New Moon in Libra – 09 October 2018

Predictions for the New Moon in Libra - October 09 2018

New Moon in Libra - 09 October 2018

General Predictions for the New Moon in Libra:

On October 09 at 03:47 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Libra forming the New Moon. Also, from 8:51 UT to 04:09 of the 10th of the month, the Moon will be void of course.

Pluto is heavily stressed by the New Moon as both the Sun and the Moon square it. This stress won’t subside for the whole period until the Full Moon and it’s probably one of the most important and strong influences of the period.

Thankfully, Jupiter from Scorpio still supports Pluto, but this year-long aspect is nearing its end, so it’s not that strong, now. Also, the Retrograde Venus (see more here) from Scorpio supports Pluto, but this aspect loses strength day by day and it will stop being active by the First Quarter on the 16th. Mercury, though, who enters Scorpio on the 11th, will start supporting Pluto from the 16th onwards and until Halloween and it will be at its strongest point the days close to the Full Moon. The retrograde Neptune from Pisces also supports Pluto, and although this aspect is not very strong and it loses strength by day, it won’t become very weak either, for the whole period.

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So, Pluto receives too many energies and mostly stressful and, therefore, the whole period will be difficult as all our negative emotions and psychological and mental conditions can become much louder. Even if we normally can control them easily, these days we may find it more difficult. Also, those in medication may face some stress regarding it. Maybe you’ll need to change your prescription and maybe you feel insecure or unhappy about these changes. Things like those. If things like these happen, try to decide what to do the days the Moon supports Pluto and certainly avoid the days the Moon stresses it.

Smoking, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and other obsessions can become stronger. Try to control them as much as you can and do ask for help if you can’t.

Magically speaking, charms, potions, philtres, magical perfumes and oils will have an extra focus. Creating and blessing such tools can be challenging and difficult, especially for those who don’t have a prior experience. Nonetheless, if done properly they’ll be extra strong. If you want to start using such helpers, try to start doing so in a day that the Moon supports Pluto or Mercury, or both.

Also, it’s a good period to face and heal, or get in the process of healing, whatever sadness, bitterness and the like we keep in ourselves and let them poison ourselves. The sky doesn’t promise it will be a pleasant procedure, but it promises we’ll get good results. But here, too, if you think you can’t do it alone, do ask for the help of an expert. To that end psychotherapy and spiritual or magical procedures can help greatly each other, as psychotherapy also receives a productive focus. Also, as the Retrograde Chiron is getting ready to enter the game (and it does so from the 21st onwards for some months) karma healing is also promising.

Finally, omens and messages from other planes and from the dead – and death – can become more often, loud and clear. Thoughts of death and situations that will bring such thoughts can also become part of our lives.

New Moon in Libra - 09 October 2018

New Moon Predictions for Aries:

Your relationships, and especially your professional ones are going through a testing – occasionally even a sever one – under the influence of this New Moon. Any problems there can become very clear and, maybe, very annoying or disappointing. Also, if you have issues with the law or the authorities, this period they can become quite stressful. Even if you don’t avoid challenging the law and the authorities during this period.

Although relations are tested, this is a good period to make them better and deeper. Personal relationships, facing less pressure, enjoy this blessing more than the professional ones. Also, it’s a good, or maybe prominent, period to better the situations regarding your career.

New Moon Predictions for Taurus:

Whatever has to do with studies, learning of all kinds and mental – or spiritual when this is applicable – part of every occupation and avocation receive the most stress under the influence of this New Moon. Other jobs can be disorganised and stressful, but probably not as much. Also, the idea of health and well being, as well as mental health can become displeasing, but the latter, probably, not very much so if you don’t already have an active problem of that kind. Regardless, do take the best care of your health.

On the other hand, love life, although not perfect, is not bad. If anything, it’s mostly lucky other than the days the Moon stresses either Venus or Mercury.

New Moon Predictions for Gemini:

This can be a very challenging period for you. Stress can come from everywhere. Everywhere includes your inner self. The latter, at least, is up to you to control, so try to do that. Suppress, though, is not the right way to do it. Listen to your worries and insecurities and heal them and support yourself. Also, sex and love life don’t look very promising this period. Those who are in a relationship may have to deal with some unpleasant situations, while those seeking a relationship will have to deal with more obstacles than usual.

On the other hand, work and career matters, including your income, receive mostly beneficial influences. There are a few difficulties there, too, but nothing that you can’t overcome easily enough. Furthermore, progress can be achieved in this aspect of your life.

New Moon Predictions for Cancer:

Home, family and your spouse can bring you some unpleasant or stressful experiences under the influence of this New Moon. Things there are out of balance. If your marriage faces problems, this period can make them more vivid. The parental couple can play the same role in other cases. Also, legal issues of your property can stress you this period.

But love is not all bad. For those seeking an ideal relationship, and for those experiencing it, things can be quite pleasant, in fact. Also, if you are trying to better your existing relationship, spending time together, out of the bed, engaging in activities you both enjoy, can help you a lot.

