Witchy Ways to Deal with Lockdown, Quarantine & Self-Isolation

Witchy Ways to Deal with Lockdown, Quarantine & Self-Isolation

As many around the world are subject to quarantine, lockdown or self-isolation rules; it’s not been easy for a lot of people. So, I have put together some witchy tips to help you get through this trying time. If you are struggling mentally, please reach out to those around you, or charities that are in your home country. Here are some Witchy Ways to Deal with Lockdown, Quarantine & Self-Isolation!

Before we continue it’s good to remember the following contacts.

For the UK

  • Mind
  • Infoline: Call 0300 123 3393
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Urgent Help: Call NHS 111
  • Urgent Help Online: Go to the Mind website mind.org and click Urgent Help
  • Emergency: Call 999
  • Samaritans
  • Call for Free 116 123
  • Email: [email protected]

For the US

  • Now Mental Health: Call 1-888-649-5501
  • Mental Healthline: Call 1-855-685-9530

Witchy Ways to Deal with Lockdown

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has caused a global crisis and it has impacted the lives of people all over the world. While this virus is a tragedy, it has brought communities together, and made us rethink our consumer-driven ways. As witches we know that the physical and spiritual worlds are entwined, and to work with the energies of the natural world to banish, heal and protect. When you are forced to be in lockdown 24/7 with the same people, it can really start to fray the nerves and test even the most mild-mannered people.

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If you are like me, then the news has become part of your daily life, which brings a lot of feelings of fear and uncertainty to the surface, and if you are having to deal with this virus on a personal level, these things are a part of you life and need to be addressed. As we are dealing with a lot of different energies which aren’t the norm, it important to centre and ground yourself as often as you need to, but I would suggest doing this daily. Negative emotions and thoughts can have a direct effect on your physical health and wellbeing, so making sure you ground away as much of this negativity as you can, can help you in the long run.

What is Centring?

When you centre yourself, you are finding the place within you where you can focus the energy that you need to ground. Centring is a way of being any stray tendrils of energy within your body to one single place, the place where your personal power resides. Once all the stray energy has been drawn back to your centre, you can ground it more effectively. Read more about centring here and à here!

What is Grounding?

Ground is literally the transfer of excess energy to the Earth – this process is also known Earthing. When you are working with energy, having a connection with the earth to help you deal with the channelling of energy, this connection also allows the excess energy to be drawn back to the Earth. This helps to keep the energy you are working with from getting too much, or out of control. Read more about grounding herehere.

During this very stressful time the greatest challenge we face is how to manage this stress in a constructive manner, by centring and grounding yourself will help with stress management. For me the best way of dealing with stress is to meditate, but it doesn’t have to be about sitting in the lotus position, it can be dome while laying down. Meditation is about finding a calm and relaxing place within yourself. Read more about starting to meditate here and à here.

If you are an empath, this global situation is causing you to be overwhelmed by the energy coming from others people, and while everyone is doing their best, it’s easy for an empath to become so overwhelmed, you’re exhausted. It is important to protect yourself as an empath. The best way you can protect yourself is to draw away form people, but that is hard when you must remain in the same place all the time thanks to lockdown. Read more about protecting yourself as an empath à here.

It is okay to be afraid, and it is okay to release that fear back into the earth. This global pandemic is frightening, and it is important to take time to acknowledge this fear and worry. It is also important to honour this part of yourself, because fear is as natural and joy, happiness and love; by avoiding the darker emotions you cannot be in balance, and through this balance is going to be important, because while they are important, they cannot remain in control.

When it comes to protecting your energy firm boundaries are key. We are living through a crisis, and navigation through this can be delicate, but having personal boundaries is about calling your power back to yourself. Each day we are bombarded with news about the loss of life, and we are exposed to so much fear, worry and concern. By making firm and solid boundaries by saying “no” and making sure you are heard.

Witchy Activities you can do around the House

We’ve actually got more Witchy Ways to Deal with Lockdown. These are all very small and simple things you can do around the house to help you deal with the lockdown situation.

