Stonehenge will Livestream Druid’s Summer Solstice Celebration for the first time

Stonehenge will Livestream Druid's Summer Solstice Celebration for the first time

It’s no surprise that we love Stonehenge and probably all legends and facts which surround this Megalithic monument. According to new information, English Heritage had been forced to cancel the annual celebration at Stonehenge due to the ban on crowds gathering. If you think that more than 10.000 druids gather annually for the Summer Solstice Celebration it makes sense that this feast would be cancelled due to the unprecedented ‘social distancing’ rules in Covid19 era. Therefore, Stonehenge will Livestream Druid’s Summer Solstice Celebration for the very first time ever. Another way to make ourselves brighter during lockdown (see more here)!

Stonehenge will Livestream Summer Solstice

We have read so many books and articles as we also watched numerous documentaries and movies on what Stonehenge really was when it was created. A Druid’s temple? An enormous relic from the lost continent of Atlantis? A huge astronomical calendar where the Menhirs were carefully placed to represent certain details of Cosmos? New information is unearthed day after day. Last one discovered that the Stonehenge was actually a complete Circle!

June 21 Solar Eclipse - Summer Solstice

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Solar Eclipse & Summer Solstice

This is not the only important event of the Day. On this day, unimaginable amounts of magical energy will arrive on this plane. We will help you tap into it. Eclipse Magic at its Best! 

Furthermore, The Monument in Wiltshire is considered by some one of the most important constructions of the West Civilisation and amongst the favourite for Pagans and especially the Druids. Hence, and due to the global health crisis the ‘English Heritage‘ was forced to cancel the event “for the safety and wellbeing of attendees, volunteers and staff”. The annual gathering is cancelled but Summer Solstice is not. Here’s the official Facebook Page of the Event.

Therefore, druids decided that Stonehenge will Livestream instead. Hence, it will broadcast the majestic Solstice’s Sunrise behind the Heel Stone. This was actually the entrance to the Stone Circle of Stonehenge. Moreover, there will be historians and experts broadcasting live and commenting on the history and legends surrounding the ancient stone Circle of Stonehenge. Interviews and more amazing information will help anyone understand the importance of this amazing monument. 

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