New Moon Predictions for Leo:

This can be a very tiresome and demanding period for you. Many things feel out of balance or otherwise demand your care and attention. Work, health and friendships are some of the most vulnerable parts. But, of course, above all, do take a good care of your health, and do make sure you sustain good energy levels.

Tiresome and demanding as work can become, it will give you some – or more than just some – satisfaction. Success is flirting with you. Therefore, job seekers can find what they are looking for, those going through exams or competitions can receive good results… anything where there is a meaning of success receives blessings. Also, health issues of the family can become stressful, but they advance in a good way.

New Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Your sense of security is challenged by this New Moon. How happy you feel you are? How prosperous you think you are? Questions like those can receive a mostly discouraging reply this period. In most cases challenges, obstacles and difficulties are probably present and ignite this questioning, but your outlook of the situations is the most important factor. And this factor is under your control, so support it.

Love life and especially for those in a marriage or a steady relationship and friends can become your sunlight. There are clouds there, too, but still, the pleasant part is more dominant. Also, if you want to expand your social circle, this period can feel the wrong one to even bother trying to do that, but in fact it’s a good one.

New Moon Predictions for Libra:

You are probably one of the most stressed zodiacs of this New Moon. Your self-confidence, your optimism and your enthusiasm are not in their best condition. Occasionally you may even feel helpless. If this come to pass for you, keep in mind that this is an illusion. Of course the problems are real, but their size is not as great as you see it.

On the other hand, money and health issues receive beneficial influences. There, too, challenges are present, but overall things proceed nicely. Of course, do your best to support your health, especially when the Moon stresses Neptune. Health issues of family members as well as financial or legal issues of your property also receive beneficial influences.

New Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

This can become a very tiring and stressful period for you. This is partly because you are feeling unmotivated. Even if when you manage to motivate yourself, the situations and the people around you can break your wings. Therefore, make sure you are spending your time, as much as possible, with people that usually support you and motivate you. Also, in most cases adopting the one step at the time mindset can lead you to a significant progress.

For example, good friends can become a source of joy and inspiration. Spending time with them can help you a lot. Siblings and sibling figures can also do that. Your special one, too, especially if your relationship is relatively fresh, or feels like it’s fresh.

New Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Updating your antivirus, firewall etc is a must-do this period. Also, do back up your important files. Both the internet and the your machines can challenge you, so it’s better to be safe. Those working through web pages and the like should also take good care to protect them. Also, this isn’t a good period to buy high-tech equipment, arrange an advertising campaign, or start a new web page or social media profile. If you don’t need to do such things, better wait until after the Full Moon. But, thinking, organising and investigating such things receives beneficial influences, so do the preparation work now.

Other than that, though, money matters mostly receive beneficial influences. Regarding those, your mind is also clear enough where there is a need to make a decision. Just avoid the days the Moon stresses Mercury.

New Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

This is both a very promising and a very challenging period for you as both the auspicious and the inauspicious astrological influences of this New Moon are focused on your zodiac. I’d dare say everything is possible for you, if you manage to overcome the challenges and obstacle in your way of succeeding what you want to achieve.

With that in mind, the most stressful aspect of your life is your career. Changes there are possible and they can be unpleasant, at least at first glance. Even if they are what you wanted, they can come in a more stressful way that you were expecting. Also, those whose career is strongly based on people’s opinion should be even more careful. Even more so if you are hiding some skeletons in your closet.

New Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Your mindset is the most important factor that colours this New Moon and the whole waxing Moon period. Support it with all you have and things will become significantly better, if not mostly good. Those whose jobs are based on thinking, reason and imagination, such as teachers, artists, priests, psychics, etc, receive the most stress.

On the other hand your intuition is, in fact, quite strong. Not always clear, unfortunately, but when it is, it is really strong. Money intuition, too. Therefore it’s a good period for deciding on your financial strategy and about your investments and it’s also a good period gambling wise. Of course, the stars only raise your odds. They don’t secure your winning. For gambling, avoid the days the Moon stresses either Pluto or Venus.

New Moon Predictions for Pisces:

Your social circle, but not so much your most close friends, receive some stressful influences. A cleansing there can happen. Meaningless and unhealthy relationships can end or come close to ending. Also the lack of a satisfactory social circle can become quite annoying. Also, work matters and your income from your work can be a bit stressful. Other than that your spouse, current love and other important people of your life can share their stresses with you, which is an unpleasant situation, of course, but bear with it.

Work, as said, can be stressful, but not necessarily bad. In fact the beneficial influences are stronger. This is even more true for those seeking a new job, or trying to advance in their current job. Where learning is an important part to that end, things are even more bright. Still stressful, but very promising, nonetheless.

Astrology and Magic of the New Moon:

Philtres, potions, perfumes, oils, charms and karma cleansing are strong during the period.

That’s all. Have fun and make the best of this New Moon and Waxing Moon period!

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