  • Put small protective sigils on your doors and windows using salt water or Moon Water.
  • Visualise the energy you’re getting when you’re eating and drinking
  • Cleanse your closet, clothes, drawers and accessories to remove stagnant energy.
  • Place a small bowl with crystals like Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz on your sink counter
  • Dedicate each bath or shower to cleansing your mind, body and spirit. You can use herbs and plants to boost your bathing.
  • Create and hang a sigil in your kitchen to ensure the food you make is extra delicious.
  • Spend a few minutes each day talking to your indoor and outdoor plants
  • After cleansing with sage, keep the ashes and mix them with sea salt and store them in an airtight container for times when you need a little extra protection.
  • Charm or charge a necklace or ring for protection and recharge the pierce of jewellery at least once a week
  • Draw sigils and put charms on your shoes to ensure that you always make it to where you want to go.

Cleansing Your Life is Negativity

As hard as this time is for many, it can be a great opportunity to cleanse your life of negativity, or unwanted energy. Here are a few ways of releasing this energy. See more here!

  • Delete Old Conversations – If you’re like me you will have a bazillion messages on your phone/tablet/computer from a variety of places. By deleting conversations with people, you no longer converse with will help you release the old energy held in the messages.
  • Say Nice Things – Saying nice things to people you like. Say kind things about yourself, to yourself. Being kind with yourself helps to release negative self-image energy. It is also important to remember not to give though you don’t like any energy.
  • Look in the Mirror – Facing yourself by looking in the mirror will help you release negative energies about yourself. You don’t have to be afraid to love yourself, to show yourself love, kindness and time to heal.
  • Clean Bedding – There isn’t a better feeling about crawling into bed with fresh and clean sheets, especially when you aren’t feeling too great.
  • Time to Heal and Grow – Allow yourself time to feel, acknowledge and heal; ultimately growing from the situation. When you are overwhelmed by emotion, it is important to remember that acknowledge what you are feeling in order to move forward.
  • No Forcing – If something isn’t working for you, maybe it is time to put it down and rethink what you are doing and why you are doing it. When you force things, they can cause more resistance, or just fail. There are other things that would benefit from your time and energy more.
  • Running Away – When you run away for things, nothing is ever resolved. What made you run away will always be there in your life, accepting them will help to free you from them.
  • Water – Drinking Solar, Luna and crystal charged water can help you get a good night’s rest, and a good night’s sleep can go along way.

Daily Activities

Do you need more daily Witchy Ways to Deal with Lockdown? Sometimes it’s about the small things, and how they can have a big impact on your life.

  • Cleansing yourself and your home – sometimes a good smudging or cleansing can help you to connect to the inner witch. When you are doing a thorough cleansing remember to get your drains, toilet and air vents – negative energy can get everywhere.
  • Tend to Plants or Gardening – We are in the throws of Spring and new life is coming through the earth. This is a fantastic time to get your hands dirty (even if you wear gloves) and connect to the earth, and feel the energy of Spring beneath your hands
  • Work with Crystals – Another way of connecting to the Earth is working with crystals. You can create crystal grids to help add healing to the world.
  • Light Candles – Lighting candles is possibly the easiest form of witchcraft; all you need to do id light a candle and have your intention in mind. I tend to use a white candle as it can be used to represent any colour healing and any intention. Always use caution when lighting candles.
  • Burn Incense – I am a lover of raw incense like Frankincense, dried helps and flowers etc… but you use whatever you feel more comfortable with. Some prefer incense sticks; some prefer incense cones. Whatever you prefer, do so safely and with intention. Find more incense here in Magic Shop!
  • Go Outside – Going out for a walk and feel nature around you. The air, the earth, flowers and birds. Allow nature you fill your mind and spirit. If you are in lockdown, remember to follow the social distancing and Covid-19 rules about going out.
  • Books – grab a book about the craft and read it, even if you have read it already. Use it as a way of connecting to your path during a stressful time.
  • Write – Making notes or write in your BOS is another way of distracting yourself and help to stave off the boredom. This is a perfect time to leave the modernity behind and just focus on you.
  • Bask in the Sun – The sun is a very powerful energy source, and helps to create Vitamin D, so following the governments guidelines, spending time in your garden for 20 minutes or so will help give you a little boost.
  • Soak up the Moon – As much as basking in the Sun is great, I also love soaking up the rays of the moon too. 

