Voodoo in Miami – Turtles bound together carrying a bag of voodoo dolls

Voodoo in Miami - Turtles bound together carrying a bag of voodoo dolls

Not all witches are good. We’ve been through this uncomfortable truth many times before. The reason we get back to it is to make sure no one falls into this trap again. Karma is a very weird and powerful Law. Furthermore, we’ve already presented you clues when you are under Dark Witchcraft’s target or signs to recognise a ‘bad’ witch. Unfortunately, evil Witchcraft is performed all over the world. On Thursday, February 7th 2019, the ‘Pelican Harbor Seabird Station’ released that Black Magic washed out in Miami beach, on November. So, Dark Voodoo in Miami is a fact. 

Black Magic washed out – Voodoo in Miami

Magic is about connecting with Nature, by tapping into her Grace and global Life Force and making things right. This is where the power of Witches come from. Moreover, Magic helps us raise our consciousness and vibration, breaking free from the chains of the Material World. Thus, Witches help to stop the continuous pain and discomfort caused in the world. Evil witches, do the opposite. 

Officials with the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station revealed that two beautiful turtles were found to be bound together with chains along with ‘voodoo dolls’, dragging them endlessly as they were swimming. It seems that heartless performers drilled each turtle’s shell. Thus, each turtle had a hole drilled in the edge of its shell and were connected with a chain and lock – popular items in Witchcraft and not only for evil purposes. Bound turtles were dragging a mystery red bag which contained voodoo dolls, cinnamon and two photos of people – who were the target of the spell. 

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photos from the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station
photos from the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station

One of the turtle’s shell has started to rot, thus spent 71 (!) days in care before being released at Amelia Earhart Park while the second turtle is still healing.

Good and Bad spells

Unfortunately animal sacrifice and abuse is not uncommon in evil magic. Hurting people and animals is against the Laws of Magic. We are all connected by an invisible network of living energy. What goes around, comes around because we are all bound together. Whether we like it or not, we all parts of one living thing. Thus, to hurt someone else, is to hurt ourselves. Furthermore, to heal someone else, is to heal ourselves. The same applies with animals. 

animal abuse is NEVER justified

There are many ways to recognise if a spell is good or bad. One way to do so is by questioning yourself: “Is this spell requires to hurt another living creature?”. Always remember that animal abuse is NEVER justified and the greater forces will not help the performer, no matter how good the intentions are. On the contrary, Karma will strike back. 

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