Harvest Full Moon in Aries – September 24/25

Predictions for the Full Moon in Aries - September 24/25

Harvest Full Moon in Aries - September 24/25

General Predictions for the Full Moon

On September 25 at 02:52 UT, the Moon from Aries opposes the Sun in Libra forming the Full Moon.

This can be a very important Full Moon for all of us as the Moon conjuncts Chiron, and the Sun opposes it, when the Full Moon occurs. On top of that, Mercury in conjunction with the Sun, also opposes both the Moon and Chiron. And all these under the shadow – or light, if you prefer – of the Equinox.

Expect significant and important lessons to come. Some may have already started. As the very-strict teacher is not in its best mood, these lessons may come in the form of unpleasant events and situations. Even more so if they are repeated lessons we have to learn the previous time. Nonetheless, they can be life changing ones, and despite appearances, they hold the potency of making our lives more fulfilling and complete. Of course, only if we decide to accept them and learn them, this time. Also, although the Full Moon happens while Chiron is, barely, still in Aries, in the very next day it returns in Pisces. This can mean that although the lessons Chiron tries to teach us can be intrigued from the world around us, the important part – where we should be focusing on – is at happens inside us.

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The other strict teacher, Saturn, is also in a not so good mood. It’s in a square with the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Chiron the moment of the Full Moon. This will make things more intense. Even more, our mind can be easily clouded, which can make it harder to learn and understand what we should learn and understand. These clouds, though, will clear after the Third Quarter, at least partly, as Mercury’s square on Saturn will stop acting.

By the way, this inability to think straight and to learn and understand things will affect us not only in regards of the cosmic lessons, but in all aspects of our lives.

Venus plays an interesting game this period. Its hexagon on Saturn is getting weaker , but before it becomes ineffective, Venus turns into Retrograde motion and the aspect will become stronger again. Before, though, this happens it closes in on Jupiter. Strictly speaking they won’t conjunct each other, as Venus turns retrograde just a moment before a conjunction would have happened. Nonetheless, we’ll see some of the blessings of this almost-conjunction. We may focus more on beautification or on the arts. Also our chances to broaden our social circle rise. New people are coming our way more easily. Whether they are potential friends, lovers, something else, or nothing to care about depends on each case. But, if you want to expand your social circle this is a good period to try doing so.

Pluto also acts interestingly. On the good side, it turns in to direct motion on September 30. Even more during the whole period it is in a weak-yet-active conjunction with Venus. This will empower the effects of the Venus – Jupiter aspect. This is a good period for choosing your cosmetics. Also using them will be more effective. Do you make your own? Even better. Philtres, potions, perfumes and other magically empowered cosmetics will also be stronger, if they intend to enhance your beauty and charm. Once Venus turns retrograde anti-ageing will be extra strong.

Jupiter is in a hexagon with Pluto, of course, as it has been for about a year now. When Pluto turns back into direct motion all the delays and obstacles in their hexagon will vanish. On top of that, during this Full Moon and the waning Moon period this hexagon is quite strong. Try to make the most of it as after this period it only gets weaker.

On the bad side, the Sun from Libra will start stressing Pluto almost as soon as the latter turns direct. By the time of the New Moon this aspect will be nearing its strongest point. We’ll need some caution conducting the dead, as well as Angels and the spirits. Regarding the latter, this will be especially true for spirits of Fire and Earth. Also, the creation of philtres, potions, charms and perfumes for prosperity and good luck will be harder, unless you know very well what you are doing. In any case though, if you need such a thing, create it and bless it before the 2nd of October.

Mercury will be in a square with Pluto from the next day of the Full Moon and it will sustain this stressful aspect for the whole period of the waning Moon. Once again, conducting the dead and the spirits won’t be easy. Also, omens and messages coming from them can easily be misinterpreted. Buying a new tarot or oracle deck, as well as blessing one, is not suggestible, either.

Finally, as Pluto is overly active during this period, depression and other psychological and mental disorders can act up. Empower yourself, keep your mindset positive and, if you have a history with issues of this nature either prepare yourself according to your case, or ask the help of a professional.

Full Moon Predictions for Aries

Your business partners may stress you in various ways under the influences of this Full Moon. Finding common ground in your opinions and plans or achieving agreements with them may not be as easy as usual. Finding new partners, too.

All other business and career matters, though, receive mostly beneficial influences. This is a good period to expand your business, start a new one, ask for a promotion or find a better jop or position. Even in smaller scale, things in the field will be good and satisfactory, one way or an other.

