Horoscope of 2018 – Astrological Predictions for All Zodiac Signs

Horoscope of 2018

The Stars have spoken. 2018 is going to be a year much different than the previous ones. Three major Astrological events are going to happen during this year, marking a new era of physical and spiritual beginnings. Although this year is a year of preparation, still, many interesting events will take place. Let’s take a look on the horoscope of 2018. Because who knows the Stars… better than the Witches ?

Mars for 5 months in Aquarius – Humanity strikes back

We certainly live in a material world and money is what bothers most of us – especially the last years with this terrible square of Uranus with Pluto, which actually caused the Global Financial Crisis. Of course this is the reason why most of our spiritual things have lost their value and significance in this world. Everything is money related and human life seems less important. Are we going to change that? 

Horoscope of 2018 in spotlight: A Year of Remarkable Changes in our Psyche.

It seems that 2018 is going to be a year of remarkable changes in our psyche. Human race is going to discover all that makes us different and all that unites us. 2018 is not going to be an easy year, however, 2018 is going to be a year when we realize that human race has fallen from Grace. We’ve made some terrible mistakes in the past centuries. We’ve hurt each other, we’ve murdered each other, we have tortured each other. Yet, still, there’s hope.

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This is going to be a year when something good awakens in our soul. 2018 is the year when Humanity, wakes up.

Saturn in Capricorn: Troubles in World Economy and America

When Saturn enters a zodiac sign, things might get messed up. And this is not an exception. During the following three years, we are going to observe major changes in all capitalistic countries and the whole world wide economy. Although this is not going to be exactly like the financial crisis of the past 10 years. This looks much more political. 

Horoscope of 2018 in spotlight: USA will be forced to take some (political) steps back as protests will demand for another way.  

America will be forced to take some steps back. This happens because the USA actually rule the global financial system. 

Protests – with surprisingly large number of people – will clash with capitalism, as human race changes. We will aim towards virtues and values, spiritually higher than usual. We will work harder. That’s for sure. But the following three years are going to set a stable base for the Era of Aquarius.

Uranus in Taurus (for 5 months): Less violence – more catastrophes

Terrorism and wars seem to lose their power, as humanity tries to earn back its rightful place in this World. However, natural catastrophes are more possible to take place, especially after May 2018. This is the first time when Uranus will enter Taurus.

This new planetary position causes imbalance in nature. Uranus talks about changes and Taurus hates them. Hence, it will affect the Earth, as the planet of changes will bring earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural catastrophes. However, light will shine from the ashes of a doomed world. During these hard times, we will see the miracle of humans sticking together and helping each other – as we should do. 

Horoscope of 2018 in spotlight: Although Financial crisis seems to reach an end, Europe (and Germany) is going to face severe difficulties at least until 2020.

Moreover, Uranus will make us question our previous choices regarding our irrational materialistic obsession. We will be forced to change. And while we are changing, remarkable things are going to happen. 

Which are the Luckiest signs for 2018?

The luckiest sign for 2018 is definitely Pisces! These guys receive most of the blessings, along with Virgo. 

Which are the Signs which should be more careful in 2018? 

Libra needs to be careful as balance should be restored at home and family. Aries also needs to be careful, not to misdirect all this energy. 

Which signs will be relieved 2018?

Gemini and Sagittarius will have the chance to breathe again!

Which Sign is the most favoured in Relations and Sex?

Cancer might get married or meet this special someone. Pisces are also lucky in this part! 

Which sign is the luckiest as far as money is concerned? 

Libra, although has a demanding year ahead, will also has the chance to increase its income! 

Let’s Take a Look at Each Zodiac Sign

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