part of Poseidon’s entourage and carried his trident. Why?

Because Nereids, just like Scorpio, are not passive. Poseidon is mighty and Nereids can actually engage in fights.

  • Living with a Scorpio is like ever dancing and singing with the passionate nymphs of the Sea, exploring all the mysteries of the sea and the depths of one’s emotions.

Sagittarius: Dryad

Dryads are the spirits of trees, the Souls of the Forest. They love to inhabit trees but their existence do not depend on the tree itself. Contrary to ‘sister’ spirits – hamadryads – they love to go our from the tree they dwell and dance around the forest singing and following other companions of Goddess of hunting – Artemis / Diana , and the God of Wine and Ecstasy, Dionysus.

Just like Sagittarius, they love adventure. Although they love and respect their roots and families, they don’t like to get too attached to them. They long for freedom, adventure and wisdom. Dryads, love to hang out with those who admire and can learn something (like God Dionysus and Goddess Artemis).

Moreover, even the Word ‘Dryad’ reveals their divine and royal origin. Dryad comes from the greek word ‘δρυς’ which means Oak, the most powerful and respected from all trees as it’s the symbol of the King of Gods, Zeus ( and Thor). It was also believed, that he or she who dares to hang out with dryads, must always be ready to embark on dangerous and reckless adventures. Exactly like Sagittarius, which sometimes their lives make no sense for anyone but them.

  • Living with a Sagittarius is like hanging out with wise and beautiful dryads, always loving to learn and experience more. Be ready for an adventurous but NEVER boring life.

Capricorn: Gnomes

Gnomes are the Earth Elementals who love to inhabit caves, forests and mountains, practicing their craft, ever evolving it to the most wonderful level. Gnomes are keepers of their oath and protect their properties with sophisticated traps and magical spells. Moreover, they are hard workers but also extremely social. They are a dwarfic tribe. Their height itself, implies how close they are with the Earth and its magic.

Just like Capricorn, they are very ambitious yet sometimes can become greedy, trying to keep their treasures at any cost. However, they are loyal and honest, keeping their word, whatever it takes. Although it’s hard to convince them to help you, once they agree, they will keep their word. Gnomes form well-structured and highly advanced societies. Spirituality and technology comes hand to hand.

Gnomes might sometimes look snobbish yet they’ve got a warm and true heart. They are also very brave but not reckless. Although they don’t ask for trouble when the time has come, they will fight and probably win due to their strategic and brilliant mind.

  • Living with a Capricorn, is living with a hard-working, loyal, passionate and brave creature who is always ready to do whatever it takes to build an abundant home for both of you.

Aquarius: Elves

Elves are considered to be the most magical creatures who clearly don’t seem to belong in our material plane. Their bright eyes, light complex and silver hair make them so unique and so rare. Although they are extremely social, just like Aquarius, creating vast cities, they tend to be peculiar, picky and snob sometimes.

Aquarius is associated with Elves because of their amazing ability to see the World in a very different way than us. Their Agile personality brings them closer to Aquarius than any other sign. Moreover, time seems to flow in a different way for this Zodiac Sign, just like the Elves who are either immortal or live for much more years than us. Elves are crafty and their civilization is extremely advanced.

  • Living with an Aquarius is like sharing your life with a brilliant, elf-like creature who is ready to invite you in a magical world.

William Shakespeare in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” devotes to Elves:
“Elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves;
And ye, that on the sands with printless foot,
Do chase the ebbing Neptune, and do fly him
When he comes back; you demy-puppets that
By moonshine do the green-sour ringlets make
Whereof the ewe not bites,”

Pisces: Merpeople (Mermaids, Mermen)

Merpeople are enchanting creatures which usually live underwater yet rarely come out of the sea or lakes to see meet with ‘land-walkers’. Merpeople are found in almost all civilizations. This is no coincidence. Of course these creatures are real yet the choose to cover their tracks.

Pisces are associated with Merpeople because of their empathic, sensitive, intuitive, mystical, fragile personality. Like Merpeople, they chose to live underwater, in a similar yet different world. They rarely face reality in the same way as most humans. According to ancient traditions, Merpeople carry a mirror (another symbol of illusion and different plane) and usually comb their magnificent hair, while singing songs about the lost civilizations and great kings. They radiate a mystical sweetness which is able to enchant anyone. The fact that they live underwater is not because they don’t care about the humans. On the contrary. They are extremely sensitive and they tend to be disappointed from cruel behavior.

  • Having a Pisces with you, is a divine gift if you don’t disappoint them. The ones who hear their songs are considered the luckiest and most privileged.

William Shakespeare in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” devotes to Merpeople:
“Once I sat upon a promontory
And heard a Mermaid on a dolphin’s back
Uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath
That the rude sea grew civil at her song
And certain stars shot madly from their spheres
To hear the sea maid’s music.”

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