Full Moon Predictions for Taurus

Work can be troublesome this period. Mistakes are easily made. Following your schedule can become a challenge. Adapting to a new schedule, too. Pay attention to the details and do your best. Studies and mental kind of jobs will be influenced the most.

On the other hand, love life seems to be quite pleasant both for the singles and for those in a relationship. Finding a new love of similar interests or in places where you practice them is possible. Existing relationships where you share similar interests will be the luckiest ones.

Full Moon Predictions for Gemini

Love life receive mostly stressful influences from the Full Moon. Coming closer to your other half can become mote challenging usual. For the singles opportunities may arise, but proceed slowly. Also, sex is not the right way to build a good relationship right now.

On the other hand work seems to be very satisfactory. Quite pleasant and most probably prosperous. Health care professionals receive the best influences. Also, health seems quite good other than the times the Moon stresses it.

Full Moon Predictions for Cancer

This is a very good period for love life. Both the singles and those in a relationship will enjoy this period and the blessings it brings. In one word love is happy. Also happiness and entertainment can make our love life better.

Those already married, or in an “old* relationship may face some stress in it, if they don’t pay proper attention to the communication between the couple. Listen carefully and speak clearly. In cases, though, this won’t overshadow the blessings of the period. In some cases it’s the parental couple that stresses you, rather than your partner.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo

Those studying a profession rather than a subject and those taking lessons in order to better their work abilities and capabilities may have a stressful period. Also jobs based on communication, transportation and the means of those can have a stressful period.

Other than that, though, things regarding your job are mostly good. Probably not too great, but good, nonetheless. Also health issues of family members are getting better, or at least in order. This can mean, amongst others, that a seemingly negative development will cause an even better health in the long run.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo

This can become a very social period. Your friends become more important and a source of joy. Even more, meeting new people is possible, as well a turning an acquaintance to a real friend. Work also is getting busier, but in a good way.

Money, though, and the handling of it can be less happy. Expenses may be more than you’d expect. Also you have a tendency to overspend in luxuries. Do spend in them. Just avoid the over part.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra

This period is very stressful for you. Whether it’s a big matter what stresses you, or many small ones, or a combination of the two, depends on your individual case. Staying calm, and optimistic is a good strategy.

Family can be quite supportive. In many cases financially, too. Also, this is a good period to invest money on your home, or finding a new place to live or to run your business. Selling property also receives good and supportive influences.

Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio

There is a great deal of positive and supporting influences on your zodiac during this Full Moon and the waning Moon period, so make the most out of it. It’s most likely you’ll get busy anyway. Try, though, to dedicate most of your time and energy to things you want to advance.

Your oversensitivity to what people tell you or tell about you is your greater enemy. Don’t bother too much about others’ opinions. If they have something interesting to say, listen that, but don’t let them discourage you from achieving what you want to achieve.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius

Those working with their imagination, inspiration, empathy or spiritual abilities can have quite a prosperous period. Even if this is not your tool, employ such methods and you’ll have a much better work experience and, most probably, a bigger profit.

High-tech equipment may need some repairs or change. If you don’t need to, though, it’s advisable to avoid such moves during this period. If you need to, then do so after thorough and with much caution.

Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn

This is a good period to focus on advertising yourself, your business etc. Also, it’s a good period to engage with your social media and other internet activities that can help you promote and achieve your goals, both personal and professional. Also, this is a good period for attending parties or be in similar situations.

Business and career matters, though, may stress you. Even more so when what you are doing isn’t what you want to be doing, or it causes obstacle in your path to achieve your real goals, both regarding your career and your personal life.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius

Those whose job is related with the arts, spirituality and even the human mind and soul will, most probably, have a very good period. Not necessarily very prosperous, but very good nonetheless. Also, for them as well as for all else, this is a good period to think and decide how to advance in your career and how to make your business better and more profitable.

Students, though, will have a relatively stressful period. This can happen partly because of your new decisions. If so, this doesn’t mean your decisions were wrong. Also shakeups can happen to your schools, places of study and even churches and philanthropic organisations.

Full Moon Predictions for Pisces

All forms of studying receive some beneficial influences. Long distance learning as well as short term studies, like in seminars, receive even better influences. Also, trade of services seems lucky and travelling for business is auspicious.

Trade of high-tech equipment, though, isn’t as lucky. Also, buying the right such equipment can become challenging. Amongst other forms this challenge can take, it’s more difficult to buy what yo really need, or you find it more expensive than you thought, or that you are willing to pay for it.

Astrology and Magic

All forms of love, beautification and the like are strong. Philtres, charms and perfumes for the same purposes, too.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon and the waning Moon period.

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