Three Eyed Snake Found – An omen of Cosmic Shift

Three Eyed Snake Found - An omen of Cosmic Shift

Australia is in many ways a wondrous place. Many different species of animals and plants which cannot be found elsewhere, exist there. And right when you think this place can’t get more special, something comes to change it. You see, a three eyed snake appeared on a highway in Australia. 

The baby carpet python, was found by rangers near a small town called Humpty Doo, just outside of Darwin. What’s more interesting is that all the python’s three eyes are fully functional! The third eye appears on the top of the snake’s head. Experts say that this is actually a natural mutation.

Three Eyed Snake Found - An omen of Cosmic Shift
Three Eyed Snake Found – An omen of Cosmic Shift, credit: NT Parks and Wildlife

What Does the Three Eyed Snake Mean? 

Of course we do not believe that this is a coincidence. Snakes are symbols of the Earth and the great Goddess. Many Gods of the Ancient Religion are associated with Snakes

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It’s also a symbol of spirituality and health. Druids had ‘tattoos’ of  snakes and serpent-like creatures to help them connect with nature. Moreover, that is why the snakes appear on the sceptre o God Asclepius and on the Kerykeion of Hermes. Ouroboros, the snake that eats its tale represents the endless time.

The Omen of Three Eyed Snake

The third Eye is a symbol of the Awakening! Therefore, the fact that a three eyed snake was found, means  that the Guardians of the Earth have been awakened. Mother Earth is now sending us signs of the magic! Something triggered this awakening. Probably something dark that has been lurking on our realm, or something that’s about to come. 


  • We should expect mother Nature’s retaliation. Unfortunately this may come in a form of natural catastrophe or amazing phenomena.
  • It may also be a sign of a spiritual leader or powerful Mage / Witch coming to this world.
  • Also, it may also mean that creatures from other Realms are coming to ours, actively interacting with it. 
  • As it’s a symbol of healing, it may also be a harbinger of an amazing discovery in Medicine. 
  • Either way, witches, this is a clear sign that we need to do something about it. So please, let’s unite together and cast a magical circle all over the World. We are nearly half a million witches. We can protect our Mother Earth and direct this power in a creative way!
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