Depression and Witchcraft

This is a topic I have wanted to discuss for a long time, but have been afraid to, because for many (even me) depression isn’t an easy topic to talk about, especially when it is something you feel ashamed of. Depression can really affect how you interact with the world around you, but I do believe that there are withy ways to help through the times when the depression is bad. (I will go into more details in another post).

  • A Bath – before I had to forgo having a nice soak in the bath, I loved just laid there in the water, allowing the heat wrap around me, soothing my body and mind. Now I’m only able to have a shower, but I allow the water to wash away all the bad down the drain.
  • Candles – As I mentioned about lighting candles with intention is an easy and simple form of magic, but I have found that with depression comes a certain degree of disconnection (Again I will cover this in a later post) and lighting a candle can help you reconnect to your craft. When you light a candle have an intention in mind and let the candle burn for as long as you can.
  • Sunlight – Like I mentioned above, the Sun can do amazing things for you. If you can’t get outside, don’t have a garden or live in a block of flats, you can sit in a window where you can see the rays of the sun.
  • Clean & Declutter – There is an old saying “tidy room tidy mind” or something to that effect, and I have to agree once I have had a tidy up, I feel better, it also makes me feel a little pride.
  • Meditation – Meditation is something that is proven to help with depression, and it’s more than just sitting and breathing. I personally lay in bed and jus breathe. I don’t try to control where my mind goes, I just let it wander – controlling your thoughts while meditation is counterproductive.

Everyday Witchcraft

I have mentioned many of these things before, so I will simply list them and only explain the thing that I haven’t previously.

  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • Divinity – Take some time each day to connect with your gods or goddesses. It can be prayer, or just taking to them.
  • Invocation – Ask Spirit or the Divine to aid you in your daily tasks – it can be protection while travelling, going outside during the coronavirus lockdown.
  • Craft – Use your hands to create something and imbue each creation with Spirit and purpose.
  • Sing – the old songs, the power songs, prayers, chants and mantras; to heal, to awake, to ward and protect. Sing as the sun rises and sets with the moon. You can sing your favourite songs too, because they have power as well.
  • Read – Read anything and everything that you are drawn to.
  • Write – record your thoughts, feelings and experiences. You can create BOS’, grimoires or just notebooks full of notes.
  • Draw – Draw anything, sigils, runes and other symbols. It doesn’t matter how good, or bad you are… I can just about draw a decent stick figure that isn’t terrible.
  • Collect Things – When you go out collect things like herbs, wood, stones, feathers, bones, soil etc…. the raw materials from nature itself, and fill jars and boxes if you can.
  • Observe – Observe the cycles of the moon, the sun and the changing of the seasons. Watch the planets and stars in the heavens. Watch as the seeds grow, the birds return and nest, flowers bloom and the leaves wither.

What else can I do?

There is so much you can do that don’t even appear to be witchy, but you can make anything mundane magical. For some people Witchy Ways to Deal with Lockdown need to be more practical!

  • Create a Vision Board of what you want to do in this time, or have your children create a vision board of what THEY want to do.
  • Learn something new or gain a new skillset. Have you ever wanted to do something but not had the time? The lockdown is giving you time. The same goes for your children, ask them if they want to learn something new.
  • Set yourself (and your children) new goals and start moving toward attaining them.
  • Create a list of what you are grateful for.
  • Yoga, Pilates, stretching… there are a wealth of videos on YouTube about how to do this.
  • Build on your communication skills with people around you.
  • Meditation is something I have mentioned before, and it is worth mentioning again and again. There are loads of guided meditations and meditation music on YouTube to help.
  • Finish off any old projects, and if you can’t, release them and move forward.
  • Journaling is a great tool, especially when you are starting new things and can act as a great resource in the future.
  • Start something new, it can be a new business idea, a new venture etc… put the plans in place for the world to open everything up
  • You can focus on your health and wellbeing by eating and drinking properly, you can even get your children in on this when it comes to cooking
  • Use technology to stay in touch with friends and family. Social media is now helping to people stay connected.
  • Paint, draw and get creative… you don’t have to be good at it, but sometimes when you get a creative urge, it is a message form the Divine.

I know this is a SUPER long article, but there is so much to go through because we are all in this together and our community needs to remain strong and connected. I hope you don’t find this time too hard and stressful. I used to do a healing circle each Sunday, I have begun to have a healing circle each day for those affected by this disease.

*)O(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings*)O(*

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